Navigating The Web: A Comparison Of Sky Broadband Vs NOW Broadband

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Sky Broadband Vs NOW Broadband
Sky Broadband Vs NOW Broadband | Thewebhunting

In the fast-paced digital era, a reliable broadband connection is the lifeline that connects us to the vast online world. Two prominent players in the UK broadband market, Sky Broadband and NOW Broadband, offer distinct services to cater to the diverse needs of consumers. In this comprehensive comparison, we will delve into Sky Broadband vs NOW Broadband, the key features, advantages, and considerations of Sky vs NOW review to help you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband, a well-established name in the telecommunications industry, is renowned for its comprehensive packages, cutting-edge technology, and bundled services. Let’s explore the features that make Sky Broadband a formidable contender:

Speed Tiers:

Sky Broadband offers a range of speed options to suit different user needs. From standard broadband with average speeds to ultrafast options for heavy-duty users, Sky ensures there’s a plan for every household.

Sky Q Hub:

The Sky Q Hub is the centerpiece of Sky’s broadband service. With advanced dual-band technology, it provides a robust and stable connection throughout your home. The hub also integrates seamlessly with Sky’s TV services, creating a unified entertainment experience.

Bundled Services:

Subscribers to Sky Broadband often enjoy bundled services, including Sky TV and Sky Talk. This integration allows for convenient billing, unified customer support, and an all-in-one entertainment and connectivity solution.

Sky VIP Loyalty Program:

Sky rewards its customers through the Sky VIP loyalty program. Subscribers can access exclusive experiences, previews, and discounts, creating an additional layer of value for long-term customers.

Broadband Boost:

Sky’s Broadband Boost offers additional features such as engineer visits, daily line checks, and a dedicated support team. This premium add-on ensures a higher level of service reliability and customer satisfaction.

NOW Broadband

NOW Broadband, a relatively newer player in the broadband market, focuses on simplicity, flexibility, and a commitment to delivering high-quality streaming experiences. Here are the key features that define NOW Broadband:

Speed Tiers and Flexibility:

NOW Broadband provides a range of speed options, from standard broadband to superfast plans. The flexibility in choosing contract lengths (including no-contract options) is a significant draw, catering to those seeking short-term commitments.

NOW Hub 2:

The NOW Hub 2 is NOW Broadband’s router, designed to offer reliable and fast connectivity. While not as feature-rich as some counterparts, it efficiently supports streaming and internet usage.

Entertainment Bundles:

NOW Broadband focuses on providing a seamless entertainment experience by bundling broadband with its streaming services. Users can subscribe to NOW TV passes for a range of content, including movies, sports, and TV shows.

No Mid-Contract Price Hikes:

NOW Broadband takes a customer-friendly approach by committing to no mid-contract price hikes. This transparency provides subscribers with more predictability in their monthly bills.

No-Contract Options:

For those who value flexibility and do not want to commit to long-term contracts, NOW Broadband offers no-contract options. This is particularly appealing for renters, students, or anyone seeking short-term connectivity solutions.

Sky Broadband vs NOW Broadband: Know the Difference


Feature Sky Broadband NOW Broadband
Speeds Up to 900Mbps (FTTP), 59Mbps (Superfast), 11Mbps (ADSL) Up to 63Mbps (Super Fibre), 38Mbps (Superfast), 11Mbps (Broadband)
Technology Offers both copper, fibre, and full fibre (FTTP) Offers copper and part-fibre (FTTC)
Contract lengths 12-18 months 12 months, 1 month rolling
Minimum term cost Varies depending on the package, typically higher than NOW Typically lower than Sky
Line rental included Included in most packages Additional cost
Router included Yes, the newer Sky Hub with 8 Wi-Fi antennas Yes, older NOW Broadband Hub Two with 5 Wi-Fi antennas
TV bundles available Yes, with Sky TV No
Call packages available Yes No
Customer service Generally considered good Generally considered good
Availability Nationwide Nationwide
Best for Users who need the fastest speeds, full fibre access, and TV bundles Users on a budget who prioritize low monthly costs and shorter contracts


Comparative Analysis: Sky Broadband vs NOW Broadband

Speed and Performance:

Sky Broadband offers a wide range of speed options, including ultrafast plans, making it suitable for households with diverse internet needs. NOW Broadband provides competitive speeds, but Sky’s ultrafast options may be preferable for heavy users or larger households.

