Power Up Your Fun: Conquering Cord Chaos with Extension Leads!

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Extension leads
Extension leads | Thewebhunting

Ever tripped over a rogue phone charger cord? Are you struggling to reach that perfect lamp placement? Extension leads are your secret weapon against cord chaos! These handy helpers extend the reach of your plugs, turning inconveniently placed sockets into prime power zones.  Here at The Range, we have a fantastic selection of extension leads to suit each requirement, from charging your phone over the room to controlling your festive pixie lights. Get ready to say goodbye to tangled lines and hi to a world of helpful control!

Benefits of using extension leads

Extension leads are unsung heroes in the battle against inconveniently placed outlets and short cords. Here’s how they can supercharge your space.

  • Banish the cord struggle:  Ever wanted a cosy reading nook with a lamp, but the outlet is across the room? Extension leads to bridging the gap, letting you place lamps, phone chargers, or small appliances exactly where you need them. No more awkward stretching or sacrificing your design vision for limited outlets.
  • Conquer power deserts: Certain areas of your home might be lacking in outlets, like behind entertainment centres or work desks. Extension leads to being your control supply oasis, bringing power to those overlooked corners and changing them into functional spaces.
  • Declutter your cord chaos: Tangled strings are not only unattractive but can also be a security hazard. Extension leads can assist you organize your lines by consolidating them into a single unit. This not only reduces stumbling risks but moreover makes a cleaner and more streamlined see.
  • Protect your precious electronics (with surge assurance): Some extension leads come equipped with surge security innovation. This acts as a shield, defending your important gadgets from unexpected power surges that can sear circuits and harm your devices. It’s a little venture that gives huge peace of mind.

Best extension leads at The Range

1. 4-Way Extension Leads – White

4-Way Extension Leads - White
4-Way Extension Leads – White | Thewebhunting

Do you feel like you’re in a wrestling coordinate with a tangled mess of wires behind your TV or work area? This 4-way extension lead is your sparing grace! No more crawling around on the floor or behind furniture looking for an elusive outlet. This helpful small saint gloats 4 deliberately set attachments, bringing the power right where you need it. Restore order to your entertainment zone and banish the frustration of tangled cords – order your 4-Way Lead today and reclaim your sanity!

2. 8 Gang Extension Lead

Calling all tech specialists and gadget lovers! An 8-way expansion rope may be a capable instrument that’s fair prepared to be utilized. No more limitations on your tech empire – laptops, printers, game consoles, phones – you name it, this lead has you covered with a whopping 8 outlets.  Detangle the web of cords and unleash the full potential of your tech setup. Order your 8-Gang Lead today and say goodbye to the frustration of limited outlets!

3. Premium-Line 12-Way Extension Lead

Premium-Line 12-Way Extension Lead
Premium-Line 12-Way Extension Lead | Thewebhunting

Consider yourself a power user with demanding electrical needs. Look no further than the ultimate boss of extension cords – the Premium-Line 12-Way! This behemoth boasts a staggering 12 sockets, perfect for powering even the most complex setups. Workshops, home offices, entertainment centres with all the bells and whistles – you name it, the Premium-Line can handle it.  Keep your power game strong and conquer any electrical challenge – order yours today and experience the ultimate in convenient power distribution!

4. Surge Protected Extension Lead

Safety first, always! This extension cord goes past fair extending your reach – it highlights built-in surge security innovation. This acts as a shield, defending your precious electronics from unexpected power surges that can sear your devices. Enjoy complete peace of intellect knowing your tech is ensured while you appreciate the comfort of a longer reach. Order your Surge Protected Lead today and let it guard your valuable electronics!

5. 2 Gang Extension Lead

2 Gang Extension Lead
2 Gang Extension Lead | Thewebhunting

Sometimes, even small appliances can cause a headache when their cords are just a tad too short. This compact 2-gang extension lead offers a simple yet effective solution. Providing a little extra breathing room for lamps, phone chargers, or any other appliance that could use some freedom from the wall, this handy lead eliminates the frustration of short cords. Short on outlets? The 2-Gang Lead is your answer – order yours today and experience the joy of convenient power placement!

6. 10M 2 Gang Extension Lead

10M 2 Gang Extension Lead
10M 2 Gang Extension Lead | Thewebhunting

Ever envisioned the perfect spot for a lamp but the cord just isn’t long enough? This 10-meter 2-gang extension lead is your dream come true! This handy lead gives you the extra length you need to reach that ideal spot, so you can finally create the perfect lighting ambiance.  No more struggling with short cords or sacrificing your design vision. Order your 10-meter 2-Gang Lead today and say goodbye to short-cord limitations!


So ditch the cord-avoidance dance and the desperate search for the nearest plug! With an extension cable from The Range, you’re in control. Imagine the possibilities – a perfectly placed lamp for cosy evenings, a phone charger that reaches the couch (hallelujah!), or festive lights that illuminate your entire garden. Don’t let short cords hold you back – explore the range of extension leads today and power up your fun!

To shop for an outdoor extension lead follow the official page of The Range and for more information, visit TheWebHunting!


What is an extension lead used for?
Extension leads extend the reach of your existing plug socket. This lets you power appliances or electronics that are far from a wall outlet.
Is it okay to use extension leads?
Extension leads are generally secure when utilized appropriately. Make sure the lead is evaluated for the appliance you’re utilizing and dodge over-burdening it with as well numerous plugs. Always unplug the lead when not in utilize.
What is the best extension lead?
The “best” extension lead depends on your needs. Think about the wattage rating (the amount of power it can handle), the length you require, and the number of outlets.
What is the safest type of extension lead?
Look for extension leads with a surge protector. This helps safeguard your electronics from sudden power surges. Also, choose a lead with a fused plug, which cuts power in case of overload.

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