Motorcycle Battery: Ultimate Power Booster Form A Seamless Riding

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motorcycle battery
motorcycle battery

When it comes to a power booster riding experience the motorcycle battery is impeccable to enhance your ultimate ride. The battery for motorcycle is electrical energy storage where the presence of reversible chemical interaction takes place between the lead and the acid in the battery and this helps in storing the electrical energy. They are the ultimate power backup when your motorcycle runs out of electrical energy. 

Halfords bring an excellent collection of motorcycle batteries at affordable prices. They are in a wide selection to meet your desired expectation of a power battery when it comes to motorcycle batteries.

The advantages of using the motorcycle battery: 

There are mindboggling advantages to using the battery for motorcycles. 


  • Motorcycle batteries often come in compact size and lightweight which makes it easy to fit in the right space of the motorcycle’s frame. The compact design of these batteries makes them even more compatible to fit in all types of motorcycle frames.


  • They are often loaded with high-cranking power supplies which the motorcycles demand. This is crucial because the motorcycle is designed to start off with high cranking power, these batteries help to achieve that electrical demand for power supplies. 


  • They are quick to charge when required due to advanced technological features that allow for quick charging without taking much time. The quick time for charging makes the motorcycle batteries to be ever-ready when needed. 


  • The motorcycle batteries are easy to maintain. An individual may not have to worry about constant maintenance or even seldom maintenance. Since they come sealed on the top hence there is no need for frequent checks on the topping. 


  • The battery for the motorcycle is highly resistant to vibration. Since traditional batteries can be risky without the resistance to vibration. But the modern design is built to present this risky vibration.   


  • They are also designed to meet the high-functioning power supplies to the bikes that are dyeing for off-road or touring motorcycles. They can easily recharge and also discharge without having to compromise on performance. 


  • The motorcycle batteries have a high long service life. They also provide reliable high power supplies for many years without getting degraded. Plus the batteries are compatible with any type of specifically designed motorcycle frame and offer optimal power performance.

The top selection of motorcycle battery for ultimate power supplies:

1. Yasa YTX12-BS Maintenace Free Motorcycle Battery

Yasa YTX12-BS Maintenace Free Motorcycle Battery | thewebhunting
Yasa YTX12-BS Maintenace Free Motorcycle Battery | thewebhunting

This Yasa YTX12-BS Maintenace Free Motorcycle Battery on Hailfords is an uncompromising power supply, compatible with any type of motorcycle. The battery comes with one year warranty from the manufacturer. This advanced lead-calcium technology provides unbeatable starting power supplies for your bike. Feel the excellent power support in your motor engine. In addition, it comes with a permanently sealed top which assures lifetime maintenance and hence requires no refilling. It’s 100% maintenance free, Long lasting, spill-proof design on the topping, and requires less time to fully get recharged in a short period of time.

2. Yusa GYZ20H High Performance Maitnenace Free 

The Yusa GYZ20H High Performance Maitnenace Free is a VRLA battery on Halfords, it‘s compatible to use in many modern motorcycles for high power supplies. The batter comes with pre-filled ready to be used right away. It has up to 30% cranking amps, and the radial grid design and additional plates give out excellent trips to your motorcycle’s frame. Apart from motorcycles, the battery is compatible to use in utility vehicles, scooters, ride-on mowers, ATVs, personal watercraft, and other snowmobile engines. With a one-year warranty from the manufacturer enjoy this excellent power backup battery.

3. Yuasa YTX 14-B S Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery

Yuasa YTX 14-B S Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery | thewebhunting
Yuasa YTX 14-B S Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery | thewebhunting

The Yuasa YTX 14-B S Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery has uncompromising power supplies to make your motorcycle have a strong kick-starting. The exceptional power starting will leave you amazed every time the kick hits in. The battery comes permanently sealed which makes it 100% maintenance-free. The battery is compatible to use in snowmobiles, ride-on mowers, scooters, and personal watercraft. In addition, the battery is already pre-filled and ready to fit in right away. The battery also has a spill-proof design on the top, it resits vibration, holds the voltage longer, and speed charging capacity.

4. Yuasa YTX16-Bs 12V Maintenance 

The Yuasa YTX16-Bs 12V Maintenance Free VRLA Batter on Halfords is another excellent motorcycle battery that is a must-buy. The batteries come 100% spill-proof and prevent any possible leaks. It holds the voltage longer while maintaining high power supplies. Moreover, the highly advanced lead-calcium inbuilt technology pumps up the strong power start. This is surely an ideal choice for scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, ride-on mowers, and more. Since the Yuasa YTX16-Bs 12V Maintenance Free VRLA Batter is already prefilled, they are ready to be used right away. Plus they need less time to get fully charged when needed. Safe time and use the right source of power energy for your motor engines.

5. Yuasa Powersport Motorcycle Battery YT144B-Bs

Yuasa Powersport Motorcycle Battery YT144B-Bs | thewebhunting
Yuasa Powersport Motorcycle Battery YT144B-Bs | thewebhunting

The Yuasa Powersport Motorcycle Battery YT144B-Bs on Haifords also comes with an excellent spill-proof design. It prevents any possible leaks. The battery is also prefilled and it’s ready to be used right away. Easy to charge without much time consumption for fast power storage capacity. The start-up power is up to 200Amps and the AH Value is 12.6. The battery also has a high electrical energy storage capacity. In addition, since they are permanently sealed, the battery never requires refilling but with periodic charging, it is likely to last long with uncompromising power performance.

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The advantages of these motorcycle batteries are an excellent choice to buy on Halfords. Since all these motorcycles’ batteries come with at least one year of warranty by the manufacturers they are assured of durability and high power performance for your motor engines. They are also built with specific designs, types, and models and also the voltage capacity. Therefore, it’s important to look for the particular types to fit your requirements for motorcycle battery power. In addition, the best part of shopping with Hairfords is the affordable prices that meet the standard of each and every customer. For more information on a battery charger for a motorcycle, visit thewebhunting


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The battery lifespan is up to 2-4 months without running out of power. The high-quality batteries will also last for 3-5 months with high power supplies. While the old batteries may have less lifespan compared to the new models or the new battery. 
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The battery dies down when the regulator or the rectifier goes down or goes bad. This causes the battery to drain out easily. When the regulator or the rectifier is not performing its job the power supplies dos not pass or convert into the voltage this cause the battery to fully dies away. 
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In many cases, the ride on the road is enough to get recharged for normal use. But if the battery dies away fully or gets depleted, it may not power the power supplies needed to run the bike. In this condition, the battery needs to be charged fully to maintain the power supplies. 

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