Learn How to Use a Casting Cable For Hassle-Free VPN-TV Mirroring

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VPN-TV MIRRORING | thewebhunting

Even though there are so many options to stream live content these days, there are some restrictions also. There could be a lot of content that is only accessible in particular regions or countries. This makes viewing global content quite difficult. But VPN has eliminated this problem so efficiently, especially in recent times. There are so many ways to watch restricted content by using a VPN connection. Guess what? You can even watch this content on your TV screen through casting or mirroring. You can easily conduct VPN-TV mirroring using a mirroring cable and watch desired content anytime and anywhere.

What is Casting or VPN-TV Mirroring?

VPN-TV MIRRORING | thewebhunting

Casting or mirroring means playing the content you watch on your mobile device on the big television screen using wired or wireless connections. This way you can watch any content on your TV without worrying much. Even though both casting and mirroring allow you to watch content on TV through your device, there is still a difference between them. 

In VPN-TV mirroring, you can replicate your device’s screen entirely on the big screen. Meanwhile, in the case of casting, you can stream the content from your device and simultaneously use your device for other things. 

You can easily watch any kind of content from your device on your television by using a HDMI cable for VPN-TV mirroring.

How to Cast Using a VPN-TV Mirroring Cable?

Using a VPN connection when casting from your phone or laptop to a TV screen can be more safe and secure. There are multiple ways to cast or mirror content through a VPN-enabled connection. VPN-TV mirroring through a VPN mirroring cable is one easy and quick way to do it. Here’s how you can cast using an HDMI cable.

Steps to mirror through HDMI cable

Here’s a quick setup guide for casting VPN to TV using cable.

  1. Install Express VPN on your device.
  2. Check for HDMI ports in your TV and device. Also, keep an HDMI cable handy.
  3. Turn on the Express VPN on your device. Choose your desired VPN connection or choose the auto-select option.
  4. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your mobile using a USB-to-HDMI adapter or to your computer’s HDMI port. Connect the other end of the cable to the HDMI port of your TV.
  5. On your TV screen, you will get the option to select the input option.
  6. Using a TV remote, choose the input by selecting the option of HDMI port.
  7. Now you can easily stream all the content you want directly from your device on TV all thanks to the mirroring cable for VPN-TV mirroring.

Why is a Cable preferable for VPN-TV mirroring?

VPN-TV MIRRORING | thewebhunting

There are a lot of benefits to using a mirroring cable.

Unrestricted access to the global content

You get to watch global content on your TV screens without restrictions. The content can be viewed from any corner of the world on your TV screen through a VPN-TV mirroring cable. VPN gives you access to region-restricted content by selecting the best available network and IP address of that particular country or city.

It is more secure

A VPN connection brings more security to your device. VPN enables encryption of your internet connection thus saving you from potential threats like online hacking. Since your data is also encrypted when you mirror content through a mirroring cable, it ensures uninterrupted and safe content viewing for you. Hence you can securely go for VPN-TV mirroring with a cable connection and watch your desired content.

It is easy and quick

VPN-TV mirroring through a mirroring cable is very easy and quick. There is no hustling or bustling required. All you need is an HDMI cable and an HDMI port in your TV and devices. Just enable Express VPN on your device, connect the HDMI cable’s one end to your device and the other to the TV port and you are good to go. You can seamlessly enjoy your content on the big screen.

Why Express VPN is the best choice?

VPN-TV MIRRORING | thewebhunting

You know why we recommend choosing Express VPN. Here’s why.

1. High speed

Express VPN is known for its high-speed networks. The VPN ensures you connect to the fastest network and enjoy your content without lagging or interruption.

2. Affordable

When compared to peers, Express VPN is quite affordable. The pricing is worth the services provided by them. With a single subscription, you can take the benefit of multiple services of the VPN.

3. Unparalleled security

Express VPN gives utmost importance to security and privacy. With Military-Grade encryption, a no-logs policy, a network lock and trusted network technology, Expres VPN ensures safety and privacy. You can even securely mirror VPN to TV with a cable connection.

4. Round-the-clock customer support

The customer support service of Express VPN is one of its highlights. They provide 24/7 customer support to assist with any customer queries or issues. 

5. Global coverage

Express VPN provides global coverage. They have a chain of networks spread across 105 countries. This enables you to be virtually present almost everywhere with the help of Express VPN.

6. User-friendly interface

What stands out for Express VPN is its simple interface. The website and mobile application interface are quite user-friendly enabling users to browse through it without facing any difficulties.


The VPN-TV mirroring feature can truly be a saviour when you wish to watch restricted content through a VPN connection on the big screen. It is so hassle-free and quick to set up. Using a VPN connection to mirror or cast from your device to TV can truly enhance your viewing experience along with increased security and protection of your device, data and connection. So next time you wish to watch your favourite content on your device, think of casting it on your TV screen. With Express VPN’s secure and stable connection, you can enjoy an enhanced performance throughout.

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How can I mirror to TV with a VPN connection?
If you wish to cast to TV through a VPN connection, you can either use an HDMI cable to connect your VPN-enabled device to your TV. There are other ways also like through wireless casting through the app using a wifi connection or by using a streaming console like Chromecast or Fire TV Stick.
Is VPN mirroring compatible with all TV devices?
VPN mirroring is not compatible with every TV device but in most devices it is. Some Smart TVs completely support VPN casting and mirroring while others do not.
Which kind of cable or adapter can be used for mirroring VPN to TV?
You only require an HDMI cable or USB cable to mirror using your VPN to the TV. The HDMI cable can be directly connected to the television to start mirroring.

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