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Adobe Illustrator Draw for mobile illustrations
Adobe Illustrator Draw for mobile illustrations

Gone are the days when we used Adobe Draw for making illustrations. Since Adobe Fresco replaced it and became the new Adobe Illustrator Draw for mobile illustrations, we have been able to do so much more. Adobe Fresco is built for the latest stylus and touch devices — now including iPhones —and offers a complete collection of powerful painting and drawing tools for creative art on the go. You can now draw mobile illustrations online. If you are an artist, illustrator, animator, or sketcher, and want to discover the joy of drawing and painting, then this is the best software for you!

Let’s explore this Adobe Illustrator Draw for mobile illustrations more! 

What Is Adobe Fresco?

You may digitally sketch, paint, and edit photos with Adobe Fresco. It features raster and vector technologies, in addition to “live” brushes that mimic the behaviour of real brushes by reacting to pressure, colour exchange, and medium. This Adobe Illustrator Draw for mobile illustrations is exactly what you need now!

Is Adobe Fresco free?

You do not need to pay for Adobe Fresco. Its free version gives you access to several new advanced tools to create artwork like never before! It also has a paid version that offers new brushes from Kyle Webster and you can even access Photoshop on the iPad. 

Adobe Illustrator Draw for mobile illustrations: What can you do with it?

Adobe Illustrator Draw
Adobe Illustrator Draw

Brushes with brilliance

You can use paints and oils that change colour when you touch them. Different types of brushes can be used in the same area. Adobe Fresco has the biggest and best collection of brushes in the world. It has thousands of brushes from Adobe Photoshop and the famous artist Kyle T. Webster.

Artwork. Now a lot less work.

We’ve made the most important drawing tools faster and better for styluses and touch devices, like the iPad and Wacom tablets. It’s easy to separate layers and make masks from choices. Make changes to your UI. And work in full-screen mode to block out everything else.

The world is your studio.

You can begin a project on your iPad or iPhone and finish it on your PC because Fresco writes files in the cloud. Your work syncs to the cloud on its own. And because Creative Cloud is built in, it’s easy to get to your tools, fonts, and Adobe Stock and Library assets.

Take Fresco further with Photoshop on the iPad.

Your iPad and Adobe Fresco were made to work together. You can use them together to make art, add text, mix images, and work with layers. Your projects will be saved in the cloud when you’re online, so you can work on them in either app.

Creative Cloud

You can get all of Adobe’s tools and apps, like Photoshop, InDesign, and After Effects, if you join their Creative Cloud. Another thing is that you can get the newest features and changes right away. You can pay for your account once a month or once a year.

You can also share your files and other assets across all of your devices with Creative Cloud. This means that you can view all of your synced files in Adobe without the Creative Cloud app. We have everything you need to know about the Creative Cloud and what it has to offer.

Adding Layers, Images, and Text

Layering works well when you want to split different parts of your art. With this feature, you can work on one part of your art without changing the main picture or any of the other layers. You can also add artwork or other pictures that already exist to your project. If you use them as guides for your drawing on one layer, it’s easy to delete that layer when you’re done. Last but not least, you can add text to your drawing right in the app, so you don’t have to share it with another app first.

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Who Has Access to Adobe Fresco?

Adobe Fresco
Adobe Fresco

At first, Adobe only made the Fresco app for the Apple iPad. But now you can use it on your iPhone, a Microsoft Surface Pro, or Creative Cloud Desktop for Windows. At the time this was written, there were no plans to make the app work with Android.

Get Adobe Illustrator Draw for mobile illustrations.

Adobe Fresco’s latest updates

Liquify effects

With the Liquify tool, you can change any part of your drawing by pushing, pulling, puckering, blowing up, or making it bigger. You can choose sounds that aren’t too loud or too quiet.

Magic Wand colour tool

You can change the colour without drawing a line around it. You can use the Magic Wand to change colours in other parts of your picture by highlighting colours that match the ones you choose.

Multicolor swatches

You can use Fresco’s built-in multicolor swatches to paint dramatic 3D strokes, or you can use anything on your board to make your own swatches.

Motion path effects

You can change the size of your art as it moves along a path with the new Grow and Shrink controls. The Sway control lets you move it back and forth along its axis.

February 2024 release (version 5.4)

Enjoy 360 degrees of creativity with the new Spin option (iOS only):

Rotate your artwork by 360 degrees with the new Spin option. It can be either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Enjoy motion GIFs with transparent backgrounds (iOS only):

You’ll get better results when you send motion gifs with a clear background.

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Adobe Illustrator Draw did a good job, but now Adobe Fresco is the best app for mobile artists. Fresco, Adobe Illustrator Draw for mobile illustrations, lets artists make beautiful art on the go by giving them a strong mix of vector and raster tools, realistic brush behaviour, and smooth cloud syncing. Fresco is a great place to let your imagination flow and make your ideas come to life, no matter how experienced you are as an illustrator or how new you are to being an artist.

This Adobe Illustrator Draw for mobile illustrations free version is available on Adobe’s official website. Check it out now! 

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Can I use Adobe Illustrator on mobile?
The Adobe Illustrator app can be used on a phone or computer. 
Is the Adobe Illustrator Draw app free?
Adobe Illustrator Draw app is free of cost for Creative Cloud members with Illustrator included in the plan. 
Is Illustrator Draw not available for Android?
iOS and Android users can no longer download Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Illustrator Draw on their phones.

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