How To Pick The Best Gigabit Broadband Router For Your Requirements

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Gigabit Broadband Router
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Consider using a Gigabit broadband router if you require fast internet. When looking for an internet connection, you may be inclined to choose the quickest option available. However, the Gigabit broadband price might cost one hundred bucks per month (or more) and does not necessarily result in increased speed or effectiveness. The most costly internet plans frequently use the term “Gigabit,” which sounds fancy and speedy. But what exactly does Gigabit imply — and is it worth the money? Let’s dig in.

What Exactly is Gigabit Broadband? 

A megabit is one million bits. Bits are the unit of measurement for digital data. Bits per minute, and the most frequently used these days, megabits per second, are used to assess the speed of the internet. That is an estimate of the amount of data that can be handled in a single second via an internet connection. One gigabyte is equal to one thousand megabits.

To put it briefly, you could anticipate enhanced performance when watching films or playing multiplayer games without latency or problems the more megabits or gigabits per minute the connection to the internet can handle.

Does Gigabit Internet From Cable and Fibre Differ?

Fibre and cable are the only two connectivity technologies that are authorised to provide gigabit broadband routers. The fastest internet is provided via fibre internet, which is the norm for broadband. It offers balanced speeds for uploading and downloading, along with quick connections. It may be said to be less susceptible to overcrowding and peak demand periods than cable, and it is also more dependable.

Because it uses the same connections that TV companies use to offer service, cable internet is often included in TV package deals. It also provides quicker download rates than satellite internet, making it more dependable. However, in contrast to fibre internet, cable internet has considerably slower upload rates than those for downloading. As a result, you may encounter some latency while exchanging emails or participating in video chats. 

How To Pick a Router that’s Ideal for Your House?

We are all aware of the confusion that may arise when purchasing new electronics, particularly if you are not aware of the brands, gigabit broadband routers are ubiquitous house appliances, but with so many alternatives available, what should you look for in a new router? We have eliminated all of your guesswork when selecting the ideal product!

Does your ISP recommend using the router it provides?

For an ongoing charge, several internet service companies provide gigabit broadband routers. You may be wondering, “Should I just use the network given to me by my ISP?” with so many alternatives available. It can be more sensible for you to select your router, considering your demands. Because of this, we have put together the steps below to address any queries you may have before purchasing a router.

You won’t be able to hook up the gadgets to the World Wide Web if your ISP and gigabit broadband routers are incompatible. Maybe utilise the router that comes with your ISP if security is a concern.

Considerations for Selecting a Router

For best coverage, take into account your home’s architecture when choosing a Wi-Fi router, particularly in multistory homes. To ensure that there is enough bandwidth for every connected device, prioritise gigabit routers with numerous connection points for houses with a high population density. Check for compliance with the gigabit routers and ISP, and if necessary, confirm that links via Ethernet and standards for the Internet of Things are supported. 

Choose gigabit routers with guest network functions for the convenience of your guests. For more details on compatible smart home devices. Select a gigabit router that takes into account these elements to guarantee reliable connectivity as well as functionality that meets your unique requirements.

Where Can You Find a Gigabit Broadband Router?

The following are some of the best options available on Virgin Media! 

  • M125

Presenting M125 Gigabit broadband router, the best option available for families desiring blazing-fast connection to the internet. M125 outperforms traditional 100Mbps internet with an amazing typical download velocity of 132Mbps and a dependable upload capacity of 20Mbps. Designed with active families in mind, the M125 gigabit broadband router supports up to nine devices at once with ease, guaranteeing that no one has to sacrifice efficiency to stay informed. M125 has a 99.89% availability evaluation, so you can rely on it to provide dependable connections. The ultimate in fibre internet performance, M125 will bid you farewell to latency and congestion. 

Visit the Virgin Media website now to discover exclusive deals and free setups.

  • M250

Presenting M250 Gigabit broadband router: the Pinnacle of Dependability and Speed. M250 outperforms normal 200Mbps internet with an amazing mean download velocity of 264Mbps and a strong upload capacity of 25Mbps. Busy houses will find the M250 gigabit broadband review to be a great option because it can easily support up to 10 devices at once, ensuring everyone has continuous access. Take advantage of unparalleled durability with a 99.89% net uptime. With M250, you can say goodbye to delays and welcome instantaneous satisfaction. You may download big files quickly, stream 4K motion pictures, and make video calls. 

Take advantage of exclusive deals and setup fees of £0 by getting the M250 gigabit broadband router right now.

  • 350Mb broadband

Presenting M350 Gigabit broadband router, your doorway to uninterrupted internet for the whole family. With strong upload rates of 35 Mbps and an amazing average speed for downloading of 362 Mbps, the M350 guarantees seamless operations for file transfers, video conferencing, and remote work. With an M350 gigabit broadband router, you can now say goodbye to lagging and power home offices and numerous WiFi users without sacrificing performance. Enter the world of 4K video streaming with convenience and take the breathtaking beauty of the games and blockbuster films. 

Investigate the whole selection of ultrafast wireless broadband choices to get rid of internet hotspots and maximise the functionality of the home network.


If you want dependable access and blazing-fast speeds, go to a gigabit broadband router. Take advantage of lightning-fast download rates ranging from 132Mbps to 362Mbps with M125, M250, or M350. Lag is over, and you can now enjoy flawless playing and streamed sessions. Maintain a reliable connection for the entire home by supporting up to 10 devices at once. Discover special discounts and setup fees of £0 to get the most out of your gigabit broadband router. Today, upgrade your home network to get the fastest and most dependable internet available with Virgin Media.

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What's referred to as gigabit broadband, exactly?
Fast and flawless internet access is ensured by gigabit broadband routers, which enable data transfer at bandwidth surpassing 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps).
What exactly does gigabit Speed mean?
A “gigabit broadband router” is a network that can move and receive data at rates of as much as a gigabit per second (Gbps), which is excellent for jobs that need fast downloads.
What is Gbps broadband?
A gigabit per second (Gbps) web link or higher is referred to as Gbps bandwidth since it allows for incredibly fast data exchange.









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