Brighten Your Life With These Amazing Smart Light Bulbs

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smart light bulbs
smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs are meeting the lighting needs of the present as home automation and smart technologies develop further. With the help of voice commands, smartphone apps, or connectivity with other smart home systems, these unique bulbs may be operated remotely. The flexibility and customisation choices offered by smart light bulbs are unmatched due to their capacity to modify brightness levels, change colours, and even set schedules or timers. Light bulbs create a more ambient atmosphere, boost security by setting  lighting schedules, and integrate easily into your networked home system. Smart light bulbs are trending in modern homes with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Getting the Right Smart Light Bulbs:

  • Consider bulb brightness (lumens) based on room size and needs
  • Look for adjustable colour temperatures (warm to cool) for different ambiences
  • Check compatibility with your smart home system (Alexa, Google Home, etc.)
  • Energy Star certified bulbs are more efficient and longer lasting
  • Pick well-reviewed, quality brands for best performance


Using Smart Light Bulbs to Enhance Your Space:

  • Set schedules to automatically turn lights on/off for security when away
  • Use the colour-changing feature to create different moods and atmospheres
  • Install smart bulbs in key areas like living room, kitchen, and entryways
  • Layer smart and non-smart lighting for versatility
  • Use the dimming feature to set the perfect lighting levels in each room


Tips and Tricks: Smart Light Bulbs

  • Group smart bulbs into zones or rooms for easier control via the app
  • Integrate bulbs with other smart devices like blinds, thermostats, etc.
  • Enable voice control through your smart assistant for hands-free use
  • Set up smart routines like “Wake Up” to gradually brighten lights
  • Use the vacation mode feature to make your home look occupied


Maintaining Smart Light Bulbs:

  • Follow the maximum recommended hours before replacing LED bulbs
  • Routinely check the app for firmware updates to fix bugs/add features
  • Make sure bulbs are screwed in properly and not overheating
  • Clean bulbs periodically by wiping off dust with a dry cloth

Best smart light bulbs

1. Smart WiFi Vintage G95 LED Globe Bulb Amber Glass Dimmable CCT Changing, 8.5W – Neutral 

Smart WiFi Vintage G95 LED Globe Bulb Amber Glass Dimmable CCT Changing, 8.5W - Neutral 
Smart WiFi Vintage G95 LED Globe Bulb Amber Glass Dimmable CCT Changing, 8.5W – Neutral

This round golden LED E27 light bulb combines contemporary functionality with a retro look. Warm, inviting light emanates from this bulb, making any space feel welcoming. Talking to it or using your phone to control it is simple. No extra hub is needed. It lasts a long time and you can customise the settings. Great for homes or businesses. Buy now!

2. Smart WiFi GU10 LED Lamp 5W RGBWWW Dimmable

Take full control of your lighting with the Enerjsmart app on your iOS/Android device. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, this smart bulb emits up to 400 lumens and offers customizable brightness and colour settings. No additional hub is required, and you can easily set timers and share control with family members for added convenience. Shop now from The Range

3. 20W Smart LED Ceiling Light WiFi Dimmable – White

20W Smart LED Ceiling Light WiFi Dimmable - White
20W Smart LED Ceiling Light WiFi Dimmable – White

Experience seamless light control with Google, Alexa, and specialised applications. For hands-free operation, use voice commands. You can also adjust brightness to set the ideal mood. You can alter your lighting to fit any occasion or mood with its dimmable settings and more than 16 million colour options. With this energy-efficient 24W ceiling light, you can save electricity and enhance convenience by setting up scheduled schedules. Buy now!

4. 4.9W Smart LED WIFI Candle Light Bulb RGB E14 (Pack of 2) Energy Saving – White

This cool ExtraStar lightbulb lets you control the lighting in your home right from your tablet or phone – how neat is that? Simple to connect to Alexa or Google Assistant and other smart home devices. All you have to do is give them instructions to dim, switch on, or turn off lights. your peace of mind includes a 12-month guarantee. This is a simple method to add intelligence and enjoyment to your home lighting.

5. A60 Smart LED WiFi Bulb Energy Saving

A60 Smart LED WiFi Bulb Energy Savin
A60 Smart LED WiFi Bulb Energy Savin


This ExtraStar smart lightbulb is super cool! Using your phone or tablet, you can adjust the brightness and colour of any light in your home. Neat, right? Just tell them what you want – on, off, dim, or change colours. So convenient! The LED bulbs give off a nice bright light and are really energy efficient too. But the best part is the company guarantees it will work great for a full year – you know you’re getting quality. It’s an awesome way to make your home lighting way more fun and high-tech! Explore more at The Range.


The Range has all sorts of cool smart light bulbs to choose from. They may save you energy, create the ideal mood lighting, and give your house a sleek, contemporary air. The best part is that you don’t even need to mess with switches to control the lights—all you have to do is talk to Alexa or Google. Just tell them to turn lights on/off, change the colour to anything you want from millions of options, or adjust the brightness. They’ve also got smart bulbs with really handy features like dimming, putting lights on a schedule, and controlling them from your phone when you’re not home. The Range makes all of this a total breeze. And you can pick from lots of top-quality brands without breaking the bank. Upgrading to smart light bulbs has never been easier! 

For more information, visit TheWebHunting


What does a smart light bulb do?
Smart light bulbs are awesome. You can control them with just your voice or an app on your phone. Turn lights on/off, make them brighter or dimmer, change to any colour you want, and even put lights on a timer. So convenient! Smart lights have the ability to synchronise lighting with notifications or music.
What are the disadvantages of smart bulbs?
The primary drawbacks are a greater initial cost in comparison to standard light bulbs, possible WiFi connectivity problems, dependence on apps and devices, and security risks related to linked device hacking. Power outages can also cause scheduling issues that require manual resetting.
Do smart bulbs need Wi-Fi?
For most smart lights to communicate with the controlling app or device, a WiFi connection is necessary. Conversely, other smart lights make use of different wireless protocols, such as Bluetooth or Zigbee. These may connect directly to a smart home hub rather than WiFi.

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