How Does Revolut’s Pet Insurance Work & What Does It Cover?

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Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience, but it comes with responsibilities, including financial ones. Our pets bring us endless joy, but sometimes they also bring unexpected trips to the vet, which can be costly. This is where Revolut’s pet insurance steps in. In this guide, we’re going to demystify the concept of Revolut’s pet insurance. We’ll break down what is covered in it, how to claim the insurance, and how it can turn a stressful vet visit into something manageable. Join us as we explore the world of insurance, a tool that lets you care for your furry companion without stressing over the costs. Every moment with your pet is precious, and with pet insurance, you can ensure those moments are filled with happiness and health.

What is Revolut Pet Insurance?

Revolut Pet Insurance is a monthly subscription that provides cover for your cat’s or dog’s vet bills, including behavioral treatment, complementary therapy, and dental illness. But that’s not all. Revolut also helps you out in cases of loss, theft, or the straying of your furry friends. The insurance is available in three plans: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The plans differ in the level of coverage they offer and the monthly premium you pay. The maximum annual coverage Revolut provides is £10,000, depending on the level of coverage you choose and the age and breed of your pet. 

What does Revolut Pet Insurance cover, and what does it not?

Things covered by Revolut Pet Insurance

Revolut’s Pet Insurance is comprehensive and tries to offer you and your pet maximum protection and coverage. Here are just a few types of vet bills covered by it:

  • Accidents: This includes injuries caused by accidents, such as being hit by a car or falling from a height.
  • Illnesses: This includes illnesses that are not pre-existing, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Routine care: This includes vaccinations, neutering, and other routine care that is recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Emergency care: This includes the cost of treatment for injuries or illnesses that require immediate attention.
  • Rehabilitation: This includes the cost of treatment to help your pet recover from an injury or illness.
  • Loss or theft: This includes the cost of replacing your pet if it is lost or stolen.

Things not covered by Revolut Pet Insurance

Although Revolut’s pet insurance provides extensive coverage, there are certain aspects it does not include. These comprise:

  • Pre-existing conditions: Referring to any ailment your pet had prior to obtaining the insurance.
  • Cosmetic procedures: Encompassing non-essential surgeries like ear cropping and tail docking.
  • Regular dental care: Encompassing expenses related to teeth cleaning and tartar removal.
  • Spaying or neutering for pets aged over 6 months: Covering the expenses of these procedures after your pet reaches 6 months of age.

How much does Revolut Pet Insurance cost?

The price of Revolut Pet Insurance is determined by various factors, including:

  • Your pet’s age: Younger animals typically incur lower insurance costs compared to older ones.
  • Your pet’s breed: Certain dog breeds attract higher insurance expenses.
  • Your pet’s location: Insurance costs may fluctuate based on your geographic area.
  • Chosen coverage level: Opting for higher coverage translates to a more expensive policy.

You can request a price quote for Revolut Insurance through the official Revolut website.

How do I claim Revolut Pet Insurance?

To initiate a claim for Revolut Pet Insurance, follow these steps:

  • Reach Out to Revolut: You can establish contact with Revolut through phone, email, or the Revolut app.
  • Provide Pet Particulars: Provide details about your pet, including their name, breed, age, and microchip number.
  • Furnish Vet Bill Information: Submit a copy of the vet bill, encompassing the date of the visit, purpose, and treatment expenses.
  • Fulfill Excess Obligation: If your policy involves an excess, this sum must be settled before the insurance disbursement.

After submitting your claim, Revolut Pet Insurance will review it and determine its validity. If approved, the insurance provider will reimburse you for the veterinary bill costs, adhering to your policy’s limits. 

Here are some additional considerations for Revolut Insurance claims:

  • Time Constraint: Claims must be lodged within 12 months from the date of the vet bill.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: All necessary documents must accompany your claim.
  • Supplementary Data: You might need to provide extra information or documents to corroborate your claim.
  • Claim Processing Period: The insurance provider may take around 21 days to process your claim.

Is Revolut Pet Insurance worth it?

Whether or not Revolut Pet Insurance is worth it for you depends on several factors, including your financial constraints, your pet’s health condition, and your willingness to bear risks. If concerns about unexpected veterinary expenses trouble you, then opting for Revolut Pet Insurance might be a prudent choice.


Revolut  Insurance is a robust solution designed to address unexpected veterinary expenses effectively. With the availability of three distinct plans, you have the freedom to select the one that aligns most suitably with your specific requirements and financial circumstances. Among these plans, you’ll find options that cater to a range of needs, ensuring that whether you have a young pet full of energy or an older companion requiring specialised care, Revolut Pet Insurance has a plan tailored to fit. For a more comprehensive understanding of the benefits and details of Revolut  Insurance, visit their official website. For more such updates and insightful content, visit TheWebHunting


Does pet insurance cover all pets?
Not all pet insurance policies extend coverage to every type of pet. Some policies might exclusively cover dogs and cats, while others could encompass additional animals like rabbits, birds, and fish.
Does pet insurance cover bites?
Most pet insurance plans cover bites, but exceptions exist. Certain policies may only cover bites inflicted by other animals, while others might also include bites caused by humans.
Does pet insurance cover pregnancy?
Typically, pet insurance does not cover pregnancy. However, exceptions might apply. Certain policies could cover pregnancy-related conditions such as mastitis or even expenses related to delivering puppies or kittens.









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