Sky Home Insurance: Protecting Your Home With Smart Tech 

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sky home insurance
sky home insurance

Sky Protect offers you protection for your home and devices, this includes Smart sky home insurance, Home Insurance, and Device Insurance. Sky Home Insurance is rated 5 stars by Defaqto and covers building & contents or contents only. Smart sky home insurance also includes Cyber Assistance Cover, Home Emergency Cover, and Legal Assistance as standard. sky home insurance also offers Device Insurance, to cover your Sky equipment and the devices you couldn’t do without.

1. How much is Sky Protect?

The cost of your Sky home insurance policy is individual to you and will depend on a number of things, such are those mentioned below.

  1. Your address and the location of your home
  2. Property type and size
  3. Type of cover & add-ons

2. Home insurance just got smart

1. Smart Tech bundle

Obtain house insurance with a free £250 worth of smart technology. Every day, so you may feel connected, protected, and insured

2. Video Doorbell

Keep tabs on who’s at your door using your smartphone, no matter where you are. Talk to them if you want. 

3. Indoor camera

The perfect domestic helper. Maintains vigilance in all areas.

4. Motion & Contact Sensors

The Sky Protect app will notify you if anything opens or moves unexpectedly. 

5. Leak Sensors

On the lookout for any undesired water. Every single one of those leaks, no matter how subtle. 

6. Get alerts on your phone

If there’s an issue, Sky will let you know. Encouraging you to identify minor issues prior to their escalation into major ones. 

7. No drama set-up

The technology also has another clever feature. It will take you very little time to get it operational. Broadband and the Sky Protect mobile app are all that’s required. Finishing the task at hand.​

3. Sensor. Camera. Action. – Your smart tech for Sky Home Insurance

Sky Protect offers smart home technology and home insurance. Located in one convenient location. Thus, you are linked, safeguarded, and covered by insurance.

The capabilities of the smart tech bundle’s components are as follows.

1. Video Doorbell

Keep tabs on who’s at your door using your smartphone, no matter where you are. Talk to them if you want.

  • Meet and converse with guests

You can view the person at your door using high-definition video. They can hear you using the integrated microphone and speaker.

  • All day, every day streaming

Record and live-stream full-color HD video. Night or day.

  • Ease of setup

It is simple to install your battery-operated doorbell and link it to the Sky Protect app. You won’t need an electrician.

  • Video saved on the internet

You have 30 days to view, share, or download videos from our safe cloud storage.

  • Doorbell sound selection

You may customize the loudness and choose from several different doorbell sounds all from within the app.

2. Indoor Camera

Ideal house sitter personified. Never misses a room.

  • Camera for night vision

After dark, your indoor camera has a range of nine meters. Make sure you’re always informed.

  • Motion and sound detectors

If your camera detects motion or an unusually loud sound, you will receive a notification on your phone.

  • Concealed microphone and speaker

Anyone in the room can be heard and spoken to.

  • Ease of setup

Stick it on a wall or shelf; it’s easy to install.

  • All day, every day streaming

From any location, you may watch the action unfold in real-time via a live stream.

  • The function of Auto Arm

When you’re ready to go outside, just turn on your camera using the Auto Arm option. And depart once you return home.

3. Motion & Contact Sensors

The Sky Protect app will notify you if anything opens or moves unexpectedly.

  • Simple to set up 

Putting it up on your own walls, windows, and doors is a breeze. There are no cords. There is no drama.

  • Door or window open alert

If your Contact Sensors detect anything that you should be aware of, they will notify your phone.

  • Unexpected movement alert​

If your Motion Sensor detects anything that you should be aware of, it will notify your phone.​

  • Auto Arm feature

Before you leave the house, activate your motion and contact sensors with the Auto Arm feature. And depart once you return home.

4. Leak Sensors

Make sure no unwelcome water gets in. Every single one of those leaks, no matter how subtle.

  • Looking out for water

In the event of a flood, your sensors will be able to detect even the smallest amount of water.​

  • Verifying relative humidity

Humidity is another variable that your sensors monitor. This can be an indication of hidden leaks or dampness.

  • Detecting heat 

When a room is too hot or too chilly, you’ll know.​

  • Easy to set up 

Put them wherever you would like to prevent water from leaking. An example, is in the space behind a dishwasher or a sink.

Enjoy Star-studded insurance with Sky Home Insurance

Sky Protect Smart Home Insurance includes a suite of smart home features and a 5-star rating from Defaqto. Contained within a single structure.

Risk coverage

Insurance for Your Home’s Structures and Contents or Just Your Contents, Ranked 5 Stars by Defaqto

Domestic Emergency Insurance

Reliable contractors are on call throughout the clock to address any unexpected issues with your property. Coverage for emergency repairs and fixes up to £1,000 each claim

Get one-on-one legal counsel whenever you need it and have your legal expenses covered up to £50,000 annually with a solicitor’s appointment.

Coverage for Cyber Assistance

Protection for yourself and your belongings from cybercrime, up to £25,000 annually

Fixed pricing for 24 months

For 24 months, your price will not change.

Sky Home Insurance starring Smart Tech – See how it compares

Parameters Sky Protect Other home insurers Smart Home Systems
Smart Tech
Detections & Alerts
Home Emergency Cover May be additional cost
Family Legal Assistance May be additional cost
Cyber Cover May be additional cost
24 month fixed price

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Protect your house and possessions with Sky Home Insurance, supported by Smart Tech. Homeowners may rest easy with Sky Protect’s unique devices and extensive insurance coverage. The Smart Tech bundle includes video doorbells and leak sensors, all of which are made to make life easier and safer. Sky Protect stands out as a dependable and trouble-free solution for homeowners’ needs, especially when paired with 5-star Defaqto-rated insurance. It is a great buy because of its 24-month price lock and extra features like Cyber Assistance and Legal Aid. 

Sky Home Insurance is here for you every step of the way, offering reliable insurance for your property and helping you in times of need. Get in touch with Sky now to learn more about their Smart Tech bundle and all-inclusive insurance options.

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What does Sky Home Insurance cover?
Sky Home Insurance insures your property against damage or loss. It helps maintain your home or the cost of any damages.
What is the claims process like with Sky Home Insurance?
Domestic & General (D&G) is the entity in charge of handling claims; they are reachable by phone every day from 8 am to 8 pm.
Can existing Sky customers get a better deal?
Contact Sky to discuss a new contract if your current one has expired. You would save money compared to new consumers, but you’d be locked in for another 18 months and your deal would probably be worse.

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