Compare Broadband Deals And Bundles For Fats And Affordable Internet

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Broadband Deals
Broadband Deals

Fast internet is no more a dream, it has swiftly escalated into an absolute necessity that one simply cannot do without. Your personal and business spaces, each need fast internet services alike to ensure a smooth workflow in this highly digitised world. The emphasis on full fibre technology ensures reliability in times when downtime is, in fact, a luxury none can afford. In this blog, Thewebhunting will help you choose the best broadband deals for your home and your business that will definitely take all your worries away. 

What is Vodafone broadband?

Vodafone Broadband boasts of being the UK’s largest full fibre provider, delivering speeds of up to 910Mbps. This impressive speed allows you to stream your favourite content, engage in online gaming, and work without the limitations that slower connections might impose. One of the standout features of Vodafone Broadband is its Intelligent WiFi. This system automatically optimises your WiFi connection, ensuring all the devices that have been connected receive the fastest and most reliable signal possible which eliminates the stress of dead zones or inconsistent connections.

You can also use the Vodafone Together discount by bringing your family’s broadband and mobile plans all under the Vodafone umbrella, where you can enjoy significant savings of up to £380 per year. This simplifies the entire billing process and ensures that everyone in your family gets exceptional internet service.

Vodafone Broadband believes in providing more for less. There are no hidden set-up fees to worry about, and all plans have unlimited broadband usage. Your landline is also included as part of the package, eliminating the need for extra expenses or complicated setups.

Vodafone Broadband Deals

Broadband + 1 SIM Broadband + 2 SIMs Broadband + 3 SIMs Broadband + 4 SIMs
Pro Full Fibre 1 monthly cost £27 £27 £27 £27
Unlimited Max SIM(s) monthly cost £32 £54.40 £76.80 £99.20
Vodafone Together monthly total £59 £81.40 £103.80 £126.20
Vodafone Together yearly saving £36 £151.20 £266.40 £381.60


How to get Broadband Deals for yourself-  

  • Go to the Vodafone’s official website and check out the available plans to get a broadband connection. 
  • Enter the postcode of your address. Vodafone also lets you find your postcode, in case you are unaware of it. 
  • Next, select your address from the list that will appear based on the postcode that you have provided. 
  • If you already are a Vodafone customer, login to check if you can get an offer for yourself. 
  • Then, select the broadband contract type. Choose home if you want broadband deals for personal use. If you need it for a more professional environment, choose Business. 
  • Next select your landline option. You can keep your current landline number or get a new landline number. Even if you do not need one, Vodafone can easily set it up for you at no additional cost. 
  • Next choose the right broadband deals for you. First, select the right speed for you. You can choose from 35 Mbps or 59.5 Mbps. You can also choose an unlimited Fibre 2 plan with a 24-month contract which also includes an intelligent WiFi hub. 
  • You can also choose Pro II Fibre 2 which gives you the benefits of New Ultra Hub with WiFi 6E, Super WiFi 6E Booster, Automatic 4G Broadband Back-up and Dedicated Wi-Fi Xperts. 
  • Next select your add-ons for your broadband deals. You get the following options- 
    1. International 300- 300 min a month to numbers in selected countries (£5 a month)
    2. Evening & Weekend- Evening and weekend calls to standard UK landlines (£4 a month)
    3. Anytime Landline & Mobile- To standard UK landlines and mobiles from your home phone (£8 a month)
  • The next page will let you choose how you want the setup to continue. You need to feed in your activation date in the option provided. Vodafone will confirm your activation date within 48 hours of order placement and will transfer the required equipment 3 days before your activation date. In case of any landline number shift, an additional 48 hours might be required. 
  • If you already have an existing connection with another provider, they will help you switch it to Vodafone on the same day. This will cancel your current contract with them, but you will need to clear any charges due if your contract has not been cleared or ended yet. You will, however, need to contact Virgin Media yourself if you have a pre existing contract.  
  • On the same page, check the terms and conditions of the broadband deals carefully. They will require you to confirm that you have the means to make calls to the emergency line in case of a power cut or that you acknowledge that devices such as security or social/care alarms, may not be compatible with your new digital voice, and you might  need to check with the device manufacturer to see if they’ll work.
  • On the next step, review your basket to see what broadband deals and add ons you have chosen for yourself. You can also put in a promo code if you have one. 
  • Next fill in your personal and contact details, your address, payment mode and review your order. Once final, make the final purchase.

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If you’re looking to save money on broadband deals, check out these recommendations by Thewebhunting. Vodafone has always been a frontrunner as an internet service provider and guarantees seamless connections and impeccable customer support. Hurry and switch to Vodafone for the lightning speed connection that you desire! 


Can I upgrade or change my Vodafone broadband plan during my contract?
You can change your plan once every billing cycle but you might want to contact the customer support of Vodafone to get detailed information. 
What is Vodafone's customer support and technical assistance like?
Simply dial 191 from your Vodafone mobile phone or 0333 3040 191 from any other phone. Standard charges may apply when calling from another network. 
Are there any options for business broadband with Vodafone?
Yes, you get the option to choose between personal or business use when applying for a new connection. 

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