Explore Powertrains Of Tomorrow With The Hyundai Motor Exhibition Through Hydrogen and Software Solutions

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hyundai motor exhibition

The Hyundai Motor Exhibition took place with the vision of a hydrogen-powered, software-driven transformation beyond mobility applications at CES 2024. Hyundai announced its future vision under the subject “Ease every way” and its focus shifted away from autos and toward a complete framework for a hydrogen energy environment. Furthermore, Hyundai revealed its long-term vision for software and artificial intelligence, highlighting the company’s commitment to defining not just the future of mobility but a broader technology environment. 

In this event, Hyundai Motor showcases the brand vision of Progress for Humanity, and the Ease Every Way theme that reflects their aim to give comfort and peaceful living. Their plan also involves three core universal values of freedom, safety, and fairness at the global level.   

Hyundai Motor Group has stated a commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, backed up by a detailed RE100 strategy to utilise 100 percent renewable energy in all group companies by 2045 and in all foreign industries by 2045. Hyundai Hydrogen Energy will play a significant role in accomplishing those goals. 

Pioneer User-Centered Mobility Ecosystem With Hydrogen,  Software and Al

Hyundai introduced HTWO and is going through a software-driven change that the whole Group is spearheading. Hyundai understands the role of software and AI in developing a user-centric mobility ecosystem as a provider of smart mobility solutions. At the CES 2024 Hyundai exhibition, the company unveiled its Software-defined Everything i.e. SDx strategy, which intends to turn all moving devices, fleets, and the ecosystem into valuable assets through sophisticated software and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Hyundai will demonstrate its waste-to-hydrogen production and hydrogen value chain, as well as SDV technology and future mobility concepts. Attendees may visit from 9 to 12 January 2024 at the Hyundai Motor Exhibition stand at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall. 

  • Under the theme ‘Ease Every Way’, Hyundai emphasises its dedication to leading human-centric living advances through hydrogen energy, software, and AI. 
  • Introduces the HTWO hydrogen value chain solution, which includes hydrogen generation, storage, transportation, and consumption. 
  • Introduces the ‘Software-defined Everything’ (SDx) concept, which reimagines cars, fleets, and transportation systems using software and artificial intelligence. 
  • Hyundai presents its hydrogen value chain, waste-to-energy technique, SDV technology, and future mobility exhibitions from January 9 to 12, 2024. 

Hyundai’s Virtual Frontier With Roblox Hyundai Map

Hyundai’s Virtual Frontier With Roblox Hyundai Map
Hyundai’s Virtual Frontier With Roblox Hyundai Map

Roblox fans are treated to a compelling addition in the current Hyundai Motor Exhibition- the Roblox Hyundai map. This realistic virtual area within Roblox’s vast metaverse showcases Hyundai’s groundbreaking automobiles and technology. Users may get up close and personal with Hyundai’s latest models by exploring carefully crafted virtual showrooms. The map is more than just a visual treat, it also functions as an interactive platform where users can interact with virtual representations of Hyundai’s cutting-edge features, ranging from electric vehicles to future concept automobiles. 

The Roblox Hyundai map cleverly combines fun with education, creating a dynamic environment in which players can learn about Hyundai’s dedication to sustainability, technical development, and future transportation options. It demonstrates Hyundai’s innovative strategy to reach out to a varied audience in the digital realm. Users will obtain insights into Hyundai’s vision for the future of transportation as they journey through this virtual exhibition, cementing its position not just on the roads but also in the ever-expanding domain of virtual experience. The Roblox map of Hyundai is a trailblazing endeavour that bridges the gap between the automobile sector and the immersive environment of Roblox. 

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Unveiling Hyundai’s Future Into Hydrogen and Software Beyond Mobility at CES 2024

hyundai motor exhibition

As we have come a long way, we got to know about Hyundai’s future and demonstrate how its hydrogen-powered and software-driven development can benefit humankind as a whole. The firm will also outline its strategy for fostering human-centered technologies beyond transportation to improve people’s daily lives. The future vision for Hyundai Motor will combine the strengths of Hyundai Motor Group affiliates to hasten the transition to a hydrogen-powered society. In addition, the business will reveal its modular hydrogen toolbox, which will help to successfully construct a clean hydrogen value chain. 

Furthermore, the Hyundai Motor Exhibition will define the company’s overall software strategy and future direction to create a fully optimised, user-centric ecosystem that connects devices services, and solutions. From January 9 to 12, the company will showcase its diversified approach, ranging from demonstration technologies to future mobility concepts. It will demonstrate how it will establish a human-centered future society by changing to a hydrogen energy environment and focusing on software and AI. 

Hyundai’s Motor Exhibition Fostering Paradigm Shift Expansion From SDV to SDx

In a remarkable paradigm shift, the Hyundai motor exhibition is spearheading the transition from SDV(Software-defined vehicle) to a broader SDx concept, encapsulating ‘Software-defined Everything.’ The automobile giant intentionally announced an exhibition at CES 2024, containing exhibits and movies that dive into the essential technologies of SDV. These technologies developed by Hyundai’s global software center, 42dots, demonstrate the company’s dedication to the revolutionary potential of software (SW) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the area of smart mobility solutions. 

The emphasis at CES goes beyond the traditional confines of automobiles, including the entire ecosystem, and encourages a holistic approach to SDx. Hyundai’s objective is to rethink not only automobiles but also their surroundings, envisioning a future in which every aspect is intelligently networked via SW and AI. This strategic decision establishes Hyundai Motor as a forerunner in the transition to a ‘Software-defined Everything’ landscape. 

