Embrace the Best Web Hosting Solutions for Your Digital Needs

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best web hosting solution
best web hosting solution

In layman’s terms, Web hosting is the process of purchasing or renting a space to host an online website on the World Wide Web. When you buy a hosting plan, the space you get is actually a physical server space to store all your website’s information and data. All the data collected on the servers is made of several files including HTML, CSS, images, and videos, available on the internet. Web hosting organizations provide these hosting services along with tools and resources to secure and protect your website. There are several best web hosting solution companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, or network solutions, that rent websites to customers and provides various other website services as well. Before jumping into how web hosting works and which company provides the best web hosting solution services, let’s first understand the basic terms.

Basic Terminologies You Should Know

  • Web Hosting- It is an online service that allows your website’s content to be viewed by various customers.
  • Server- A server is basically a computer that connects other internet users to see and visit your site anywhere from across the world.
  • Domain Name- It is a unique and easy-to-remember address that lets visitors access your website.

How does Web Hosting work?

How does Web Hosting work?
How does Web Hosting work?

A website is usually a collection of numerous files and databases. These components are stored on a web server that keeps the website’s operations up and running. You need to purchase a hosting subscription plan according to the bandwidth or memory space your website requires.

Organizations like network solutions offer yearly subscription plans for customers to choose from according to their business requirements. Once you have selected the company, users need to enter their domain name in the browser and the web host will transfer all the files required to maintain your website.

If you don’t want to hire a company, you can also host a website. Network Solution offers you a website builder that offers you a free domain name and lets you design your own website. All you need to do is sign up and start the process. They even provide you with an hour of customer support for helping build up the website. You can choose from a variety of templates, including single or multiple pages versions that cover your business needs.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Types of Web Hosting Services
Types of Web Hosting Services

Every website holds a distinctive set of requirements, be it a personal blog or a business website. And, to figure out which would be the best web hosting solution for you, here is a list of their types along with their pricing plan.

1. Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, this hosting requires a space where multiple customers share the same server resources like RAM(Random Access Memory) or the processor. For those starting afresh, this is the best web hosting solution to go for, as it comes with pretty affordable prices. Users don’t even need to worry about asking for technical expertise because it’s very easy to set up.

There could be a bit of downside to using shared hosting as it could alter the website’s speed and provides very minimal access to server configuration. So, if you are starting a small business or a personal blogging website, shared hosting is the ideal choice.

2. VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting

With VPS hosting, you are still sharing the space with other users but you get a part of the server dedicated specifically to your website. For medium-sized businesses or e-commerce portals, VPS is a perfect choice, as you get your personal RAM and a processor. Your website doesn’t suffer from performance issues, you get root access to the server and there are various customization options.

VPS hosting surely provides private space, but it’s still not suitable for bigger corporations. Also, it’s affordable, however, you need technical assistance to manage the website which increases your overall costs.

3. Dedicated Hosting

If you are a large business that deals with heavy traffic, then this category is the most suitable for you. Dedicated hosting offers a physical server entirely for your website. You get complete control over the server and can choose the security resources and the operating system, according to your needs. You can even customize the whole hosting environment catering to your business and is a highly reliable option.

With better options, the cost also rises. So, it is undoubtedly the most expensive service out of all. If you are just starting out, don’t opt for dedicated hosting as it’s pretty complex and requires technical and server management knowledge.

4. WordPress Hosting

This type of hosting is specifically optimized for the WordPress CMS(Content Management System). It helps your website load faster without many issues, and is very easy to use, affordable and also user-friendly. If you are picking WordPress Hosting, ensure to choose the plan that comes with features like core plugins, tailored themes, premium design tools and other resources.

You need technical support with almost all WordPress hosting websites, so that adds up to the extra cost you are already bearing. Also, this hosting is solely dedicated to WordPress websites, so for non-WordPress sites, this is not a great choice.

5. Cloud Hosting

This website hosting option uses multiple virtual servers to host websites instead of fixating on a single server. It lets website owners manage and scale the resources high or low manually according to their needs. It basically means that if one server gets heavy traffic, all the other resources come together and manage the operations. Cloud hosting is best for sizable businesses that require additional sources.

You may not get root access to the server, but it will surely help scale your business much better. Cloud hosting is costlier than VPS and Shared hosting, but is less expensive than dedicated hosting.

Why are network solutions considered to be the Best Web Hosting Solution for you?

Why are network solutions considered to be the Best Web Hosting Solution for you?
Why are network solutions considered to be the Best Web Hosting Solution for you?

What are network solutions?

network solutions is an American Tech company that offers all online services in one place. Be it website development and maintenance, social media marketing or even online advertising, the organization does it all. You can choose from various services and packages well-suited to your business needs and pricing strategy.

When it comes to high-speed hosting plans, network solutions offer four distinct packages:

  1. Starter Pack, costing $5.69/month
  2. Essential Pack, costing $9.96/month
  3. Premium Pack, costing $25.78/month
  4. Premium Plus Pack, costing $31.61/month

What Services does the Company provide?

  • Domain Name Help- Securing good domain names costs a bit much. So, it’s better to take help from an existing player that will help you search, register and even trademark the name you want for your website’s address.
  • Website Designing- Get yourself a website or an e-commerce portal designed by experts specifically catering to your business and customers with a reliable hosting service. Even if you want to build a website by yourself, network solutions offer you a website builder and customer support.
  • Cloud and WordPress Hostings- Choose reliable and guaranteed hosting services that will keep your website afloat and running. Select a plan according to your business requirement and store all the data and information in a flexible and affordable environment.
  • Website Security- After the successful implementation of your website, securing it from malware and viruses is very crucial. network solutions are the most secure hosting solution platform that offers the best value packs to keep your business safe and secure. 
  • Tech Support- Whether you need help setting up your website, a consultation, or even need a technical expert to fulfil all the tasks for you, network solutions provide amazing tech support. The company has a MyTeam Support team that not only helps manage the entire website but also offers office support. 
  • Marketing Services- A website needs to be SEO-optimized for it to rank well in the search engine page results. With services like SEO and PPC advertising, your website gets the advantage of securing higher ranks and attracting a large audience to your website page.


Whether you want to start your own personal blog or an e-commerce platform, the first step is to understand your business requirements. Accordingly, you can choose the best web hosting solution company that offers great services and security. When picking a hosting provider, simply compare the companies provided services and affordability. To find out more about web hosting understanding, visit The Web Hunting.


Which is the best web hosting solution?
There are many web hosting companies offering amazing solutions to build your website from scratch. Some such examples are Hostinger, Turnkey Hosting, N6 Cloud, network solutions and Bluehost. 
What are the 3 types of web hosting?

The three types of web hosting plans include:

Dedicated Hosting: This type of hosting offers a dedicated server to manage and run your website smoothly.
Cloud Hosting: It involves a virtual server that composes other web servers whenever a site needs extra server support.
Shared Hosting: It is the most commonly used type of hosting that involves sharing a single server space with multiple websites.

What type of hosting is best for beginners?
Shared hosting is the best web hosting solution for newbies because of its simple structure and affordable price range. You don’t even need any technical assistance to build your website.

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