Halfords Car Battery: Power Up Your Vehicle for Dependable Performance

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halfords car battery
halfords car battery

Halfords Car Battery is your dependable partner for ensuring your car stays powered up and prepared to head. Proper preservation is fundamental to maintaining your car in peak condition, and having a reliable battery is crucial. Whether it’s starting your engine or powering your electronics, Halfords Car Battery provides the vital power to satisfy all of your use needs.

If you are looking forward for the best car batteries to buy for your car to have excellent powered-up condition, the Halfords Car battery comes to your rescue. The Halfords car battery comes with a lot of advanced features installed in the battery to keep the car running with unlimited power supplies. Discover some best collections of these car batteries:

The best Halfords Car Battery to power up your car:

1. Halfords HCB013 Calcium 12v Car Battery 

Halfords HCB013 Calcium 12v Car Battery | Thewebhunting
Halfords HCB013 Calcium 12v Car Battery | Thewebhunting

The first collection of excellent batteries we bring to you is the Halfords HCB013 Car Battery with 4 years of warranty. It’s fully charged and ready to fit in the car. This Halfords car battery has amazing power backup to start the car with sufficient shooting power supply and the calcium instilled improves the durability of the battery. However, the battery is required to be registered to the onboard computer system which requires professional help for fitting in the car. 

The average weight of the battery is 15.90kg, the total capacity is 62Ah, and the startup power is 550 Amps with a Reserve capacity of up to 105 Amps. But remember that if your car has start or stop functionality then the battery is not suitable for such standard cars.

2. Halfords EFB013 Start/Stop EFB 12V Car Battery 

With an excellent engine start-up power of up to 270,000, the Halfords EFB013 Start/Stop car battery comes fully charged and ready to fit in the car. The battery is suitable to use with standard cars built with start/stop functionality. The battery comes with 5 years warranty by the manufacturer. The specification and the functionality of the battery remain uncompromised even with the purchase which assures the customers experience a satisfactory purchase experience. 

The Bench Charge is up to 4 Amps, 600 Amps startup power feature, and 65Ah capacity with a 16.6kg total Weight of the battery. Since most cars will require registering onboard computer systems, it’s recommended to have professionals fit the battery in a car.

3. Yuasa HSB012 Silver 12V Car Battery 

Yuasa HSB012 Silver 12V Car Battery | Thewebhunting
Yuasa HSB012 Silver 12V Car Battery | Thewebhunting

The Yuasa HSB012 Silver 12V is a high-performing car battery. It comes with an extensive warranty of 5 years by the manufacturer. The power capacity of 50,000, engines starts up higher than a normal battery power capacity. It comes fully charged and ready to fit in the car with easy or zero car maintenance. The battery power can even sustain cars that have many plug-in devices and because of the high power startup capacity, the Yuasa HSB012 Silver 12V Car Battery is excellent for starting cars in cold mornings. 

Since the battery has to be registered for the onboard computer system, it’s recommended to hire a professional to fit it at the Halfords store or at the auto center garage.

4. Halfords EFB110 Start/Stop EFB 12V  

When you are looking for a good power-up for a standard car with Star/Stop functionality the Halfords EFB110 Start/Stop EFB 12V, a Halfords car battery is a must-buy. The power start is up to 270, 00 (730 Amps, CCA), the Voltage 12V, and the 75Ah capacity to run the car with high power start-up. With 5 years of warranty, the battery is fully charged and ready to be used right away. However, since the battery requires for onboard computer system registration, hiring a professional is advisable either at the Halfords store or through the Autocentre garage.

5. Halfords AGMO19 Start/Stop 12V Car Battery 

Halfords AGMO19 StartStop 12V Car Battery | Thewebhunting
Halfords AGMO19 StartStop 12V Car Battery | Thewebhunting

With both high-quality assurance and performance, the Halfords AGM019 Start/Stop is an excellent Halfords car battery. The product package comes with 5 years warranty upon purchase by the manufacturer. If your car or vehicle has start/stop functionality then the battery is perfect for any standard car. Its power capacity is up to 360,000 (850Amps) engine starts with 25.6kg weight and a capacity of 95Ah. Just like any other battery the Halfords AGMO19 Start/Stop requires professional help to fit the battery in the car for the onboard computer system. Keep your car powered up at all times when you have Halfords AGMO19 car battery.


In the end, Halfords Car Battery gives unheard-of power backup for your automobile, making sure of ideal performance at a low price. With a wide range of options, you could discover the correct fit for your vehicle’s needs. Plus, with a kind warranty of as much as five years, you can agree with the durability and reliability of Halford’s batteries. Don’t miss out on these fantastic offers – go to Thewebhunting for more statistics and get your Halfords Car Battery today!


What is the car battery’s lifespan?
The average lifespan of a car battery should be expected to be around 3 to 5 years. That’s why most Halfords Car batteries come with a maximum of 5 years warranty. Overall the weather has a great impact on the lifespan of the car battery.
How much will it cost of a car battery replacement?
The replacement cost will vary from the types of battery purchased but the average cost is $45 to $250.
When should I replace my car battery?
If your car battery shows these signs then it needs to be replaced:


1. Thar car engine takes time to start
2. Your car electrics run of power supple
3. The warning light on the batter dashboard
4. The car engine stops suddenly on multiple occasions
5. If the battery has been used for more than 5 years

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