Hyundai’s current breakthroughs in practical software-defined mobility services are depicted on a dynamic canvas at the CES display. At the same time, it provides a look into the technical frontiers that will push SDx’s development. The innovations on display not only demonstrate Hyundai’s technological strength but also convey its vision of a flawlessly linked future in which software and artificial intelligence orchestrate a symphony of efficiency and creativity. 

As the Hyundai Motor exhibition explores unknown terrain, CES 2024 becomes a critical forum for the corporation to showcase its commitment to enhancing mobility through cutting-edge software technology. Hyundai is indicating a bold commitment to influencing the future of smart transportation via the perspective of ‘software-defined Everything.’ 

Experience Future Mobility Realising The Human-centered vision with Dice-Space-City Pod

Hyundai’s DICE (Digital Curated Experience) transforms the landscape of personal mobility by seamlessly integrating AI to provide bespoke services via customised software technologies. This dynamic platform converts transportation into a personalised digital trip that is tailored to the user’s preferences. 

In addition to DICE, Hyundai unveils SPACE (Spatial Curated Experience), a forward-thinking concept that tailors spatial experiences to varied lifestyles within the mobility sector. This program integrates individual preferences into the design of the mobility environment resulting in a choice of products to meet a wide range of user demands. SPACE pushes the bounds of conventional transportation by emphasising unconstrained movement. 

Both DICE and SPACE represent Hyundai’s dedication to innovation, which was on display during the Hyundai Motor Exhibition. The platform demonstrates Hyundai’s commitment to hydrogen energy, linking these developments with a goal. 

Key Highlights of CES 2024 Hyundai Exhibition

Hyundai Hydrogen Energy Solutions:

Hyundai introduced HTWO, a hydrogen value chain system that includes production, storage, transportation, and usage. Megawatt-scale PEM electrolyzer development for green hydrogen generation. By 2035, the company intends to consume 3 million tons of hydrogen as a clean energy source that can help achieve sustainability and carbon neutrality goals. SDx (Software-defined Everything) Hyundai proposed an SDx approach that used software and AI to redefine automobiles, fleets, and transportation networks. Software-defined Vehicles aka SDVs are being introduced by merging software development approaches into vehicle development. Expansion of fleet operations and insights software solutions, including bespoke fleet management services and real-time data analytics. Aim to build an integrated ecosystem that connects people, devices, and cities, giving transportation as a service to everyone. 

Software-defined Everything that is SDx Strategy

Here are a few points:

  • Hyundai debuts Software-defined vehicles (SDVs), which integrate software development approaches into vehicle development to improve capabilities. 
  • The goal for expanding fleet software solutions includes tailored fleet management services and real-time data analytics for better operations. 
  • The ultimate objective is to create an integrated ecosystem that connects individuals, devices, and cities while also making transportation as a service available to everyone. 

Hyundai’s Commitment to Hydrogen Society

Here is what you need to know:

  • Expansion of HTWO into Hyundai Motor hydrogen energy value chain business brand, including a variety of industries other than passenger automobiles. 
  • There is a focus on resource-cycling hydrogen generation systems such as Waste-to-Hydrogen aka W2H and Plastic-to-Hydrogen aka P2H. 
  • Participation in hydrogen initiatives across the world with a concentration on Indonesia and the United States. 

Partnerships and Collaborations

How the Hyundai Motor Exhibition showed collaboration:

  • Collaboration with Tenstorrent for software and AI improvements. 
  • Participation in hydrogen demonstration projects in the United States, such as the NorCAL ZERO project and the ‘Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs’ initiative. 

SDx in the Mobility Ecosystem

  • Hyundai’s SDx strategy aims to create a mobility ecosystem based on the user. SDVs are being developed to improve the user experience, including a new infotainment system and the integration of a big language model into the AI assistant. 
  • Expansion of software solutions to include software-defined fleets for enterprises, as well as enhanced fleet management and data analytics. 
  • The vision of automobiles becoming ‘AI robots’ that constantly learn to serve consumers better. 

Hyundai Motor Exhibition CES 2024 showcases

A glimpse into hydrogen innovation and future mobility:

  • At CES 2024, Hyundai took center stage, revealing its hydrogen value chain, waste-to-hydrogen process, SDV technology, and future mobility displays. 
  • Under the theme ‘Ease Every Way’ Hyundai’s focus shifted to a human-centric future, stressing the integration of hydrogen energy and cutting-edge software technology. 

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After so much detailed talk about the latest event of the Hyundai Motor Exhibition 2024, it stands out as a showcase of innovation, combining hydrogen energy, software prowess, and individualized mobility experience. Hyundai demonstrates a commitment to defining the future of transportation, from the release of the Roblox Hyundai Map to the ambitious DICE and SPACE programs. The show, which embraces the subject ‘Ease Every Way’ displays a human-centric approach. This exhibition solidifies Hyundai’s position at the vanguard of automotive innovation, promising a future where cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and customized experiences effortlessly meet on the roads of tomorrow. 

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What is the Hyundai Motor Exhibition at CES 2024?
Hyundai Motor Exhibition at CES 2024 is based on the software-defined motor that Hyundai is about to launch. Here it will showcase the videos introducing core “software-defined vehicle” that is SDV technologies under the development of the Group’s Global software center. 
When and where is the Hyundai Motor Exhibition at CES 2024 taking place?
The Hyundai Motor Exhibition took place on 9 and 10 January 2024 with the Hyundai Motor and Kia’s ZER01NE Creative Talent Platform. 
What can visitors expect to see at the Hyundai Motor Exhibition?
Hyundai Motors hopes to provide consumers with an experience trip into the human-centered future vision through the presentation of major demonstration technologies in hydrogen and software and future mobility ideas through this exhibition. 

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