Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk- Who Is The Best Internet Provider

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Sky broadband vs talktalk
Sky broadband vs talktalk | Thewebhunting

Getting the perfect connection to the Internet is the most difficult task. Here when we are arguing about which is the best Sky broadband vs TalkTalk, you will get to know about the best broadband network for yourself by comparing them both.  TalkTalk bases its reputation on offering a good service at a reasonable price, whereas Sky has grown its market share over the years, expanding from its early satellite TV roots to become a key player in the internet business.  In this blog, we will look at two popular options: Sky vs TalkTalk. From service dependability to customer support and cost, we will go over the important details to help you make an informed decision. 

Key features comparison: Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk

Key features comparison: Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk
Key features comparison: Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk | Thewebhunting
Features Sky Broadband TalkTalk Broadband
Download speeds It gives up to 900 Mbps It goes up to 944 Mbps
Upload Speeds Up to 110 Mbps Up to 115 Mbps
Fibre 59 Mbps 65 Mbps
Full Fibre  900 Mbps 944 Mbps
Network Openreach Openreach/CityFibre

Speed Broadband: Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk

Speed Broadband: Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk
Speed Broadband: Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk | Thewebhunting

Both Sky and TalkTalk in the UK provide a variety of broadband services including ordinary broadband, fibre broadband, and ultrafast full fibre internet. However, TalkTalk has a tiny speed edge over Sky. 

The Sky Broadband Essentials package offers an average speed of 11Mbps, catering mostly to those without access to fibre connections. Sky provides standard fibre speeds averaging 59Mbps and full fibre choices of 145Mbps, 500Mbps, and 900Mbps. 

In contrast, TalkTalk’s fast Broadband provides an average speed of 11Mbps for basic broadband consumers. Unlike Sky, TalkTalk offers two standard fibre speeds, averaging 38Mbps and 67Mbps. Furthermore, TalkTalk excels at ultrafast speeds, with possibilities of 150Mbps, and 500Mbps in full fibre locations. TalkTalk’s 900 Mbps speed has an average of 944Mbps, which exceeds Sky’s similar package. Furthermore, TalkTalk provides a slower full fibre speed known as Fibre 65, which has an average speed of 78Mbps.

Packages- Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk

Sky and TalkTalk both provide broadband packages with comparable speeds, but there are some significant variations between the two companies. Sky’s packages normally have an 18-month contract period, while TalkTalk subscribers are locked into 24-month commitments. Sky also provides a phone connection with all its bundles, including full-fibre options, but TalkTalk does not. 

Except for the Broadband Essentials plan. Sky’s packages typically do not include any upfront fees. Customers can choose pay-as-you-go phone calls from Sky, with the option to add call packages such as evenings and weekends, anytime, or international calls for an additional price. However, all of Sky’s packages are susceptible to potential mid-contract price rises, and consumers have the ability to cancel penalty-free within a month of receiving notice. 

TalkTalk, on the other hand, offers all of its packages with 24-month commitments and no setup costs for ordinary or full fibre plans, with the exception of the Fast Broadband option. Like Sky, TalkTalk may raise rates throughout the contract time, enabling consumers to cancel without penalty within a month after getting a notification. However, TalkTalk’s complete fibre packages do not include a phone line, therefore call plan options are limited to consumers on certain internet tiers such as Fast Internet Fibre 35, or Fibre 65. 

Customer Service- Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk

Customer Service- Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk
Customer Service- Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk | Thewebhunting

When talking about Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk, here Sky beats TalkTalk in terms of customer service, with greater ratings and admiration for help. According to Ofcom, Sky ranks third in overall customer satisfaction, with a remarkable 54% satisfaction rate among those who filed complaints. Although Sky primarily refers clients to its website for self-help tips and social media outlets such as Twitter, it does not have a publicly displayed phone number for direct contracts. 

TalkTalk, on the other side, falls short in terms of customer satisfaction, getting 78% overall and 43% satisfaction with complaint handling TalkTalk, on the other hand, provides a variety of client contract options, including phone assistance, web-based chat services, and a strong presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. TalkTalk also provides an online forum for clients to interact with peers and seek assistance. 

Despite TalkTalk’s greater accessibility, Sky’s higher satisfaction ratings and reputable service quality make it the favoured alternative for those looking for dependable support. While TalkTalk may provide more direct communication channels, Sky’s customer-centric strategy and timely resolution of concerns distinguish it in the broadband service field. 

Router and Technology- Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk

Router and Technology- Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk
Router and Technology- Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk | Thewebhunting

With Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk, TalkTalk leads the way in technology with its cutting-edge Amazon eero router, which is particularly designed for full fibre users and has superior wi-fi 6 capabilities for improved performance, Meanwhile, admirable Sky’s Broadband Hub lags behind in terms of wifi 5 compatibility, restricting superfast speeds. Sky’s baseline offering is the dual-band Sky Broadband Hub which accommodates all users with up to 64 device connections and optional Wifi Boosters for enhanced coverage in contrast, TalkTalk offers the wifi Hub to regular fibre customers and enhances the experience of full fibre users with Amazon eero router, guaranteeing seamless connectivity throughout the home. 


By comparing Sky Broadband with TalkTalk, we have concluded that both have their advantages and disadvantages. Consider service dependability, customer support, cost, and additional features when deciding which provider is ideal for you. Ultimately, your priorities and tastes will determine whether you choose Sky or TalkTalk. In this blog, you get to know about key features, packages, customer services, routers and technology, and most importantly the speed of the broadband. 

For more information on Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk, you can check out TheWebHunting! 


Is TalkTalk WIFI better than Sky?
Comparatively, both broadbands are expert in their metrics. To a further extent, people prefer buying Sky broadband due to its budget-friendly plans.
Is Sky Broadband good in the UK?
Yes, Sky Broadband is considered to be the leading provider of internet services and Wi-fi in the UK. It has dependable connectivity, low prices, and a variety of packages to meet various demands.
Is TalkTalk broadband any good?
TalkTalk broadband is a good option for those who are looking for something budget-friendly. It has lower prices, reliable services, and good speed of the internet.

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