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Paramount+ Account
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In the ever-evolving streaming landscape, Paramount Plus has emerged as a top contender for movie and TV lovers. For Sky TV subscribers, getting complete access to a Paramount+ account is refreshingly simple through your Sky login. By properly linking your Sky and Paramount + accounts, you can dive into Paramount’s deep content catalogue from your usual Sky viewing platforms.

Whether you’re looking to try Paramount Plus for the first time or expand your existing Sky streaming library, we’ll guide you through creating and managing your Paramount+ account. You’ll discover how seamless it is to browse and watch Paramount originals, movies, and shows right through your Sky Go app, Sky Q box, or Sky Glass. Let our step-by-step instructions open your eyes to the world of Paramount Plus. From legacy films and series to cutting-edge new releases, a linked Paramount+ account complements your Sky subscription perfectly. Immerse yourself in the Paramount universe without ever leaving your Sky ecosystem.

Subscribe to Paramount+

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Using your Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream setup, navigate to the Sky Marketplace from your home screen. The Marketplace app is typically found on the home page. Browse the catalogue of premium channel add-ons until you see the Paramount Plus subscription option. Select this tile to begin setting up your account and linking it to your Sky login.
  2. If you’re new to Paramount Plus, you’ll next need to create a login for the streaming service before activation. Enter your email, password, and payment details as prompted to establish a brand new Paramount+ account tied to your Sky ID. Be sure to note your login credentials for future reference.
  3. For existing Paramount Plus subscribers, simply sign in with your current credentials to connect your account to Sky. You can use the same login information you already have for immediate access. The final step for all users is account activation – complete any additional prompts to finish linking Paramount Plus for immediate access through Sky with your Sky Go app or set-top devices. Activation should only take a few moments once details are entered.

Accessing Paramount+ on Sky Devices

Depending on your Sky device, accessing your Paramount+ account may vary slightly. Navigating any of Sky’s modern streaming platforms is intuitive, but unique interfaces mean pathway differences across Sky Glass, Sky Stream and Sky Q when setting up your account. Here’s a breakdown of how to find and subscribe to Paramount+ on different Sky platforms:

i. Sky Glass

  • Press the Home button on your Sky Glass remote to access the main menu. From here, you can launch apps, see recommendations, and browse shows.
  • Select “My Sky” at the bottom of the screen or use the voice command “Hello Sky, go to My Sky”. Sky Glass responds to natural voice controls.
  • Navigate to Sky Shop and select Paramount+. Scroll through the various service tiles to locate the Paramount+ app.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to subscribe by entering your payment information and creating or signing into your Paramount+ account.

ii. Sky Stream

  • Press the Home button on your Sky Stream remote to return to the main interface from any app or program.
  • Select “My Sky” at the bottom of the screen. This houses your recordings, settings, and streaming services.
  • If eligible for Paramount+ as part of your Sky Cinema subscription, the price will show as £0. Otherwise, subscribe for £6.99 per month.
  • Confirm your subscription and enter payment details if necessary depending on your Sky Cinema eligibility.

iii. Sky Q

  • Press the Home button on your Sky Q remote to navigate to the top level. Selecting home will exit out of any program.
  • Scroll down the menu and select “My Sky”. This is your user profile and gateway to add-ons.
  • Alternatively, use the voice command “My Sky” to navigate hands-free. The voice remote allows touch-free control.
  • Select Paramount+ from the available options then simply follow the prompts. Carefully confirm subscription details.

Managing Your Paramount+ account on Sky

Once you’ve subscribed to Paramount Plus on your Sky device, ongoing account management becomes essential. The Sky Community offers valuable tips for changing accounts, updating billing, and troubleshooting any login issues. Here’s effective guidance for managing your Paramount+ account:

How to Change Paramount+ account

  • Sign in to the Paramount Plus app on Sky Q with the old account you want to change
  • Go to your account profile and tap the settings gear icon
  • Select account management or billing where your login details are stored
  • Choose “Sign Out” or “Unlink Account” to disconnect the current profile
  • Close and reopen the Paramount Plus app which will prompt you to log in again
  • Enter your email and password for the new Paramount+ account you want to link to Sky Q
  • Logging in with your preferred account will link it to your Sky Q for easy access

Troubleshooting and Community Support

The Sky Community forum is a helpful place to get support if you’re having technical issues or need more help. You can connect with other Sky customers to share experiences, get advice, and work through problems together. It’s a great resource whether you’re dealing with account questions or trying to figure out how to access Paramount+ shows and movies. By tapping into the community’s shared knowledge, you’re likely to find solutions for all kinds of Sky-related challenges.

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Sky customers can easily access Paramount+’s vast library with help from the Sky Community forum. It provides guidance on setting up your Paramount+ account and solving any access issues. With insights from other users who’ve already been through the process, you can get step-by-step instructions for subscribing, managing your account, and watching Paramount+ content on your Sky device. The Sky Community makes troubleshooting Paramount+ easy – their collective wisdom solves login issues and helps you find content. Tap into it to maximise your viewing experience. For more information, visit TheWebHunting.


How do I create a Paramount+ account?
Go to sky.com/paramountplus to purchase a subscription and follow the steps to set up your account details and payment information. You can also manage your account settings through sky.com/my-account after signing up.
Can I share my Paramount+ account with others?
While you can share your account login details with others, only one device can stream content at the same time per subscription. Consider upgrading to the premium plan on sky.com/paramountplus for more simultaneous streams.
What devices can I use to access my Paramount+ account?
Paramount Plus is available on most devices including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and computers – simply download the app and log in with your account details to start streaming. Check sky.com/help for a full list of supported devices you can use to access Paramount Plus.

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