Beaded Statement Necklace: An Accessory That Can Elevate Any Look! 

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Beaded statement necklace | Thewebhunting
Beaded statement necklace | Thewebhunting

The accessories serve as the actual punctuation that completes the fashion phrase or the look you desire to wear. The beaded statement necklace is undoubtedly the stand-out item, bringing focus on itself and adding elegance to any outfit. However, how can you select the right alternative from all the choices available? Don’t worry; this article will help you seem confident and stylish when navigating the world of beaded statement necklaces.

Selecting The Right Beaded Statement Necklace 

Know Your Style

How about you take some time to think about your individual style and then pick up your favourite choice from the many options available? Do you prefer things that are very bright and noticeable or do you have a preference for minimalistic elegance? Learning to have a clear knowledge of personal style preferences will surely help you in choosing a beaded statement necklace that looks perfect with your whole outfit.


Bead necklaces come in a great variety of colours from bright rich shades to tranquil pastel ones. The first step to finding a beaded statement necklace that will complement your present style is the consider the predominant colours of the outfit. Give vividness to your ensemble by not being reluctant to play with several colour options.

Material Quality

The craft as well as the attractiveness of the beaded statement necklace can be maximised through the use of the best quality materials. Choose necklaces of beads of top quality, like glass, crystal and semi-precious stones. These pieces will look more luxurious and they will also stay for long. Also, ensure that the necklace is of a good design and has been well-made.


Different jewellery styles are appropriate for various events. In business, a meeting with an expert would not call for a beaded statement necklace although it would be quite fashionable for a night out. Pick a stylish necklace that is suitable for the type of occasion that you will buy it for. Seek necklaces that are simply adaptable from day to night with only a quick change of clothes for endless possibilities.


The type of beaded statement necklace that will go with your dress the best might be significantly determined by its neckline. A high neckline necessitates a shorter, dramatic necklace that lies closer to the neck, but a plunging neckline looks great with a long, layered necklace that leads the attention lower. Select a necklace that will draw attention to and highlight the necklines of the clothes you wear on a regular basis.

Length And Layers

To achieve a distinctive and customised style, don’t be hesitant to experiment with different lengths and layering techniques. Layer many necklaces together for a bohemian-chic look, or mix and match necklaces of different lengths to provide depth and eye appeal. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and express your creativity while wearing a beaded statement necklace.

Top Beaded Statement Necklaces On Etsy 

1. White & Clear Statement Necklace 

White & Clear Statement Necklace | Thewebhunting
White & Clear Statement Necklace | Thewebhunting

The creative chunky bead necklace is fabricated from a combination of beads that not only possesses elegance but also features the artistry to give your clothes an extra edge. Exquisitely designed with care for details, this chunky bead necklace work is a fine example, which exaltates the beauty of handmade ornament. It is formed of 2 translucent and asymmetric beads bound together with the white beads. It is 16 inches long on average with a three-inch chain extension. Being an evergreen design, it is to remain in trend and is a must-have in any jewellery collection. Discover your jewellery on Etsy today.

2. Statement Necklace Beaded 

Statement Necklace Beaded | Thewebhunting
Statement Necklace Beaded | Thewebhunting

There are a variety of gemstones, Czech, and wood beads included in this necklace. The chain is gold plated over brass. This necklace is really a celebration of beads, each one chosen meticulously for its own qualities, colours, and personalities. The beads combine to create a symphony of colours that range from vivid jewel tones to delicate pastels, guaranteeing versatility that easily matches any combination, whether it be a laid-back daytime ensemble or a glitzy nighttime one.

3. Green Ombre Wooden Necklace

Green Ombre Wooden Necklace | Thewebhunting
Green Ombre Wooden Necklace | Thewebhunting

An ombre green wooden bead necklace featuring bold pink and neon red beads. Perfectly adorn hand paint beads necklace with a nautical theme that resembles the boats and fishing buoy found along harborside in Cornwall, England. The distinct colour of the waxed cotton cord necklace is turquoise blue and it can be adjusted as per the preference of the wearer. Nevertheless, the necklace is not only beautiful, it is also a symbol of empowerment and uniqueness. It serves as a reminder of the wearer’s distinct style and personality, a representation of their inner power and confidence, whether worn as a personal indulgence or given as a gift to a loved one. So grab your piece now before it gets out of stock!

4. Green Crystal Beaded Necklace

Green Crystal Beaded Necklace | Thewebhunting
Green Crystal Beaded Necklace | Thewebhunting

With its sophisticated and adaptable charm, this handcrafted beaded statement necklace in gorgeous green hues elegantly enhances any ensemble. This multicoloured necklace combines beads made of African turquoise and Amazonite stones in a lovely combination of green colours. This exquisite piece of jewellery has an additional level of importance due to the meticulous selection of each stone, which is picked for its spiritual gemstone energy, holistic healing, and crystal meditation qualities in addition to its beauty.

5. Chunky amethyst statement necklace

Chunky amethyst statement necklace | Thewebhunting
Chunky amethyst statement necklace | Thewebhunting

An eye-catching and striking beaded statement necklace made of acrylic amethyst nugget beads. Five lightweight strands. Lobster clasp with a silver plating. Created by proficient craftspeople, every chunky bead necklace is an exceptional piece of art, infused with the enthusiasm and expertise that only come from skilled hands. Every stage of the production process, from bead selection to complex thread weaving, is carried out with proper care and accuracy, producing a piece that radiates quality and elegance. Explore more accessories to pair with this necklace!


To sum up, selecting the ideal beaded statement necklace is an extremely personal task that calls for careful thought and attention to detail. At Etsy, you can choose a necklace that not only complements your ensemble but also captures your personality and individuality by considering elements like personal style, colour, high-quality materials, occasion, neckline, and layering strategies.

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How long should my beaded statement necklace be?
An ideal necklace is between the length of 16-18 inches.
What colour of dress should I wear with a beaded necklace?
The colour of the dress should match the necklace.
Can I wear earrings with a statement necklace?
Yes. Matching earrings make a great look.

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