Shield Your Garden With These Strong Garden Screening Panels

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Garden Screening
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Garden screening provides a visual obstruction, protecting your area from curious gazes and unwelcome scrutiny, allowing you to unwind and appreciate your garden without feeling exposed. Additionally, you may utilize them to partition distinct regions inside your garden, establishing dedicated zones for relaxation, dining, or cultivating vegetables. This aids in the arrangement of your outside area and improves its practicality. Now, let’s examine the ways in which garden screening might be utilized in your backyard.

How to Select the Optimal Garden Screening Panels?


Identify the main objective of the garden screening. Are you seeking solitude, wind shielding, or just aiming to establish an ornamental element? Various sorts of displays have distinct purposes, hence determining your primary objective will assist in narrowing down the available choices.


Garden screens are offered in wood, metal, bamboo, plastic, and even live vegetation with unique benefits and drawbacks in relation to their longevity, upkeep, and aesthetic appeal. Take into account the regional weather conditions, your own tastes, and the desired overall visual appearance.


Select a design that harmonizes with the current architecture and landscaping of your outdoor area. Take into account the overarching theme or ambience you like to establish, be it contemporary, rustic, Mediterranean, or any other distinct style.

Dimensions and Elevation

Calculate the dimensions of the space where you intend to place the garden screening and ascertain the suitable size and height. Generally, taller screens offer increased seclusion, whereas shorter screens can be used for cosmetic purposes or as wind barriers.


If you require the ability to periodically reorganize your outside area or have limited storage options during periods of inactivity, it would be advisable to get portable or folding garden screens. These items can be conveniently moved or stowed while not being used.


Various materials need different degrees of upkeep. Wooden screens may require periodic staining or sealing, whilst metal screens may necessitate treatments to avoid corrosion. Take into account your level of commitment and capability to consistently maintain the screen in the long run.

Financial plan

The cost of garden screens can vary, ranging from affordable do-it-yourself solutions to luxurious bespoke designs. Establish your financial allocation and rank the characteristics that have the most significance to you.

Municipal ordinances

Consult your local authorities or homeowner’s association, if relevant, to inquire about any requirements or limitations pertaining to the height, material, or positioning of garden screens.

  • Willow Screening by WOODSGOOD

Willow Screening by WOODSGOOD
Willow Screening by WOODSGOOD | Thewebhunting

The Willow Screening by WOODSGOOD is a great option for strong yet sustainable garden fencing with an extremely easy installation process that does not require much technical skill. It is a great way to section your yards or to separate your backyards from your neighbours’. It has quite a rustic feel to itself too owing to its willow construction, which gels quite well with the greenery in your garden. Buy this screen now.

  • Natural Bamboo Slat Screening

The Natural Bamboo Slat Screening is one of the most sustainable garden fencing you will find in the market. It is made of natural bamboo slats and is great for your gardens. It protects your plants from harsh wind and supports your creepers and hangers to promote their healthy growth. Get this slat screen now on The Range!

  • Superlap Fence Panels

Superlap Fence Panels
Superlap Fence Panels | Thewebhunting

The Superlap Fence Panels are perfect to separate your garden or your front yard from your neighbour’s side of the fence. It has very clean lines and lacks any haywire edges that might cause a ruckus in your construction. The extra vertical battens give it a stronger hold so it stays put in the soil for as long as you want. The panels are made of rot resistant timber and are perfect to be laid outside. 

  • PVC Privacy Fence Grey

The PVC Privacy Fence Grey is made of light PVC and is extremely convenient to install and even move around. It offers you many purposes in its single usage- adequate shade from the sun, keeps prying neighbours at bay and even blocks out some wind to keep your plants protected in harsh weather. It has little to no spacing in its frame which blocks out most of the elemental factors that might affect your backyard.

  • Expanding Laurus Fence

Expanding Laurus Fence
Expanding Laurus Fence | Thewebhunting

The Expanding Laurus Fence is great for your gardens. It has a cute artificial leaf structure of Laurus plants that look quite natural and will definitely look great in your backyards. You can even put them up around your gazebos and extend it to the width you want. You can even use it to screen off any unappealing heaps of compost or weeds. Buy this product now on The Range


Garden screening provides seclusion and reduces noise and wind. Screening may even create outdoor “rooms” for dining, resting, and gardening when placed correctly. Beyond its practical uses, garden screening lets you express your creativity and flair. Your materials, decorations, and plants can match your home’s architecture and surroundings. Screening lets you create a private refuge with bushes or metal or glass panels.

Quality garden screening from The Range is an investment in your peace of mind and outdoor hideaway enjoyment. You may construct a private paradise to escape daily life with the correct planning and resources. Make use of the options and imagine your fantasy garden sanctuary.

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What are garden screens?
Decorative or functional panels that provide privacy, block unsightly views or add visual interest to your garden.
How do you make a garden screen?
You can use wooden slats, lattice panels, or woven materials to build a frame and attach your chosen material.
How do I screen my Neighbours?
 If privacy is a concern, consider tall plants, strategically placed fences, or garden screens positioned along property lines.









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