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DV SSL Certificate
DV SSL Certificate | Thewebhunting

DV SSL certificates are the most important tools for protecting sensitive data transmitted over the internet. DV SSL (Domain Validation SSL) certificates are the most basic and affordable option. But what are they? How many types do they have? What are their advantages and limitations? How can you even get one? We will answer each and every question regarding them in this article, clearing all your doubts and providing you with the most authentic information available.

Everything you need to know about DV SSL Certificates

What is a DV SSL certificates?

What is a DV SSL certificate
What is a DV SSL certificate | Thewebhunting

DV SSL stands for Domain Validation SSLs. It is a certificate that verifies the ownership of a Domain name. What a DV SSL certificates basically does is confirm the legitimacy of the ownership of the domain. In other words, it helps in saving customers from fraud. It does so through its process of validation. If someone wants to obtain a DV SSL certificate, he must prove the ownership of the domain by one of the two steps:

  1. Either by responding to a validation email 
  2. Or by uploading a verification file to their website’s root directory

DV SSL certificates are ideal for small businesses, blogs and personal websites because they are the most basic and affordable type of SSL certificate available in the market. They help them by providing a basic level of encryption in securing their online transactions and communication.

Advantages of a DV SSL Certificate

Advantages of a DV SSL Certificate
Advantages of a DV SSL Certificates

 A DV SSL certificate can benefit you in multiple ways. Some of these benefits are:

  • Affordability: DV SSL certificates are ideal for small businesses and personal websites as they are the most affordable type of SSL certificate available in the market, providing basic encryption to secure online communication and transactions.
  • Fast issuance: Because of its simple validation process that requires the domain owner to confirm domain ownership, DV SSL certificates are issued quickly, sometimes within a matter of minutes.
  • Improved SEO: It has been officially confirmed by Google that websites secured with SSL certificates are given a higher ranking in search results. This results in more viewers to the website.

Limitations of a DV SSL certificates

Limitations of a DV SSL certificate
Limitations of a DV SSL certificate | Thewebhunting

Owing to its basic nature, there are a few limitations to the DV SSL Certificates. Some of them are:

  • Limited validation: The main limitation of the DV SSL certificate is that it only verifies the ownership of the domain. It doesn’t verify the organisation’s or individual’s identity behind the website. Hackers and cybercriminals, too, can obtain a DV SSL certificate.
  • Limited warranty: The DV SSL certificates have a limited warranty, only covering the damages caused by a security breach which results from a flaw in SSL certificates. The warranty amount is limited. 
  • Limited trust: Higher-level SSL certificates offer more trust and assurance than DV SSL certificates. Because of this reason, many of the users are hesitant to provide sensitive information.

How to obtain a DV SSL certificates?

Obtaining a DV SSL certificates is a relatively simple process that can be completed in a few steps. Here’s how to obtain a DV SSL certificate:

  • Selecting a reputable SSL certificate provider: Hostinger is one of the most reputable providers who is known for providing reliable SSL certificates. 
  • Select the right DV SSL certificates for your website: There are numerous SSL certificates with varying levels of encryption and warranty. Considering your budget and website’s security needs, decide the one best suited for your needs.
  • Complete the validation process: After your purchase of the DV SSL certificate, you will need to complete the validation process. The certificate provider will provide the instructions. First, you have to prove your ownership of the domain by simply responding to the validation email or any other necessary process.
  • Install the SSL certificate on your website: After the validation process, you will receive the SSL certificate and a private key. Install the SSL certificate and private key on your website’s server. This will activate SSL encryption.

Let’s see how the DV SSL certificate works!

Let’s see how the DV SSL certificate works!
Let’s see how the DV SSL certificates works! | Thewebhunting

DV SSL certificates works in a simple way. The first step is encryption. In order to protect the data shared with the user’s browser and the Website, the data between them is encrypted using a secure HTTPS protocol. Encryption helps in securing the data from any third party or hackers. Thus securing your privacy. 

When a user visits a website, the browser will demand an SSL certificate. If the website is legitimate and owns the standard DV SSL Certificates, it will send both the certificate along with a public key for encryption. Once the browser gets the copy of the SSL certificate and the public key from the server, it will check its authenticity, utilising the public key. The user can securely browse the website when all this is done, and the legitimacy is established. This process helps in building trust between the user and the website.


The DV SSL certificates are a great affordable option for securing your website by protecting the sensitive data transmitted over the internet. Because of its basic nature, it has some limitations, as we talked about earlier, including the limited warranty, limited trust and validation etc. But for small businesses and websites, DV SSL certificates are a satisfactory option. DV SSL certificate are a suitable option for websites requiring basic encryption to secure their transactions and communication and get more users. 

You can access our platform, The Web Hunting, to learn more about them and related topics. You only need to choose a reputable SSL certificate provider and the best DV SSL certificates. Complete the validation process, and install the SSL Certificate on your website. By using a reliable this, you will gain users’ trust that your website is safe and secure and get more user attraction to your website.


What is the difference between SSL and DV SSL?
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that provides encryption for data transmitted between a website and its users. It helps ensure that data sent over the internet is secure and private. A DV (Domain Validated) SSL certificate is a type of SSL certificate that provides the same level of encryption as a standard SSL certificate but with a simpler and faster validation process.
Is a DV SSL certificate enough?
A DV SSL certificate can be enough for websites that don’t handle sensitive information or financial transactions. However, for websites that handle sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, it may be necessary to obtain a more comprehensive SSL certificate that provides greater validation and authentication, such as an OV (Organization Validated) or EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate.
How much does it cost for DV?
Typically, DV SSL certificates are the most affordable type of SSL certificate, with prices ranging from around $10 to $100 per year. However, prices may vary depending on the certificate provider and any additional features or services included with the certificate.

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