Which Is The Most Trustable And Secure Money Donation Platform?

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money donation platform
Money Donation Platform | Thewebhunting

In the digital world of earning and investing money Revolut has built a trustable money donation platform where you and I can easily contribute to the cost of good deeds. There are so many things that we care about, it could be a brilliant start-up company, an NGO organization, orphanages, refugee camps, a medical school, a hospital, and more.

With ever ever-increasing need for humanity, there is always a way for people to use their hard-earned money to donate to the right cause. Revolut sees the possibility of a digital money donation platform where people from any part of the world can stay home, and hand out their helping hands. Irrespective of small or big amounts, simply use the Revolut money donation platform, and your donation is wired to the right recipient. However, there are some charities that you can donate to through Revolut such as:

Charities to Donate Platform Direct Benefits
●     Save the Children

●     Movember

●     Doctors Without Borders

●     UK for UNHCR

●     ILGA-Europe

●     WWF

●     Rainforest Alliance

●     DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee)


Revolut To the Charities

NOTE: Revolut is also likely to add more charities in the future.

How do I choose the right money donation platform?

How do I choose the right money donation platform
How do I choose the right money donation platform | Thewebhunting

It’s definitely important to know which platform is right for you to invest your money in charity. That’s why we bring some important things to remember while making the right selection.

  • Always look out for trustworthy online money donation platforms where they have legit proof of sending your money to the right charities. The trustworthy platform always has a record that proves its legitimacy.
  • It’s important to look for full transparency about the charities on the platform. If there is no transparency about the charity, it’s probably best to pull back your helping hand. Moreover, the parentage of money received by the charities should be transparent. ]
  • Look out for platforms that provide security to your detailed information or your personal information is encrypted.
  • Look out for the payment options on the money Donation platform, and the fee structures as well. Some might even have a processing fee structure for international transactions.
  • Prove social credentials such as medial website, reviews, and testimonials about the platform, and also about the charity work, media account, and more which the platform should provide.
  • Last but not least look out if the platform will verify the legitimacy of the cause and the enlisted platform. You can also contact the platform directly to verify the authentication if needed.

What are the benefits of choosing Revolut as a money donation platform?

There are a few things that you need to know before making your donation through Revolut’s platform.

1. User-Friendly Interface

Convenience is what makes the money donation platform super interesting. The user can easily use the Rovlut account and in an instant click select the charity and amount your money is wired. With just a click away through the mobile app the users can stay home and donate the money for a good cause. The users won’t have to worry about the complicated filling of information to complete the transaction.

2.  Multiple donations for the multiple charities

Revolut is transparent about the charities you are donating to. You can select as many charities on the platform and send your money to the one you want to contribute your goodness. Hence without having to run here and there looking for which charities to donate to, your search becomes easier. This allows the users to learn more about the donation activities presently engaged and they can donate and contribute to the good cause.

3. Transparency and 100% Charity Benefits

Revolut is very transparent about the charity you are donating. There are no scamming or fraudulent activities allowed nor fraudulent charities listed on the platform. The users can have full information about the charity they are investing in to make sure their hard money is sent to the right cause. Moreover, all your donation is sent to charity and Rovlut does not take any penny out of your donated money. You have the joy of knowing where your money is invested.

4. Support globally

The users can donate money with easy international transactions to any charity they want to extend their support. The donation transaction gets instant results and you won’t have to wait for days or hours to complete the process. Plus you can also make your contribution in different categories, whether you prefer one-off payment, Spare change, or Recurring donation. In this way, you can also keep track of your donation history digitally.

Moreover, if you have selected the Recurring donation option then you can cancel the process anytime you want. Simply select the charity that you have been donating to and click the cancel button to stop the Recurring donation and vice versa.

Why it’s important to donate money to the charities?

Why it’s important to donate money to the charities
Why it’s important to donate money to the charities | Thewebhunting

With the growing concern around the world donating money you will certainly have a great social impact. We may never know the effect but surely your contribution will have an impactful result on someone’s life. For instance, dealing with poverty, promoting education, healthcare, disaster relief, and more.

Helping those who are in need does not necessarily have to be someone you know. For instance, refugees, kids, or elderly people who might be completely helpless, and your generosity can change their lives completely. We never know when your combustion can change someone’s life. Hence the communal society shows empathy and compassion for each other.

The best part of donating money to a greater cause is that you have to give yourself a good reason to be proud of yourself. Knowing that your hard money is invested in a greater cause can have a positive impact on your life. An individual can understand the value of giving rather than receiving. While in the meantime you leave your philanthropy legacy behind which can be an inspiration for many people. You can create an impact around the people you care about and also be an example to your community.


Revolut makes the best trustable platform where you can righty send money to the charity you want to support. The money donation platform is solely secure where your full amount of money donated is sent to the right charity and you can easily keep track of your record. Without having to worry about where your money is being sent, Revolut keeps your entire donation experience safe and secure. For more information visit TheWebHunting.


What is a money donation platform?
It’s a platform where individuals can easily send money or freely donate money to the listed charities on the platform. You can select and learn about the charities and the money donation platform makes it possible to send your money directly to the charity globally.
Can I donate Internationally on the platform?
Yes, it’s possible to donate money internationally to charities overseas. Revolut is one such platform where you can donate money to any international overseas.
Are money donation platforms safe to use?
Yes, the legit ones are safe and secure to donate money. But it’s always advisable to check out the details about the platform, confirmation and look out for authentication before contributing your money.

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