What’s The Best Online Payment Gateway And How To Access Large Payments?

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Online Payment Gateway
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In the digital world, the process of wiring money online has become the easiest way to transfer money. Multiple ways are faster and more convenient to wire money which have become important for both, individual as well as for business purposes. However, transferring money can be complicated, and difficult, and may require a lot of complex steps to complete, especially if you are wiring money internationally. That’s why Revolut brings the best online Payment Gateway, a digital solution to online transactions.

We have been there and we understand the complexity of financing a large business. Even for small businesses the need for extra precaution while managing online financing is crucial. This is due to the increasing scamming and fraudulent transactions that make people find it hard to trust online transactions.

Nevertheless, an online Payment gateway is a checkout portal where the online transaction is done securely by entering or selecting the correct credentials for completing the payments. It acts as an intermediate between the merchant and the recipients where the online authorization is processed based on authentication.

What is Revolut and How does a payment getaway work?

Revolut is one of the trusted and growing fintech companies that offer the most secure, safe, and easy financial services through their secure mobile app. Its main headquarters is located in London, UK. For the past years, Revolut has been providing successfully secure digital banking and payment services to its customers from a wide background. Both to individual users and for large and small businesses for the best online payment gateway experience.

Revolut is a way to make your digital banking services and online payment gateway become a reality, where you won’t have to worry about anything related to online financing. The effortless and seamless experience provided by Revolut will not only make you want to keep using their digital banking services but also feel secure about your finance security. Keep all your finance work related to borrowing, spending, investing, and saving under the secure control of Revolut digital banking services.

One way to get around this is by using Revolut’s online Payment Gateway features. The users can easily have advanced and secure features to wire money through Apple Pay or Google Pay, a debit card or credit card, and more. Here are some key features to keep in mind:

  • If both users have an account with the Revolut mobile app, the sender and recipient can conveniently wire money using the secure app of Revolut. It’s easy to wire the money. The user simply needs to select and add the recipient’s details.
  • Moreover, it’s not only the users but users can send money to the nonusers as well. People who don’t have an account with Revolut can also receive money in their bank accounts wired by the users. But it’s important to carefully enter the correct banking details to complete the online transaction.
  • The users can also share their personal Revolute username or URL without having to share their bank details to receive money from friends and loved ones. Moreover, the users can also do international transactions easily at the right international exchange rates. The international exchange can be done in 29 currencies! This is also a way to save money if you do an international transaction via physical banks for conversion and transfer charges.
  • Revolut also provides the luxury for the user for a convenient experience, You can send payment requests or payment reminders to your friends or family through encrypted chat. Once the encrypted message or reminder is set with the amount of the message the notification is sent automatically.
  • Revolut also provides the luxury of splitting bill experience through automatic regulation of timely payment of bills or splitting bills with friends who don’t have Revolut accounts.

If you are wondering which payment gateway is best for a transaction? Then the above-mentioned reasons are assuring that you will have the best both domestic transactions and international transactions conveniently and securely.

How secure is Payment Gateway for Credit and Debit Cards with Revolut?

It’s important to use an e-money institution that you can not only trust but who strictly follows the “Safeguarding” (a set of laws that an e-money institution needs to follow to keep your money secure)

That’s why Revolut is considered to be a safe digital banking to be trusted for any kind of online banking service. Here are some measures taken by Reolut to secure your Payment gateway for credit and debit cards:

  • The users get the secure checkout page and select the preferable payment method.
  • Then they are taken to the next checkout page to enter the details of a credit card or debit card.
  • The payment gateway follows the secure protocols for your details to be encrypted, which means that your information is securely transmitted to complete the payment process. This will allow your sensitive information to stay highly encrypted to prevent any unauthorized parties from intercepting it.
  • Hence the bank receives your credentials; your information is received by the concerned bank that issued the debit or credit card to check the availability of funds, and card validity.
  • Further, the bank will send an approval request for the transaction request made before making the final approval. The user can either accept or decline the request notification. Upon the users’ response, a notification is sent to notify that the transaction is successful or declined. This is how the merchant also receives a secure confirmation from the online payment gateway to further proceed with it.

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Payment Mode Advantages Type
Revolute’s online Payment Gateway Credit or Debit Card
  1. Highly secure
  2. Convenient online payment gateway
  3. Global Outreach
  4. Real-time Experience
  5. And easy integration with other e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, and more.


Trustable E-money institute


It’s always important to have the right digital banking services when it comes to a secure money banking experience online. With endless secure and safe online banking services, Revolut has gained the trust of users across the globe. Especially to enhance the seamless experience with an online payment gateway. Revolut provides a secure and convenient online payment gateway not only for individual users but also for large and small businesses to experience the best digital banking facilities. For more information on the online payment gateway visit Thewebhunting.


Can the payment gateway hold my money?
It largely depends on the type of e-money company. But yes some gateway providers do hold your fund, only a certain % of the fund for 30 days. While some other gateway providers may settle your fund right away or the next day.
Can I use two payment gateway?
Yes, you can utilize two or multiple payment gateways if you run an online business. It helps you integrate multiple payment gateways where you can access the online transaction process easily and also receive payments from multiple accounts.
What is the limit payment of online payment gateway?
You can do the transaction of up, to 10,00,00 payment gateway net banking.

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