Bundled Services:

Sky’s bundled services, including Sky TV and Sky Talk, provide an integrated entertainment and communication solution. NOW Broadband’s focus on bundling with NOW TV passes allows for a customizable streaming experience, appealing to cord-cutters and those prioritizing on-demand content.

Contract Flexibility:

NOW Broadband stands out with its no-contract options, providing flexibility for users who might need short-term connectivity solutions. Sky Broadband, on the other hand, typically requires a contract commitment, which may be a consideration for those seeking flexibility.

Router Technology:

The Sky Q Hub is a robust router with advanced features, especially suitable for those who prioritize a comprehensive connectivity solution. NOW Broadband’s NOW Hub 2 is functional but may not offer the same advanced capabilities, making it more suited for standard internet usage and streaming.

Customer Support and Loyalty Programs:

Sky’s Broadband Boost and Sky VIP loyalty program provide additional perks and support features. NOW Broadband, while committed to no mid-contract price hikes, may not offer as many premium support features, making Sky a favourable choice for those seeking enhanced customer support.

Sky Broadband vs NOW Broadband: Cost

Now let’s discuss the cost analysis of Sky Broadband Vs NOW TV Broadband with some plans.

Sky Broadband

  • Priced at just £28.00 per month for 18 months, this plan ensures budget-friendly access to a high-speed network. With the added advantage of zero setup costs, users can enjoy a seamless onboarding experience without any upfront financial burden. The 18-month contract provides stability and consistency, while the pay-as-you-go option is included, offering flexibility for those who prefer a more tailored payment approach. 
  • Sky Broadband’s premium offering, priced at £34.00 per month over 18 months, stands out as a high-performance solution with exceptional value. With zero setup costs, users can seamlessly transition to a robust 500 Mb average speed, ensuring a fast and reliable internet connection for various online activities. The plan includes unlimited downloads, allowing users to stream, download, and browse without any constraints. 

NOW Broadband

  • NOW Broadband presents an attractive broadband plan with a 36 Mb average speed, ensuring a reliable and swift internet experience. Priced at £24.00 per month for the first month, this plan offers an affordable entry point. NOW Broadband’s 36 Mb plan strikes a balance between speed, flexibility, and affordability, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a short-term commitment with competitive features.
  • NOW Broadband presents a compelling broadband plan priced at £24.00 for the first month, making it an affordable and accessible option for users seeking a short-term commitment. With a high average speed of 63 Mb, this plan ensures a fast and reliable internet connection suitable for various online activities. The package offers truly unlimited downloads, allowing users the freedom to stream, download, and browse without worrying about data limits.


In the Sky Broadband vs NOW Broadband comparison, the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and priorities. Sky Broadband’s extensive package offerings, advanced technology, and loyalty programs make it an attractive choice for those seeking a comprehensive and integrated solution.

On the other hand, NOW Broadband’s focus on simplicity, flexibility in contracts, and seamless entertainment integration with NOW TV passes appeals to users who prioritise streaming and desire shorter contract commitments.

Consider factors such as the size of your household, internet usage patterns, desire for bundled services, and your preference for contract flexibility. Sky Broadband vs NOW Broadband, both providers bring strengths to the table, and by aligning your needs with their offerings, you can make an informed decision to ensure a seamless and satisfying broadband experience.

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Is Sky Broadband the same as NOW broadband?
No, Sky Broadband and NOW Broadband are separate broadband service providers. Sky Broadband is a well-established telecommunications company that offers a range of broadband plans along with additional services such as Sky TV and Sky Talk. NOW Broadband, while also offering broadband services, is a relatively newer player in the market and is known for its flexibility in contract lengths and integration with NOW TV passes for streaming content.
Which is better NOW or Sky?
The choice between Sky Broadband vs NOW Broadband depends on individual preferences and needs. Sky Broadband is known for its comprehensive packages, advanced technology like the Sky Q Hub, and bundled services, making it a suitable choice for those seeking an integrated entertainment and communication solution. NOW Broadband, on the other hand, focuses on simplicity, flexibility with no-contract options, and seamless integration with NOW TV passes, making it a preferred choice for those prioritizing streaming and shorter contract commitments.
Is NOW the same as Sky?
While both Sky Broadband vs NOW Broadband offer broadband services, they are not the same company. NOW Broadband operates as a standalone broadband provider, and its parent company, Sky, operates as a broader telecommunications and media company with additional services like satellite TV.











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