Broadband Showdown: Sky Vs Virgin Media- Who’s The Best?

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Sky Vs Virgin Media
Sky Vs Virgin Media | Thewebhunting

Choosing the right broadband provider can feel like navigating a minefield, especially when giants like Sky and Virgin Media are locked in a heated battle for your loyalty. Both offer a tempting mix of speeds, TV bundles, and millions of satisfied customers. But who truly reigns supreme?

We’ve meticulously dissected both Sky and Virgin’s categories, including TV, broadband, routers, mobile, set-top box, and phone packages. By the end, you’ll be equipped to declare your digital champion with ultimate confidence. So, buckle up and prepare to dive into the exciting world of Sky vs Virgin Media! Let the digital duel commence!

Sky vs Virgin Media TV

Choosing between Sky and Virgin for TV can be confusing. While both offer similar content, Sky clearly holds a bigger advantage in terms of channel volume (almost double!).

Here’s the key difference:

  • Sky: Offers a base package with Netflix and the ability to add on specific channels or bundles like sports or movies. They also have Sky Atlantic, which shows popular series like Game of Thrones.
  • Virgin Media: Offers traditional bundles with set numbers of channels.

Sky Broadband vs Virgin Media Broadband

When it comes to Sky vs Virgin Media broadband, both offer broadband plans with unlimited downloads but differ in speed and coverage. Sky has more slow-speed options including ADSL (11Mbps), while Virgin offers faster mid-range fibre options and the overall fastest connection.

Coverage-wise, Sky uses the wider Openreach network reaching more homes, but Virgin’s dedicated cable network offers faster speeds directly to subscribers. Ultimately in the fight between Virgin Media vs Sky Broadband, Sky caters to more areas and offers slower options, while Virgin provides faster speeds in specific locations. Choose based on your location, desired speed, and budget.

Broadband Speed Sky
Essential Plus- ADSL 11Mbps avg. speed
Superfast 35- fibre 35Mbps avg. speed
Superfast-fibre 59Mbps avg. speed
Ultrafast-fibre 145Mbps avg. speed
Ultrafast Plus- Full Fibre 500Mbps avg. speed
Gigafast- Full Fibre 900Mbps avg. speed


Broadband Speed Virgin Media
Virgin Media M50 54Mbps avg. speed
M125 132Mbps avg. speed
M250 264Mbps avg. speed
M350 362Mbps avg. speed
M50 516Mbps avg. speed
Gig1 1130Mbps avg. speed (1.13Gbps)

Sky vs Virgin Media Mobile

Both Sky Mobile and Virgin Mobile offer SIMs with varying prices and features. Forget the details of data amounts and coverage (they change constantly!), here’s the simplified breakdown:

Speed & Coverage: Virgin Mobile wins with faster 5G and wider coverage thanks to the EE network. Both offer unlimited texts and calls.

Family Perks: Virgin Mobile lets you call family members for free (within Virgin Mobile), while Sky Mobile offers a “Piggybank” where unused data can be shared within your account.


For wider coverage and speed: Choose Virgin Mobile.

For family calling and data sharing: Consider Virgin Mobile’s family feature or Sky Mobile’s Piggybank depending on your usage.

Sky Q vs Virgin Media V6 Set-top Box

Choosing between Sky Q and Virgin 360? Don’t worry, they’re pretty similar! Both offer similar features like voice control and multi-room viewing, though Virgin’s box includes it with all plans while Sky requires extra cost.

The main difference between Sky vs Virgin Media? Sky Q offers a 2TB box with 4K output, but only if you pay extra. Virgin 360 offers 1TB and no 4K, but it comes free with all their packages. So, if you have a 4K TV and want future-proofing, Sky Q’s 2TB option might be worth the extra cost. Whichever you choose, enjoy endless entertainment!

Sky Q Hub vs Virgin Hub 3 Routers

Think of your router as the translator between your internet connection and your devices. It receives the signal and distributes it wirelessly (Wi-Fi) or through cables throughout your house. Choosing the right one from Sky vs Virgin Media is crucial for smooth internet experiences.

So, first, you should consider factors like the number of devices you have, the size of your home, and your budget and accordingly pick. Both Sky and Virgin Media offer good options, so compare features and reviews to find the perfect fit for your internet setup.

Sky Routers

  • Sky Q Hub: Comes with all Sky broadband and TV deals. Offers fast, reliable connections for multiple devices.
  • Sky Broadband Hub: For broadband/fibre only, slightly better than Sky Q Hub with more antennas and wired ports.

Virgin Media Routers

  • Hub 3: Included with most packages, provides strong Wi-Fi coverage and wired connections.
  • Hub 4: Comes with the Gig1 package, offering even better performance.

Sky vs Virgin Media Phone Packages

Choosing between Virgin and Sky’s call packages can be confusing! Both offer pay-as-you-go options, with Virgin throwing in free weekend calls to UK landlines and specific numbers. Sky lets you add anytime or international calls as needed.

Here’s the twist: Virgin offers broadband-only deals, but even without a phone line, you still pay line rental at a slightly higher price. But, opting for Sky in the race of Sky vs Virgin Media, might save you some money. So, the choice boils down to your call needs and if you need a physical phone line.

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In the final war of Sky vs Virgin Media, Sky emerges victorious thanks to its wider coverage, better customer service, and superior bundled TV options, despite Virgin’s speed advantage. Sky excels with wider TV bundle options and better service, making it a more reliable choice for most seeking broadband, especially combined with TV. Consider Sky if affordability, coverage, service, and bundled options are key factors. For more information, visit TheWebHunting.


Which is better Sky or Virgin Broadband?
Sky broadband is often preferred over Virgin broadband due to its reliability, extensive coverage, and competitive pricing.
Is Sky Stream better than Virgin Media?
Sky Stream offers more content than Virgin Stream, including access to over 150 live TV channels through Sky Entertainment & Netflix, along with support for additional on-demand apps like Apple TV+, Peacock, and Discovery+.
Is Sky better than Virgin Media in Ireland?
Virgin Media had the fastest average speeds, reaching 209.27 Mbps, compared to eir, Vodafone, and Sky.

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