Is Sky Netflix Worth the Price Tag As A Cable TV Replacement?

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Sky Netflix
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With so many subscriptions existing on the internet, it has become all the more difficult to manage all the platforms- remembering passwords, downloading apps and so many more hassles. It has thus become very important to get an application that manages all your subscriptions on one single service. Sky Stream is the solution for all your problems there- you can easily manage all the platforms- Sky Netflix, Spotify, Discovery +, BBC and so much more. In this blog, we will discover everything that will help you make an educated choice to gauge if Sky Netflix is the way to go for your Netflix subscription. We will also indulge in the nuances of these streaming services and see what they really entail for you as a user.

The Ultimate Subscription for Every Mood

Sky Stream consolidates the finest content from Sky, Netflix, Discovery+, BBC, ITV, and other sources, establishing a comprehensive platform for accessing the most popular TV series in the UK. The subscription offers a diverse range of genres and choices, guaranteeing that there is a suitable alternative for any mood and every member of the household. Say goodbye to the conventional arrangement of dishes, as Sky Stream offers the convenience of next-day delivery and effortless plug-and-play installation, ensuring easy access to entertainment.

Sky And Netflix- The Ultimate Merger

On March 1, 2018, Sky and Netflix formed a groundbreaking alliance that revolutionised the home entertainment industry. The announcement was a significant turning point in the business, as it introduced a unique cooperation that flawlessly merged the complete Netflix service into an innovative Sky TV subscription package.

Through this groundbreaking collaboration, the state-of-the-art Sky Q platform provided millions of Sky users with seamless access to the vast Netflix library. The cooperation sought to improve the entertainment experience by developing a new, competitively priced TV package that combined the finest content from both Sky and Netflix, offered together for the first time.

Sky demonstrated its dedication to providing value to its consumers by developing a new entertainment TV package that integrates the extensive features of both platforms. Netflix’s vast collection, which offers more than a thousand hours of Ultra HD material, adds to the already excellent range of UHD programming available on Sky Q.

By incorporating the Netflix app into Sky Q, consumers are able to effortlessly use Sky Netflix. The merger facilitated the coexistence of popular Netflix shows such as Britannia, Billions, and Big Little Lies with Sky’s flagship series like The Crown, Stranger Things, and Black Mirror on the Sky Netflix platform. In addition, free to air television is smoothly integrated with this extensive selection, all conveniently available through the user-friendly Sky interface. The integration of services streamlined the billing process, offering clients the convenience of a unified monthly invoice and a cohesive user experience.

Features That Sky Stream Offers

All Your Apps in One Place

Sky Stream integrates many popular streaming sites, such as Sky Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, discovery+, and Spotify, into a single, user-friendly interface. The convenience of having all the features easily accessible boosts the entire user experience, facilitating smooth and pleasurable navigation.

The integration in one place also allows you to manage your subscriptions efficiently and removes the hassle of downloading so many apps.

Voice Search Control

Sky Stream has a revolutionary voice search capability, enabling consumers to effortlessly operate their television using uncomplicated verbal instructions which also expands onto its services like Sky Netflix. Smart Search swiftly scans through all entertainment applications, locating your desired content in a matter of seconds, whether you have a certain genre in mind or are seeking films featuring a particular actor. This novel attribute enhances the streaming experience by introducing an additional level of ease.

Flexible Subscription Plans

Sky Stream also provides you with a range of options in its subscription plans, allowing for adaptability and choice. Subscribers can enjoy Sky Netflix deals which provide exclusive shows not accessible on Freeview, for a monthly fee of £25 under an 18-month agreement and £28 a month for 18 months- 31 days rolling. The inclusion of Sports, Cinema, Kids, and other genres, all available in high definition streaming, accommodates a wide range of interests. You get the Netflix Basic subscription but can easily upgrade with Sky add-on surcharge to one of the more premium ones easily.

Introducing Sky Glass For The Ultimate Viewing Experience

Sky Stream encompasses not just the material but also prioritises the excellence of your viewing encounter. Introducing Sky Glass, the streaming TV service from Sky that offers an unparalleled 4K HDR watching experience. The 4K Quantum Dot display, consisting of 8.3 million pixels, guarantees an exceptionally sharp image. Additionally, the integrated sound bar provides immersive 360° Dolby Atmos audio. Sky Glass also offers you a unique cinematic experience by combining the superior features of Sky TV and Netflix in this Sky Netflix offer.

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The collaborative effort of Sky Netflix ensures that every mood and every member of the household is catered to, offering an extensive range of shows from various platforms, including Discovery+, BBC, ITV, and more. The convenience of having all your favourite apps in one place, coupled with the advanced features like voice controlled search and the ability to never miss a moment, makes Sky Netflix a compelling choice. Try it out on Sky Stream for yourself today and find out! For more information, you can visit ThewebHunting.


What is Sky Netflix and how does it differ from regular Netflix?
Sky Netflix is a streaming platform that merges Sky’s highly acclaimed programming with Netflix’s vast collection.
Can I access Netflix content through my Sky subscription?
Yes, by subscribing to Sky Netflix, you are granted access to the Netflix service as an included component of your Sky subscription.
Are there any additional charges for adding Netflix to my Sky package?
Yes, there might be supplementary fees associated with incorporating Netflix into your Sky subscription.

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