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Cast of traces tv series
Cast of traces tv series | Thewebhunting

Prepare yourself for a journey of excitement, mystery and excellent actors! Season two of Traces is finally here and it’s bound to have you at the edge of your seat. But how can you keep up with all the thrills? Virgin Mobile TV Box with broadband has got you covered.

With Virgin Mobile TV Box with broadband, all episodes are available on demand. Don’t miss Traces season 2; catch up today! You can watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere as Virgin Mobile TV Box with broadband offers convenience like no other.

How to Watch Traces TV Series on Virgin Mobile TV Box with Broadband

How to Watch Traces TV Series on Virgin Mobile TV Box with Broadband
How to Watch Traces TV Series on Virgin Mobile TV Box with Broadband | Thewebhunting

1. Upgrade Your Package

Are you aware that Virgin Mobile has created a variety of packages to fit your taste? Don’t worry if you prefer watching TV dramas like Traces or just casual viewing, there is something for you. You may want to think about upgrading to include extra HD channels, premium content or faster broadband speeds that make streaming smoother.

2. Discover On-Demand Content

Virgin Mobile TV Box is packed with more than just live TV channels. You can watch the Cast of Traces TV Series at your own pace through previous episodes, behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews and exclusive extras. On-demand entertainment lets you choose what to watch and when.

3. Set Up Recordings

We all live busy lives but we shouldn’t let this stop us from watching our favorite shows. With Virgin Mobile TV Box, recording set up is easy and allows watching the Cast of Traces TV Series later on. Simply schedule recordings in advance; your Virgin Media box will do everything else so that no moment is missed out on action-packed events.

4. Enhance Your Viewing Experience

Unleash the power of Virgin Mobile TV Box with these cutting-edge features. Use interactive apps, keep up with the latest news and sports or watch movies all day long with your loved ones. Virgin Mobile TV Box converts your living room into a centre for entertainment where you can even control it using your voice and get recommendations that suit you best.

5. Connect Anywhere, Anytime

There are no limits to entertainment when you have a Virgin Mobile TV Box combined with broadband. You can watch all your favourite shows and movies wherever you are; at home or while travelling. 

This is possible through Virgin TV Go app which allows you to stream content on your mobile device once you download it and log in using Virgin Media account details. With Virgin Mobile TV Box, entertainment follows you wherever you go.

Fun Facts About the Cast of Traces TV Series

1. From Lab Assistant to Leading Lady: Molly Windsor’s Rise

Molly Windsor, who plays the determined Emma Hedges in Traces, never thought of becoming an actress. She worked as a waitress before getting her big break! This humble beginning makes her performance as wide-eyed Emma even more believable. It’s strange that Traces is not the first time she has acted in a crime drama. Previously, Windsor appeared on “Broadchurch,” another BBC show about the secrets of small towns.

2. A Storied History: Laura Fraser’s Accolades

Laura Fraser starred as brilliant Professor Sarah Gordon; she has an impressive record as an actress. Did you know that like her character, she is Scottish? In capturing the very essence of Scotland’s landscape and culture which is so prominent in the series “Traces”, this feature brings out authenticity in her performance. Throughout her career, people have always noticed Fraser’s talent since she was nominated for both satellite and BAFTA awards.

3. More Than Meets the Eye: Jennifer Spence’s Musical Side

You may not know this, but Jennifer Spence can play the flute and piano with great skill. Although she’s best known for her role as Professor Kathy Torrance – a no-nonsense forensic scientist – on Traces, she is also classically trained as a musician. This part of her artistic identity might be missed by some viewers; however, it reflects well upon the depth and adaptability that define good acting.

4. Familiar Faces: Martin Compston’s Scottish Success

In the world of Scottish crime dramas, Martin Compston is somewhat famous for his portrayal of Daniel MacAfee in Traces. But did you know that he was an accomplished actor back in Scotland even before starring in such successful shows like “Line of Duty”? And there’s more! Not only does Martin act; but he writes scripts too! 

5. A Cast that Clicks

The chemistry among the cast of Traces TV series is obvious and it seems there may be good reasons for this. Laura Fraser and Michael Nardone (DI Neil McKinven) are just some examples but many other actors have also starred in shows together before working on Traces. This feeling of recognition brings about real comfortability when acting which in turn makes every relationship between people shown in Traces even more realistic than they would have been if different actors were used or if none had ever met each other professionally.


The Cast of Traces TV Series and its scriptwriters foster a compelling story beyond any ordinary crime drama through their interactions with one another while on the path of self-discovery. Once the end credits roll it is hard to forget these individuals – this speaks volumes about both the acting abilities displayed by performers as well creative skills employed by writers.

Virgin Media has made available streaming services for the Cast of Traces TV Series where you can watch it if interested in such an absorbing show. For more information, visit TheWebHunting!


Which actors are in the Cast of Traces TV Series?
Molly Windsor, Laura Fraser, Jennifer Spence and Martin Compston are among the leading cast members of Traces.
What have the Cast of Traces TV Series done besides this show?
Molly Windsor was in a show called “Three Girls”; Laura Fraser acted in “Breaking Bad”; Jennifer Spence starred in “Continuum”; and Martin Compston is known for his role in “Line of Duty.”
How can I find interviews or behind the scenes stuff with the Cast of Traces TV Series?
Yes — you can find interviews or behind-the-scenes content featuring them on entertainment websites, social media platforms, or possibly on the official show’s website/ streaming platform.
Are there any notable guest stars in Traces?
Throughout the course of its run, various actors including Carly Anderson, Michael Nardone and Laurie Brett made appearances as guest stars in different episodes of this series.

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