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Dublin tech summit
Dublin tech summit | Thewebhunting

The DTS, a significant tech summit in Europe, garners much enthusiasm and aids the confluence of trailblazers, business owners, and pioneers worldwide. Each successive year hosted in Dublin City around the clock for several days, marks an inspiring period defined by tremendous technological progressiveness and inventiveness. 

Dublin Tech Summit comprises thought-provoking speeches delivered by luminaries at keynote sessions alongside dialogues with expert commentators on current eclectic trends featuring futuristic potential breakthroughs. Additionally present are interactive peer-to-peer workshops held to enhance the knowledge-sharing experience amongst participants.

Access to innovative keynote addresses, stimulating panel discussions, and hands-on workshops showcasing emerging trends and groundbreaking technologies that will shape our future is offered by DTS.

The summit also provides an exceptional platform for like-minded professionals within your industry you can engage with productively while fostering new collaborations which might lead to various business prospects worth exploring further at length. Be part of thousands joining us live at RDS Dublin where we guarantee unforgettable memories creating positive vibes throughout careers thus igniting passion for technological advancement!

Why Dublin Tech Summit is a Must-Attend Event

Why Dublin Tech Summit is a Must-Attend Event
Why Dublin Tech Summit is a Must-Attend Event | Thewebhunting

Content: The summit consists of a line-up of speakers, panels, and hands-on tutorials that touch on all areas of tech.

Networking Opportunities: As it is expected that DTS will attract thousands of participants, it will offer a remarkable value of networking possibilities.

Innovative Exhibitions: Find the latest tech products and solutions from the world’s largest and most influential tech companies.

Global Reach: Present from more than 70 countries around the world at any given time.

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Key Information About The Summit 

Dublin Tech Summit 2024 Date

Remember that the 90th anniversary of the event is coming on May 29, 2024. This is the day when Dublin will turn into a hive of technology and technology progress. The conference will last two days and they will be featuring some talks that will enlighten, inform and engage the people who will attend the conference.

Dublin Tech Summit Location

The annual Summit 2024 will get its venue from the RDS (Royal Dublin Society), an impressive location situated in Ballsbridge, Dublin. Having a large and adaptable environment is an added advantage for RDS since such a place is suitable for organising such an event. The site is strategically positioned in the central part of Dublin, which makes it easy for both local and international clients to access it.

Dublin Tech Summit Ticket Price

The Summit offers varied ticket prices that depend on the pass type and purchase timing. To give an overview:

Early Bird Tickets: It is usually offered at a lower price but only if bought several weeks before the event.

Standard Tickets: High rate once the Early Bird promo period is over.

VIP Tickets: Offer extra services like separate events relating to each other, special rooms to rest, and other privileged areas to sit at.

You can always refer to the official website of Dublin Tech Summit for the exact ticket costs as well as the availability of the tickets.

What to Expect at The Dublin Tech Summit 2024

What to Expect at The Dublin Tech Summit 2024
What to Expect at The Dublin Tech Summit 2024 | Thewebhunting

Renowned Speakers

It is not surprising that most of the figures with influence on the tech world attend the Summit every year. Previous speakers include heads of the main tech companies, prominent scientists, and other ‘personalities’. The 2024 candidates are expected to be no less appealing as they will give the audience a chance to hear from the people who will impact today’s and tomorrow’s technologies.

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Diverse Attendees

The Summit is known for drawing a broad variety of attendees, making it an appealing event. In 2024, those in attendance will likely include:

  • The event serves as a central location for technology professionals, including developers and CTOs.
  • Startups and entrepreneurs often make use of DTS as a platform to exhibit their innovative ideas and establish links with potential investors.
  • Investors seek the upcoming technological breakthrough.
  • Media and analysts cover the event by reporting on current trends and announcements.

Innovative Exhibitions

The Summit 2024’s exhibition area will highlight the tech advancements. Guests can peruse displays from distinguished technology firms, aspiring startups, and service providers specialising in diverse fields. This presents a fantastic chance to witness new merchandise up close and engage with those responsible for their creation.

Maximise Your Dublin Tech Summit Experience

  • Plan Your Schedule: To ensure success amidst the flurry of activities, it’s paramount to prearrange your timetable. Once announced, examine the schedule for the Summit and pinpoint any seminars, training courses, or mingling opportunities that resonate with your passions and career aspirations.
  • Engage with the Community: Whether through networking events, social media interactions, or using their official app to interact with others- engaging with fellow participants can yield opportunities for collaboration and friendship-building.
  • Explore Dublin: Although the summit holds great appeal, make sure not to overlook the opportunity to discover Dublin’s beautiful city. Recognized for its remarkable history, thriving culture, and amicable residents, there are copious amounts of activities and sights available in Dublin; ranging from significant monuments to lively bars. With something catering to everyone’s preferences within this enchanting city!

The Impact of the Dublin Tech Summit

The Impact of the Dublin Tech Summit
The Impact of the Dublin Tech Summit | Thewebhunting

Driving Innovation

The tech industry greatly benefits from the Summit’s prominent role in promoting innovation. Through its inclusive approach and emphasis on teamwork, this event cultivates fresh concepts and fuels rapid progress within technology.

Supporting Startups

The Summit places great emphasis on startups. By offering a stage to display their cutting-edge ideas, establish connections with interested investors, and attract widespread attention, the event can play an instrumental role in bolstering emerging companies toward prosperity.

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Preparations for The Tech Summit 2024

What to Bring

  • Business Cards: Intended for networking.
  • A Notebook or Laptop is used to record notes during meetings.
  • Expect to walk a great deal, so wear comfortable footwear.

To ensure an uninterrupted power supply for your devices throughout the day, get yourself chargers and power banks.

Stay Updated

Stay tuned to the Dublin Tech Summit via social media and register for their newsletter so you don’t miss out on the freshest event news, such as speaker revelations, timetable releases, and much more.


Dublin Tech Summit 2024 is fast becoming one of the conferences any Tech geek or anyone involved in the tech industry should not miss. The summit has such a rich program of sessions, a wide range of attendees from many countries as well as the vibrant cultural set-up of Dublin that makes the event worthwhile to attend. 

Ensure that you monitor the schedule of the Summit and commence organising your trip. The technology industry will assemble in Dublin this May- guarantee yourself a spot among them! 

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How many people attend the Dublin Tech Summit?
Tech Summit meets approximately 10.000 visitors.
What is the Tech Summit 2024 Dublin?
The Tech Summit 2024 Dublin is one of the biggest technology meetings which includes keynote sessions, workshops, and numerous sessions and one-to-ones with one of the best networks of tech community members.
Where is the Dublin Tech Summit?
One of the conferences that will be happening at the Royal Dublin Society in Dublin is the Summit.

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