Surfshark vs Proton VPN: Which VPN Is Better In 2024?

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surfshark vs protonvpn
surfshark vs protonvpn | thewebhunting

When evaluating virtual private networks (VPNs), the two top options in 2023 are Surfshark and Proton VPN. This comprehensive guide compares Surfshark vs Proton VPN across various categories to help you decide which is better for your needs.

Privacy & Security

surfshark vs protonvpn
surfshark vs protonvpn | thewebhunting

Privacy and security are why most people use a VPN. How does Surfshark vs Proton VPN stack up in these crucial areas?

Logging Policies

  • Surfshark has a strict no-logs policy covering all user activity, which has been audited for verification.
  • Proton VPN also has a clear no-logs policy but retains some basic telemetry data on services.

Both provide strong privacy protection through no-logs. Surfshark may edge out with zero telemetry data collection.

Encryption & Protocols

  • Surfshark uses AES 256-bit encryption with OpenVPN, IKEv2 and the rapid WireGuard protocol.
  • Proton VPN utilizes AES 256-bit ciphers and supports OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec VPN types.

The Surfshark vs Proton VPN comparison for encryption shows both leverage standard AES 256-bit encryption with capable protocols.

Leak Protection

  • Surfshark provides DNS and IP leak protection, IPv6/DNSSEC compatibility, plus a kill switch feature.
  • Proton VPN likewise prevents DNS and WebRTC leaks, handles IPv6/DNSSEC traffic, and kills switch functions.

In Surfshark vs Proton VPN leak protection, both services check the major boxes like DNS/IP masking, DNSSEC handling and kill switches.


  • Surfshark has undergone independent audits by firms like Cure53 with reports publicly available.
  • Proton VPN also conducts frequent external audits by agencies like KPMG with published certification.

Surfshark and Proton VPN are matched once again regarding transparent 3rd party security auditing.


For privacy and security, surfshark vs Proton VPN is very close. Proton VPN has a minor lead in advanced options while Surfshark excels slightly for strict no-logging.

Speed & Performance

surfshark vs protonvpn
surfshark vs protonvpn | thewebhunting

Surfshark vs Proton VPN speeds are necessary for activities like streaming or browsing:

  • Surfshark provides responsive speeds across its 3000+ global servers. Testing showed it handles HD/4K streams easily.
  • Proton VPN also delivered fast enough speeds for HD streaming in various locations during recent tests.

Both came through well on speed tests to support common VPN activities based on Surfshark vs Proton VPN testing. Surfshark scored higher peak rates while Proton VPN edged out on consistency.

Streaming & Torrenting

The ability to access streaming platforms like Netflix and allow P2P traffic like torrent transfers is convenient:

  • Surfshark is reliable for unlocking Netflix and works well with torrenting on all servers.
  • Proton VPN has mixed Netflix access results currently. P2P is designated to a subset of speciality servers.

For streaming access, surfshark vs Proton VPN crowns Surfshark as the streaming unlock winner. Surfshark also takes torrenting flexibility by permitting P2P traffic across all servers.

Platform Support

It’s useful when a VPN works across many device types:

  • Surfshark offers custom apps for Windows, iOS, and Android plus manual configurations for gaming devices etc.
  • Proton VPN focuses support on core platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS and Android so far.

Evaluating Surfshark vs Proton VPN platform support, Surfshark supports more gadgets overall like Fire TV and routers for example.

Pricing & Plans

surfshark vs protonvpn
surfshark vs protonvpn | thewebhunting

Of course, cost plays a role. How does pricing stack up between the two?

  • Surfshark offers very affordable multi-year pricing at $60 for 24 months. Short-term monthly plans are available too.
  • Proton VPN is a bit more expensive long-term at $159 for 2 years. But 1 year at $96 is close to Surfshark’s pricing.

Surfshark wins out with more flexible short-term pricing options. But for annual plans, surfshark vs Proton VPN cost is roughly on par. Surfshark has far cheaper 2-year rates.

Ease of Use

A good VPN should be straightforward to set up without advanced networking skills:

  • Surfshark gets high marks for an intuitive app design across platforms using Quick Connect. Custom tweaks satisfy advanced users too.
  • Proton VPN caters better to tech-savvy fans but has a higher learning curve overall.

Surfshark is more beginner-friendly based on Surfshark vs Proton VPN evaluations while still offering personalization for experienced users. Proton VPN rewards patience in learning its extensive configuration options.

Customer Support

Having responsive support for troubleshooting issues or questions helps evaluate the backend service teams.

  • Surfshark: Provides 24/7 live chat, email ticketing and searchable support guides on-site. Direct responses typically within minutes via chat for the quickest resolution.
  • Proton VPN: Also staffs 24/7 live chat channels plus support form tickets. Online knowledge base articles are available but less extensive compared to Surfshark. Chat replies are prompt, usually in under 2-3 minutes based on testing.

Both Surfshark and Proton VPN offer reliable support coverage through multiple contact methods. Surfshark seems more chat-focused with more extensive self-help content. Proton VPN’s support is still very quick to respond and effective for troubleshooting.


Analyzing Surfshark vs Proton VPN across these areas paints a picture of two very capable VPN services. For most users, Surfshark strikes the best balance of security, speed, usability and affordability. But Proton VPN leads in sophisticated privacy tools for those who can invest time mastering them. Hopefully, this updated Surfshark vs Proton VPN comparison provides a balanced perspective on their respective strengths and limitations. For more information about Surfshark vs Proton VPN for gaming visit TheWebHunting.


What are the main differences between Surfshark and Proton VPN?
The main differences between Surfshark and Proton VPN are that Surfshark has faster speeds, unlocks more streaming services, supports P2P on all servers, and is generally more affordable and user-friendly. Proton VPN focuses more on advanced security features and encryption methods developed by scientists and privacy experts.
Which VPN offers better security features, Surfshark or Proton VPN?
For security features specifically, Proton VPN could be considered better with things like secure core servers, perfect forward secrecy implementation, and being open source for transparency. However, Surfshark undergoes independent audits as well and meets all industry standards for encryption and protocols. So security is very strong with both.
Does Surfshark or Proton VPN have faster connection speeds?
When it comes to connection speeds, Surfshark consistently scored faster speeds compared to Proton VPN in recent third-party speed tests. Surfshark averaged over 30Mbps globally using WireGuard while Proton hit around 25Mbps. For peak speeds, Surfshark exceeded 50Mbps while Proton maxed out closer to 40Mbps. So Surfshark has a noticeable lead in VPN speeds.

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