Unlocking Photographic Adventures: Discover MPB’s Second Hand Cameras

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second hand camera
second hand camera

In an international in which innovation races ahead, some treasures remain timeless. Second hand cameras are among these enduring gems, preserving moments and narratives with every click. They’re not simply equipment; they may be gateways to nostalgia and creativity, catering to pro photographers and budding enthusiasts alike. At MPB, we concentrate on supplying various second hand cameras, lenses, and accessories, all at affordable charges. Join us as we delve into photographic opportunities and collectively release new horizons.

1. What is MPB?

MPB stands out as a platform dedicated to the resale of used photographic and cinematic equipment. Their impressive catalog boasts DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, high-end compact cameras, and more! In the realm of optics, you’ll encounter a diverse selection of different camera models. Should your interest lie in video cameras, they provide suitable options too. Furthermore, if you’re seeking handy accessories to simplify and enhance your photography journey, a plethora of such products are readily available. Whether it’s tripods, lighting solutions, or studio gear, you’ll find a comprehensive range, all reasonably priced. 

2. Second Hand Camera categories on MPB!

From Canon to Nike to Sony, the expansive selection of second hand cameras on MPB is impressive. To find suitable cameras for yourself, you can look at the available list of cameras or filter your search accordingly. The filter options include basic ones such as budget, brand, weight, and condition. And, technical features like sensor, ISO, storage, megapixels and frames per second. If you are unsure about which camera to choose, here are some ideas for you- 

1. DSLR Camera: Nikon D6

DSLR Camera Nikon D6 | Thewebhunting
DSLR Camera Nikon D6 | Thewebhunting

This Nikon Camera comes in original packaging and with the following items- front body cap, neck strap, battery chamber cover, eyepiece and eyepiece adapter, battery charger, and USB- Type A to Type C. If speed and performance are the key factors influencing your photography experience, then this is exactly what you need. With 20.8 megapixels and 153 autofocus points, you will enjoy greater frame coverage and a better focus system with this camera. Whether you want to take photos of your favorite concert or wildlife, you can do it all.

2. Premium Compact Camera: Leica Q2

This camera has 47.3 megapixels and a full frame sensor. It comes with the following accessories- charger, battery, protective lens ring, lens hood, strap, lens cap and hot shoe cover. You can click a maximum of 20 frames per second and enjoy a full frame sensor format. Whether it’s simple or burst shooting, this camera is enhanced to give an integrated and efficient experience for all types. It has a CMOS sensor type and also has live-view features.

3. Mirrorless Camera: Panasonic Lumix DC- S1H

Mirrorless Camera Panasonic Lumix DC- S1H | Thewebhunting
Mirrorless Camera Panasonic Lumix DC- S1H | Thewebhunting

This full frame mirrorless camera is different! It does not have a mirror (as the name suggests) and delivers apt photography quality. You can see the images as they are with no reflective lights and hence adjust the camera according to the lighting and exposure effects you deem appropriate. The full frame capture quality and 14+ dynamic range options definitely make this an ideal option for photography lovers and beginners. 

4. Medium Format Camera: Hasselblad 907X 50C

This unique camera certainly has an ‘old-school’ vibe. This mirrorless camera is medium format and has 50 megapixels. In the camera box, the following items are included- battery, back cap, body cap, focusing screen mask, cable CW, sync input and output cable, shoulder strap, and USB power adapter with charger. If you are into the vintage vibe, then this is for you. The camera structure is quite different from normal cameras, so this one will definitely make you stand out.

5. Rangefinder Camera: Leica M10

Rangefinder Camera Leica M10 | Thewebhunting
Rangefinder Camera Leica M10 | Thewebhunting

If you love clicking precise, high resolution images, then this camera is for you! It has a continuous shooting range of 5 fps and has enhanced optical viewfinder magnification. The dynamic range is more efficient compared to the older models. It also boasts a gorilla glass cover, which further increases its durability. The camera comes with the following accessories- charger, battery, body cap, battery plate, rubber eyepiece, and strap.


Second hand cameras are an affordable and accessible way for photographers and hobbyists to stay in touch with their passion. They also have a high appeal these days since most of them are not found in the markets anymore. People who love collecting vintage items and safekeeping memories are huge fans of items like second hand cameras. Moreover, there are so many different types of them that buyers have endless options to choose from. If you are one of them, then MPB has you! Its extensive catalog of second hand cameras is impressive and super handy. From DSLR cameras to premium contact lenses, you’ll find it all here. If you are ready to begin your journey with second hand cameras, then start from here!  

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How to maintain my second hand camera?
To maintain your second hand camera and enhance its durability, you should make sure to store it properly and avoid keeping it in dust prone areas. Make sure to clean the lenses regularly and check the sensors to ensure optimal performance. Keep it charged and if you notice battery problems, get a replacement. It is better to store batteries in a cool, dry place when not in use.
How do you test a second hand camera?
To thoroughly test a second hand camera, you should ensure that it’s image capturing system works well, the lenses and shutter are in good condition and the sensors are working. Test other technical camera features such as autofocus, zoom, image stabilization, and exposure. Make sure to test the battery and memory card too!
Why are old cameras better?
Old cameras are widely loved because of their vintage aesthetic. People love to own items from the past because it feels like a gateway to those times and a safekeeping memory. Moreover, older cameras are more affordable and easier to use. Plus, they have value, as many of them are not sold anywhere anymore.

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