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sky's deals for new customers
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The sky’s deals for new customers have been created to accommodate a vast range of tastes and requirements so that everyone can locate a plan suitable for them. Whether one’s interests include TV shows, sports, or broadband services; there are several options available with Sky which enrich the entertainment experience. With economical prices and multiple facilities included in these deals, they offer exceptional worth that doesn’t burn holes in your pocket. Catering exclusively curated content while also pushing technical innovation forward enhances quality entertainment matched to match personalized inclinations thanks to Sky.

Sky’s Deals for New Customers For Quality Entertainment at Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices for Top-Quality Entertainment.

Sky provides a range of packages featuring TV, broadband, and streaming services at cost-effective rates. Starting from just £25 monthly, fresh customers can indulge in superior entertainment without overburdening their budgets. Whether you crave the latest series of sports content exclusives or ultrafast internet access – Sky’s offers promise exceptional worth for your spending.

Access and Content that is Restricted to a Select Group

Sky’s deals for new customers come with the unique benefit of granting access to exclusive content and channels. Sky offers an extensive selection of programs, including blockbuster movies and popular TV series that cannot be found on other platforms. For first-time subscribers, the package comes bundled with access to restricted content like Sky Originals, as well as premium streaming services such as Netflix at no extra cost. Notably included in this offering are also exclusive sports channels from Sky Sports for your entertainment pleasure!

Customizable Plans to Meet Your Requirements

At Sky, they recognize that each patron holds distinct inclinations and demands about their amusement choices. To cater accordingly, sky’s deals for new customers are at your service with the utmost flexibility in treating your necessities. Whether you’re an occasional observer or a die-hard sports buff, there’s always a package intended to fulfil all of your preferences from the House of Sky. 

Technology and features with innovation at their core.

Sky is renowned for its state-of-the-art technology and features, aimed at enriching your viewing pleasure. Its product range includes the most up-to-date streaming devices as well as top-notch Smart TVs that offer outstanding performance and ease of use. Features like voice search, built-in-streaming apps, and Dolby Atmos sound are just some highlights from Sky’s deals for new customers which guarantee access to cutting-edge entertainment tech.

Broadband speeds that are guaranteed to be reliable.

Sky not only provides TV packages but also dependable broadband services that ensure consistent speeds. Regardless if you’re watching movies online, engaging in gaming activities, or working remotely from home – sky’s deals for new customers offer a swift and secure internet connection. The Full Fibre 100 alternative grants customers the opportunity to bask in elevated acceleration rates which are perfect for video streaming and other recreational pursuits.

Explore Sky’s Deals for New Customers 

Among the options available to new customers, Sky offers an extensive range of deals encompassing TV packages, broadband services, smart home insurance, and streaming devices. Below are some featured deals worth taking a closer look at.

1. Sky Stream & Sky Broadband Superfast

For just £39 per month, Sky Stream & Sky Broadband Superfast offers an all-inclusive deal that combines top-notch TV and consistent broadband services. Customers get access to a streaming box that enables them to watch unique shows, comedies, documentaries, and more via WiFi using the exclusive content provided by Sky. Moreover, Netflix Standard with Ads is included in this sky’s deals for new customers, augmenting the entertainment possibilities available.

2. Sky Stream & Sky Sports

If you’re a lover of television and sports, Sky Stream & Sky Sports is the ultimate choice for you. It offers a range of unique programs such as comedies, and documentaries along with access to 9 dedicated channels exclusively covering sports from various disciplines. This package comes at an incredible price of just £45 per month making it irresistible for customers who desire live Premier League matches or the enthralling action-packed scenarios that come with the 2024 F1 season.

3. Sky Glass Entertainment Package

For those who love TV, the Sky Glass Entertainment Package provides an excellent option. This package includes a 43″ 4K Smart TV with Dolby Atmos sound to give viewers an elevated watching experience. Besides having exclusive shows, subscribers can enjoy Netflix Standard which comes along with Ads, and explore various entertainment options available at their convenience. The cost of this package is priced at £14 per month for four years (48 months).

4. Full Fibre 100 Broadband

With Full Fibre 100 Broadband, internet users can revel in lightning-fast speeds of 100 Megabits per second – perfect for streaming high-definition content, remote work, and online gaming. At the affordable rate of £28.50 monthly, this broadband service offers reliable and consistent speed ensuring an uninterrupted digital experience. Whether it’s binge-watching your favourite TV shows or working from home that you’re into; rest assured as Full Fibre 100 Broadband delivers fast connectivity to cater to all your needs without fail!

5. Smart Tech & Home Insurance with Sky Protect

Sky Protect offers customers peace of mind with their all-inclusive smart home insurance that features fixed prices guaranteed for two years. This comprehensive package includes Smart Tech worth £250, ensuring protection against unexpected incidents and safeguarding valuable devices and possessions. With Defaqto’s 5-star rating, the coverage provided by Sky Protect is consistently reliable, empowering homeowners to confidently protect their belongings – from electronics to other valuables- within a tailored solution designed specifically for modern living.


Sky’s deals for new customers are designed to meet every entertainment need for its new customers. Whether you’re focused on TV, broadband services, streaming capabilities, or smart home protection plans – Sky provides the perfect package suitable for your needs. With technology and excellent value prices that offer quality entertainment; it is no wonder why Sky stands as an attractive choice among competitors.

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Can existing Sky customers get a better deal?
Sky’s customers can obtain improved bargains by reaching out to the company’s customer service and asking about any currently offered promotions or available loyalty discounts. 
How long after leaving Sky are you a new customer?
The length of time required to be considered a new customer after leaving Sky can vary. Typically, a period of around 12 months is common, but it ultimately depends on Sky’s specific policies and promotions at the time. 
What counts as a new customer Sky?
A new customer of Sky refers to an individual who has not maintained an active subscription or account within a specific timeframe determined by the policies and promotions set forth by Sky.

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