Build A Spectacular Store For Your Business With Shopify’s Online Store Builder

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Online Store Builder
Online Store Builder

In an evolving world like today, having an online store on an e-commerce platform is truly significant. Well, having an online presence for a business is as important as existing itself. There’s already so much competition and with digitalisation, people demand something unique and user-friendly at the same time. If you are an individual or a company that is looking for a platform where you can build your online existence and witness a surge in your leads and conversions, Shopify is the one for you. Shopify’s online store builder can significantly help you create your online store within a few clicks through its powerful tools and templates. Let’s see what this platform has to offer you!

Why Shopify’s Online Store Builder?

The Shopify online store builder can truly make your online presence stand out and count. Shopify already holds the reputation of converting 15% more leads at the checkout than other e-commerce stores built through other platforms.

It is Too Quick and Easy

Shopify online store builder is very easy to use. It saves you so much effort and time. You can easily create a one-of-a-kind online store for your business through Shopify. The Cheetah-fast technology that Shopify incorporates into its system makes it deliver a 99.99% uptime rate which is very huge! You or anybody from the team can edit your store, add pages through drag and drop, launch landing pages or update the design and layout of the store through the online editor.

Readymade yet customisable templates and themes

With the help of Shopify’s extensive collection of professional templates, you can create a unique and captivating online store for your business. You get so many diverse options to create an online store at your convenience. It features a variety of themes in addition to using the web theme editor. You can choose from the array of themes available in Shopify’s online store builder catalogue. These readymade themes come in diverse styles and colour palettes to match your brand image and save you time creating one yourself.

Utilise Shopify’s APIs

You can build any kind of online store without deep technical knowledge. You do not need to be a developer or a software engineer to use Shopify. You can effectively utilise Shopify’s tools and templates to build an online store for your business in a few quick steps. Either go for readymade themes and customise them according to your requirements or build from scratch using Shopify’s APIs. You can go Liquid or go headless, do what you want and Shopify can handle the rest.

Comprehensive management 

Shopify is an all-in-one platform that provides all the services from creating hosting payment gateways to monitoring and auditing. You do not need to manually seek these services from different platforms or manage yourself as Shopify does the job for you pretty well. After building an online store, you have to leave the rest to Shopify. It monitors the uptime, keeps those annoying bots away from your store and optimises your online store’s speed to ensure you get the best of all.

It is safe and secure

Shopify is a completely safe platform and secure to build your online store. It is a great example of how security procedures and encryption techniques are used to safeguard client and company data. Its built-in security features, such as SSL certification and password-protected user accounts, can be used to provide a dependable online marketplace. It truly ensures your website or online store stays protected from cyber attackers and your customer’s data privacy is maintained at all costs.

How To Build an Online Store on Shopify?

Online Store Builder
Online Store Builder

You can build your online store through Shopify in a few easy steps mentioned below:

  1. Create a Shopify account. Visit the Shopify website and register yourself. Give the basic details like your email, password and the name you want to use for your store. Set up a domain name for your store. You can use your own domain name or get suggestions from Shopify itself. You can also transfer your editing domain from your site through the resources available. You will need to answer a few questions too related to your store so answer them carefully.
  2. Shopify has all the affordable plans for merchants who have low budgets or simply do not want to spend too much. So you can choose a plan that caters to your requirements as well as the budget.
  3. Start setting up your Shopify store. Choose the preferences you want to keep for your store like settings related to taxes, shipping or currency.
  4. Select a theme and layout. Ensure you choose a theme that represents your brand thoroughly.
  5. Customise things as per your choice with the customise option available. Add pages, choose your preferred font and size, and choose colours that resonate with your brand through the online store theme editor.
  6. Add and organise all the products and services you offer. If you offer multiple products and services, you can categorise them into suitable categories. Make sure you optimise the product titles and descriptions so that your store’s visibility is increased.
  7. Create your business email. A business email will be the core medium of communicating with your customers thus it is a crucial element of setting up your store through an online store builder. Simply go to the email settings and set up an email you want to be displayed all throughout to the customers.
  8. Set up the payment options you want to offer to your customers. By clicking on Activate Shopify payments and following the instructions, you’ll be able to set up the payments option. You can also set up payment options through third-party apps by clicking on the “See all other providers” option.
  9. Cross-check everything and set up any other functionalities you want to.
  10. Launch your store with a click and there you go! You can also launch your store through a marketing campaign option available in the Shopify online store builder itself.


Shopify has made it easier and quicker for the way merchants and retailers run their online businesses nowadays. Retailers now directly sell their products online and hardly think of opening a physical store at first thought. Because people hardly get time to visit physical shops to buy products, they keep scrolling through online sites to shop on the go. They do that in the little time they get between lunch and tea breaks or while heading to their homes and offices. Thus having an online store for your products and services can ensure you reach your target audience, generate meaningful leads and obtain high conversion rates. Build your online store today with Shopify’s online store builder and soar the greater heights of success.

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Is Shopify a good online store builder?
Yes, Shopify is recognised as the best store and website builder for all kinds of businesses, especially small businesses.
Will I have to pay for building a Shopify Store?
Shopify offers a free trial for three days and posts that it offers affordable plans to utilise its services.
Can I start my new business through a Shopify online store?
Shopify serves as the fastest and most affordable online store builder. The lead conversion rate is higher than other competitors. It is the best website builder for online store creation for existing as well as new businesses. You can use powerful tools and marketing campaigns to launch your store.

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