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Broadband and unlimited calls
Broadband and unlimited calls | Thewebhunting

Are you still in search of a fast and reliable broadband service combined with unlimited calls? End your search right here with all the answers to the questions you may have in your mind! We suggest exploring Sky services and packages. Sky is one of the favourite broadband service providers in the UK which works on the Openreach network. We will discuss why it’s the favourite here, what broadband and unlimited calls package it offers and what is the network used. 

Unlimited phone calls and broadband packages UK

Unlimited phone calls and broadband packages UK
Unlimited phone calls and broadband packages UK | Thewebhunting

Sky, one of the UK’s favourite providers, offers a range of services where you can get broadband and unlimited calls. Let’s explore what you can get.

Broadband Packages

  1. Superfast Broadband: With an average speed of 61 Mbps, this package includes unlimited usage and costs £28.00 per month. It comes with a £50 voucher and has an 18-month contract.
  2. Full Fibre 100: For new customers, this package offers an average speed of 100 Mbps with no setup costs. It’s priced at £28.00 per month and also has an 18-month contract.
  3. Ultrafast Broadband: New customers can enjoy an average speed of 145 Mbps with no setup costs. The monthly price is £30.00 during the 18-month contract.
  4. Superfast Broadband + Wifi Max: This package combines an average speed of 61 Mbps with the benefits of Wifi Max. It’s priced at £34.50 per month for new customers.
  5. Full Fibre: Full Fibre Broadband from Sky is revolutionary. It provides download speeds of up to 900 Mb/s, which is 25 times faster than our regular fibre. It is delivered by a dedicated line directly to your home.

For broadband and unlimited calls, you can take combined packages for both. 

Phone Packages

  1. Pay as You Go Calls: Included with all Sky broadband packages.
  2. Evenings and Weekends Extra: Unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines and mobiles.
  3. Anytime Extra: Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles.
  4. International Extra: Unlimited calls to 50 overseas locations as well as landlines and mobile phones in the UK. 

Choose the broadband and unlimited calls combination that suits your needs—whether it’s fast broadband, unlimited calls, or both!

What is the Openreach Network used by Sky?

What is the Openreach Network used by Sky?
What is the Openreach Network used by Sky? | Thewebbhunting

Sky Broadband utilizes the Openreach network, which is the most widely used cable network in the UK. 

Openreach Network

  • Broad Coverage: Openreach has the biggest broadband network in the UK, covering 99% of homes and businesses—even in remote areas.
  • Open to All: It’s an open network, meaning more than 650 service providers use it. Household names like Sky, TalkTalk, BT, and Zen operate on this network.
  • Choice: With over 650 providers, you have a variety of packages of broadband and unlimited calls to choose from.
  • Ultrafast Full Fibre: Openreach is rapidly building the biggest and fastest-growing Ultrafast Full Fibre network in the UK. Millions of homes and businesses will have access to speeds of up to 1000 Mbps.
  • Reliability: Openreach’s Full Fibre broadband network is fast, reliable, and future-ready. Its fibre cables can handle increasing bandwidth and speed as technology advances.
  • Engineers: Openreach boasts 29,000 highly skilled engineers, more than any other network in the UK. Their expertise ensures top-quality service.

Technologies Used

Ultrafast Full Fibre (FTTP): Also known as Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), it directly connects the exchange to your home or business using fibre optic cables. This ensures lightning-fast speeds and reliability. Other technologies include ADSL2+ and Superfast fibre broadband.

Choosing a Sky Broadband Package

Sky, like many other UK providers, uses the Openreach network. If you’re switching to Sky from another provider for broadband and unlimited calls on the Openreach network (which includes almost everyone except Virgin Media), the right cables are already in place at your property. 

Why should you choose Sky?

Why should you choose Sky?
Why should you choose Sky? | Thewebhunting

Selecting Sky services over competing offerings can be influenced by several variables, such as personal tastes, requirements, and priorities for broadband and unlimited calls. The following are some justifications for choosing Sky services.

A broad range of content: Sky offers a wide variety of content, including movies, sports, documentaries, and TV shows, catering to diverse interests and preferences.

Exclusive content: Sky often secures exclusive rights to popular TV shows, movies, and sports events, providing access to content that may not be available through other providers.

High-quality viewing experience: Sky is known for its high definition (HD) and Ultra HD (4K) content, delivering superior picture and sound quality for an immersive viewing experience.

Innovative features: Sky constantly innovates its services, introducing features like Sky Q, which allows users to record multiple shows simultaneously, stream content on multiple devices, and access on-demand content.

Bundled packages: Sky offers bundled packages that combine TV, internet, and phone services, providing convenience and potentially cost savings for customers who require multiple services.

Reliable customer service: Sky is known for its responsive customer service, offering assistance with technical issues, billing inquiries, and other concerns.

Flexibility: With Sky’s customizable subscription choices, users may select add-ons and bundles that best fit their needs and budget.

Integration with other services: The ability of Sky services to interact with other platforms and devices allows for seamless content access across many platforms and devices.

The choice to use Sky Services versus alternative providers ultimately comes down to personal tastes, watching habits, financial constraints, and the accessibility of services in your location. 

Who is the Sky Complete Bundle for? 

Who is the Sky Complete Bundle for? 
Who is the Sky Complete Bundle for? | Thewebhunting

The Sky Complete Bundle is ideal for households that want an all-inclusive package. It’s perfect for families or individuals who require both broadband and unlimited calls and TV services. Here’s why.

1. Families and Heavy Internet Usage

If you have multiple devices and need ultrafast broadband, this bundle is suitable for streaming, downloading, and gaming without lag or buffering.

2. High-Definition Streaming

With superfast broadband, you can stream your favourite shows and movies in high definition on multiple devices simultaneously and enjoy anytime calls and broadband packages.

3. Unlimited Calls

Enjoy unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles.

4. Exclusive Content

Access Sky Originals and Sky Sports, which are not available on other platforms.


Sky Broadband guarantees that if you experience slower speed than said in your package for three days in a row within 30 days, you will get your money back. Sky Broadband generally offers vast coverage, a reliable network, and multiple packages for different requirements, hence, it is the most picked provider. You can choose Sky for fast broadband and unlimited calls at your home or workplace and enjoy fast streaming. Check out more broadband, TV and phone packages in the UK at Sky.com. 

Explore TheWebHunting for more information and updates. 


Do you need a telephone line for broadband?
Yes, usually. Most broadband services require a telephone line connection. It’s how the internet signals get to your home.
What is unlimited fibre broadband?
Unlimited fibre broadband means you can use as much internet as you want without worrying about data limits. It’s a type of internet connection that uses fibre-optic cables for faster speeds.
What speed is Sky Broadband Unlimited?
Sky Broadband Unlimited offers different speeds depending on your location and package. It can range from around 11 Mbps to 145 Mbps. 

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