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Dedicated Server Hosting
Dedicated Server Hosting | Thewebhunting

Dedicated Server Hosting is a popular type of server hosting that helps to improve the performance of your website. It is the most popular type of web hosting available compared to the other options, as it offers more features, control and customisation capabilities. When it comes to popular web hosting providers, Namecheap stands out the most due to its dynamic offerings at affordable prices. In this blog, we’ll learn more about Dedicated Server Hosting, who all can use it, and what are the benefits of this service.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

When you rent an entire server for your website, the process is known as Dedicated Server Hosting. This gives you complete control over the server. This means you can choose the operating system, hardware, and all the other features as per your needs. It’s entirely different from shared hosting (multiple websites sharing a single server), as dedicated server hosting ensures your website has all the resources it needs to function properly, and you don’t have to share those resources with anyone else. There are mainly two types of dedicated server hosting: Managed hosting and Unmanaged hosting.

Managed Hosting is for those who don’t have time to manage the web hosting themselves or lack the technical knowledge regarding it. In such a case, they can use Managed hosting, where the web hosting provider takes care of everything related to managing the website. All the things like server updates, software updates, security patches, and backups are taken care of by the managing company.

As the name suggests, in Unmanaged hosting, you alone are the Captain of the ship. All the tasks, like server updates, software updates, security patches etc., will be managed by you. It is perfect for those who want to control their server and its environment on their own terms. They also have the technical skill to manage their website hosting and don’t require the provider to step in.

Who can use the dedicated web hosting services?

While there’s no hard and fast rule as to who can use which web hosting service, it helps to compare your requirements with the features provided by a certain web hosting service. This will help you determine whether the service will help you achieve your goal or not.

Dedicated web hosting is dynamic and versatile. It is more comprehensive and scalable than the other web hosting services. It’s mainly meant for those who are seeking reliability, performance and security for their website, including:

  • Large e-commerce websites: Websites that have a higher number of products and high traffic volume will benefit from dedicated web hosting as they’ll get faster load time and better user experience.
  • Media-intensive websites: Websites that store and showcase large media files in different formats like pictures, audio, videos and more can use dedicated web hosting as it provides large bandwidth and storage.
  • Gaming servers: Gaming servers can benefit from dedicated hosting as it provides them with low latency and high processing power. This ensures that these servers work properly.
  • Web applications: Dedicated hosting will immensely benefit web applications that require installing and configuring heavy applications. This is because they get full control of the server environment.

Tips for setting up a dedicated server

To use the Dedicated server to its full potential, you should select a reliable host, and the right operating system, configure the server, back up your data, and monitor your server. Many dedicated hosting servers are out there, but not everyone is reliable. Make sure to pick a reliable hosting server. There are many operating systems, but not all will be compatible with your needs. So choose the dedicated server best suited for you.

Configuring the server to your specifications is an important step to use the full potential of the deducted server. It is significant for the smooth functioning of your website. As you know, data can be lost easily during a server failure. So, regularly update your data to prevent any loss. Monitor security logs, error messages etc., closely on your server.

Why choose dedicated server hosting?

That’s the question that everyone asks, but few know the exact answer to. Worry not. On our platform, you will get the right answer. Here are 4 major reasons why you choose dedicated server hosting:

1. Better Performance

What happens when you get all the resources to help you complete a single task? Yes, you got it right, ‘better performance’. With dedicated server hosting, your website performs better, as all the resources are available. Dedicated servers work best for websites with high-traffic and resource-intensive applications.

2. Greater Control

Dedicated Server Hosting gives you a complete counter over the server, which helps you choose what’s best for your website and what’s not. This means you can install whatever applications you want and use the resources as per your needs.

3. Increased Security

Dedicated Server Hosting is a single-user application which gives more security to your website than shared hosting, on which multiple websites are using the same server. This protects your website from hacking attempts, attacks and malware.

4. Scalability

Scalability is one of the top reasons people choose a Dedicated Server, as it helps you scale your website as you want. Keep in mind the needs of your website, and you can upgrade the software or the hardware on the server as you deem fit.


Dedicated server hosting is getting more popular day by day. If you are keen to know more about it, check out our platform, TheWebHunting. If you have the skills and time to manage the website independently, choose unmanaged server hosting. And if you don’t have the time and expertise for the same, go for managed hosting, where the company will look after your needs. Get dedicated server hosting if your website requires high performance, security, and scalability. But before deciding on a dedicated server hosting, be sure you have all that you need, like which plan you are going to choose, as the management, scalability, performance, and security of your money will depend entirely upon it. Namecheap is one of the top web hosting providers that take the wellbeing of your website seriously. Their features and services are tailored to suit the dynamic needs of website owners. With the right web hosting plan from Namecheap, You can take your website to a whole new level.


Does Namecheap offer different dedicated servers?
Yes, Namecheap offers an array of dedicated servers to users. These servers come with different configurations and are suitable for everyone. This majorly depends on users’ specific needs and how many resources they require.
Why is Namecheap so cheap?
Namecheap provides competitive prices as its focus is on providing the best services at affordable prices. From time to time, they release promotional benefits and deals which make the web hosting provider more affordable than other providers.
Can I build my website with Namecheap?
Yes, Namecheap has a tool called the “Site Maker” that allows users to build their own websites with engaging web designs that work seamlessly on all devices. This tool includes secure web hosting, an SSL certificate for security, access to 24/7 support, and unlimited site visitors.

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