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Once you have finalised that you want to start your online business or a blogging website, the first step to take is to buy domain name. A domain is basically the address of your website that users search on the internet. Picking out a decent domain with the original extension helps search engines to identify and rank your website better in the results. But, what are the next steps to take once you have registered and paid for your domain name? This article covers the following five actions to take after you buy domain name.

1. Choose a Web Hosting Plan

You have already taken the very first step in building your website by purchasing a domain name. The next step is to choose a genuine web hosting provider which will meet all your business requirements. You can either buy the hosting plan from the same source you bought your domain name from or opt for a standalone provider.

Picking the same platform will come with great benefits. You will not have to transfer your domain to another registrar and it will automatically sync up both the domain and your hosting provider. Another perk would be added offers you’ll get like more security or extra features to play around with.

Companies like network solutions offer you both services at affordable prices. Whether you want to buy domain name or get trademark protection, every domain-related service is there on the company’s website. Then, you can select which type of hosting plan you want to begin with. 

network solutions even provide combined packages for both services along with free malware protection. If you go for their premium plus plan, your website can even get an SSL certification.

2. Generate Business-Specific Email Addresses

Generate Business-Specific Email Addresses
Generate Business-Specific Email Addresses | Thewebhunting

To make your website more professional and allow your users a way to connect with you, generating a business-specific email address would be ideal. You can build a professional email address with your domain name like abc@yourdomain, leaving a positive impact on your audience. 

The total number of emails you can create depends on your hosting provider. Most of the standard hosting plans come with at least one free email address, though opting for premium ones may offer you multiple emails.

According to the plan you choose from network solutions, you get a minimum of 5 email boxes to start with. The higher you go, the more emails you get. If you’d like to set up a separate professional email address, you can even do that and its price starts only at $1.75 per mailbox along with added features. You can even go for a professional email plus option to get more storage and enhanced security features.

network solutions also offer a Google Workplace Plan starting at $7.20/month. For those, who want to stick with their Gmail accounts, this is a great option to explore.

3. Create a list of your Business Goals

Now that you have purchased the domain name and web hosting plan, it’s time to jot down the main pointers that you want out of your website. It’s very important to make an actionable plan and establish a result that will land you a solid digital presence. Here is a list of generic ideas you can add to your list: 

  • Try to check and update your website every day to make sure that everything is working fine. If it’s a blogging website, write daily. If it’s an e-commerce platform, update new products to keep it going.
  • Analyse how much traffic you are getting and accordingly set a goal as to where you want to reach. Make your website more SEO-friendly to attract traffic.
  • Make a goal of sending at least a single email every day to your customers as it’s a great way to reach out to a wider audience. You can send them personalised emails along with coupons or promo codes to make sales.
  • Set up social media channels and determine what kind of content you want to push through them and how you want to do it.
  • Ensure that your website is easily accessible with lesser loading time so that you could maintain the bounce rate from going up.

4. Set up your Website or Business Store

Set up your Website or Business Store
Set up your Website or Business Store | Thewebhunting

Whether you want to set up an online store or build a website, either choose website builders to help you develop and design your perfect website or hire professional web developers. If you don’t want any help, you can build it on your own too with platforms like Google Domain.

When creating a website that allows faster processing, high-quality content, and a great photo library, considering WordPress or Shopify platform is a good option. Design the website as you like or simply choose from the unique templates that the platform holds.

network solutions allow you to build your own blogging or e-commerce website with the help of a website builder. You get features like buying a domain name at no cost, easy-to-use design tools, an image library, storage space, and personalised email addresses.

Otherwise, simply provide the company with your requirements and they will build you a professional website with a reliable web host and a unique domain name. You even get live support to work on any updates you’d like.

5. Market your Website

The more you market your website or e-commerce store, the more recognition and traction it will get, and there are several ways to do so.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media channels are the best way to reach a wider audience. You can easily promote your brand on Twitter or Instagram, ensuring you are sending out good-quality content. The more distinctive and interesting content you’ll post with consistency the more viewers you will attract.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you increase your conversion rate and keeps your customers informed of the various sales and offers going on your website. You can send out newsletters, promotion or retention emails, and run email marketing campaigns to bring in good results.

  • SEO Optimization

SEO services can help your website stand out in front of the high competition there is in the market. Incorporating keywords, phrases, and SEO-friendly articles related to your brand can actually make your website rank higher in search engines. There are many free SEO tools available that you can use to make your website more engaging. 

Paid Advertisements use a PPC(pay-per-click) mode, wherein when a user clicks on your ad, you will get billed. You can go with Google Ads as the tool will help you target potential customers and give you insights about your campaign. Select your own budget and only pay for clicks that lead users to your website.

network solution is a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. They offer various online marketing services like PPC Advertising, Email Marketing, and SEO services at reasonable prices. So, give your website or business an advantage to run smoothly with a team of experts.


Here’s a quick recap of what you need to do after you buy domain name:

  • The very first step is to pick a web hosting plan that would help build up your website and protect it from unauthorised third parties.
  • Then, you create an email address particular to your website to handle all the communications.
  • Next, finalise everything you want to add to your website and set up the business account accordingly.
  • The last and most crucial step is to advertise your website using social media channels or implementing SEO strategies.

Once you are done with all five steps, you’ll have a strong online presence to start and grow your business. To know more about such updates, visit TheWebHunting page.


What is the next step after domain name registration?
After you buy domain name, you need a web hosting plan to build your website. You can buy domain name and hosting plans both from a single source or go for a new one.
Is domain name important for SEO?
When selecting a domain name, it could impact the traction or audience you’ll get based on how simplified and easy to remember your website’s name is. The domain name’s length, keyword, and extension used are crucial elements for building an SEO-friendly website.
After how much time can I use my domain name post purchasing it?
The first step of building a website is- to buy domain name. Once you have done that, you need to wait for at least 48 hours for the registrar to approve your domain registration request.

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