Sky Mobile Deals: Get Double Data On All New Plans

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Sky mobile deals
Sky mobile deals | Thewebhunting

Keeping in touch is more important than ever in this fast-paced world, and Sky Mobile deals provide an innovative answer by expertly blending state-of-the-art technology with affordable pricing. Enjoy twice the data on all new plans with their latest deals, so you’ll never be without connectivity when you need it most.

With Sky, the renowned platform for mobile networks, you can discover endless options. Get 4GB for £8 a month​ without any price rise mid-contract today! 

Why Choose Sky?

  • Data Free Streaming 

Use no data when streaming Sky applications. Don’t let a lack of data prevent you from experiencing that moment. You can enjoy endless hours of data-free streaming on Sky apps with Sky Mobile, including Sky Go Sports, Sky News, Sky Kids, and a ton more. With a smartphone or tablet, you can watch your favourite shows with the kids, keep up with the newest sports, and lose yourself in thrilling action movies—all without taking up data.

  • Great Value​

Mid-contract, Sky Mobile won’t increase the cost of your data plan. Sky Mobile provides affordable annual data contracts, starting at around £8 per month for 4GB. Make the switch now to see how much you could save.

  • Roll

It instantly incorporates any extra data you have with Sky Mobile into your Sky Piggybank so you can:​

  • Utilise various incentives 
  • Save money on a newly purchased item or accessory.
  • Share on your account with up to 7 SIM cards.

Whether you’re getting your first SIM card or adding a family member to your account, there are always valid reasons to sign up for Sky Mobile.

  • Text-to-Switch

Experience Hassle-free switching

You can join Sky Mobile without having to talk to your previous provider; all you have to do is:

  1. Select your preferred data package, and they will mail your new Sky Mobile SIM card.
  2. Within 60 seconds, text PAC to 65075 to receive your switching code.
  3. Enter your switching code at to activate your new Sky Mobile SIM.

Text INFO to 85075 to learn more about your current contract with your current provider if you’re not ready to switch.

  • Swap

Change to a new tablet or phone at any time before the end of your term.

Select from the following options when choosing your phone contract: 

  • Swap24 is the top recommendation. This 36-month contract allows you to change your phone at any moment after the first 31 days or after the 24th month without paying extra.
  • With the 24-month Swap12 plan, you can change your phone at any moment after the first three months, or at no extra cost beginning in month twelve.

If the value of your phone is less than the remaining contract, you might have to pay more if you exchange before months 24 (Swap36) or 12 (Swap24) of your contract.

Select between the 36-month Swap24 and the 48-month Swap36 contracts for tablets.

All set to switch? What you have to do is…

  1. Decide which phone you want to replace and pick a new one.
  2. After you have your brand-new phone, send your old one back.
  3. The value of your previous phone will be applied to your current contract.
  • Mix

Modify your data plan at any time. Since your data usage varies from month to month, design a flexible plan with Sky Mobile deals that suit your needs. To adjust your data usage, just select a new plan through the My Sky App. You can immediately use your new plan if you’re switching to a larger data plan. Your next bill date will reflect any changes made to your data. Naturally, all plans include free, limitless texting and calling.

Explore these Sky Mobile Phone Deals

Let’s check out some Sky Mobile deals below for double data and more!

1. Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max | Thewebhunting

Get the phone for £36, the lowest price ever! The plan includes 100MB of data and saves you £84. The deal is for 36 months. After thirty-one days, or for free after 24 months, you can switch to a new phone at any time. These Sky Mobile deals are available at the lowest price ever!

2. Apple iPhone 14

Dropped from £23 to £21 per month, a savings of £48. The plan includes 100MB data. This deal is for 36 months. After 31 days, or after 24 months, you can switch phones at any time for no additional charge.

3. Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13
Apple iPhone 13 | Thewebhunting

This Sky Mobile deals was £20 now £18 a month, saving you £48. The duration of this contract is 36 months. After thirty-one days, or for free after 24 months, you can switch to a new phone at any moment. The plan includes 100MB of data.

4. Apple iPhone 14 Plus

Monthly cost reduced from £26 to £24—a savings of £48! The duration of this contract is 36 months. After thirty-one days, or for free after 24 months, you can switch to a new phone at any moment. The Sky Mobile deals include 100MB of data.

5. Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G | Thewebhunting

Available at Monthly £17, this Sky Mobile deals offers great value with 100MB data. This contract is valid for 36 months. After the first thirty days, or after twenty-four months, you can upgrade to a new phone at no additional expenditure.


You can stream on all Sky apps without using data when you use Sky Mobile, and you may adjust your package whenever you want. Sky Mobile immediately transfers any extra data you have to your Sky Piggybank, where you can use it to purchase additional accessories or a variety of prizes. Sky Mobile deals are available for a variety of phones for a limited time only! Check out the website today to avail them!

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How long are Sky SIM only deals?
The SIM-only offers from Sky Mobile are all on 12-month contracts. Additionally, you have the freedom to alter your plan each month for the duration of your contract, even if you are bound to it for a year.
What happens when the Sky mobile contract ends?
Unless you choose to cancel it or move the number to a different network, the plan is in effect.
What happens after 24 months of Sky Mobile?
The duration of Swap 24 is 36 months. If you’d like, you can exchange your gadget for a different one after 24 months, with the remaining 12 months being covered by the amount Sky estimates your device is worth.

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