Do It Yourself and Save! Affordable Building Equipment for Every Project

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affordable building equipment
affordable building equipment

Ever envisioned building a bookshelf that flawlessly fits your top choice novels? Or possibly a garden shed to store all your outdoor gear? The world of DIY calls, but stresses about expensive gear could be holding you back. Fear not, fellow fixer-uppers! Here at The Range, we believe that making your dream home or garden shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we offer a phenomenal choice of affordable building equipment to turn your DIY dreams into reality. From hammers and saws to drills and tape measures, we have everything you need to handle those end-of-the-week projects without putting a strain on your wallet. So, get your tool belt, unleash your inner builder, and get ready to form something amazing!

Types of affordable building equipment

When it comes to DIY ventures and building on a budget, there’s a range of affordable building equipment that can make a huge contrast. Here are a few key categories to consider.

Basic Hand Tools

  • Hammer: A classic for hammering nails, essential for various tasks.
  • Saw: Depending on your project, a handsaw, hacksaw, or adapting saw can be budget-friendly alternatives.
  • Tape Measure: Precise measurements are crucial, select a tape measure with a length reasonable for your projects.
  • Level: Ensures shelves, pictures, and furniture are straight.
  • Utility Knife: A flexible tool for cutting, stripping wires, and opening materials.
  • Screwdrivers (Phillips & Flathead): For fixing and loosening screws of different sizes.
  • Safety Gear: Do not forget safety! Invest in gloves, security glasses, and a dust mask for protection.

Power Tools (Consider cost-effective options)

  • Drill: A cordless penetrate offers flexibility for drilling holes in different materials.
  • Electric Sander: Smooths unpleasant surfaces on wood, metal, and other materials. (Search for corded choices for reasonableness)
  • Jig Saw: Enables cutting intricate shapes in wood and other materials.

Material Handling Tools

  • Folding Hand Truck: Perfect for transporting smaller loads of tools and materials.
  • Wheelbarrow: Great for moving heavier materials like soil, mulch, or rock.
  • Drop Cloths & Tarps: Ensure surfaces from spills, clean, and debris.

When choosing affordable building equipment, consider the quality and its appropriateness to your extent. Now and then, contributing to a slightly more costly, solid device can save you cash in the long run compared to replacing a low-quality one as often as possible.

Best affordable building equipment at The Range

1. Corrapol-BT Bitumen Sheet

Corrapol-BT Bitumen Sheet
Corrapol-BT Bitumen Sheet

Leaking roof got you down? Dreaming of a weatherproof shed? Look no further than the Corrapol-BT Bitumen Sheet! This affordable building equipment is a lightweight and easy-to-install roofing solution, perfect for keeping the elements at bay.  Imagine the satisfaction of tackling that roof repair yourself – order your Corrapol Sheet today and enjoy a dry space for years to come!

2. 1T-Mech Nail And Staple Gun – Blue

This affordable building equipment is a total time-saver! No more fiddling with hammers and nails – this handy tool lets you secure materials with ease, making your projects flow smoothly.  Upgrade your DIY efficiency – order your Nail and Staple Gun today!

3. T Mech Electric Cement Mixer 70 Litre – Orange

T Mech Electric Cement Mixer 70 Litre - Orange
T Mech Electric Cement Mixer 70 Litre – Orange

It can be quite exhausting to mix concrete by hand, leaving you in need of a rest. The T Mech Electric Cement Mixer changes the game! This powerful mixer effortlessly blends your concrete mix, saving you time and muscle aches. Get smooth, professional results without the professional price tag – order your Electric Cement Mixer today and experience the ease of perfectly mixed concrete!

4. Monster Racking Drywall and Plasterboard Trolley 1000kg – Orange

Those large drywall sheets can be a handful to move around, constantly threatening to topple over. The Monster Racking Trolley takes the struggle out of transportation. With a whopping 1000kg capacity, it can handle even the heaviest boards, making your solo project a breeze.  Move materials with ease – order your Plasterboard Trolley today and experience the joy of effortless drywall transportation!

5. Kukoo Commercial Bone Saw Bandsaw – Silver

Kukoo Commercial Bone Saw Bandsaw - Silver
Kukoo Commercial Bone Saw Bandsaw – Silver

Need a helping hand for smaller hauling tasks? This Folding Hand Truck is a lifesaver! This compact and lightweight truck folds neatly for storage and unfolds to handle up to 80kg of weight. Perfect for transporting tools, materials, or even bags of soil – order your Folding Hand Truck today and eliminate those multiple trips back and forth!

6. Folding Hand Truck 80kg Max Load

This affordable building equipment is a must-have for any DIY toolbox! The T-Mech Nail and Staple Gun tackle various tasks, from upholstery and crafting to quick furniture repairs. Say goodbye to hammer fatigue and hello to efficient fastening – order your Nail and Staple Gun today and experience the versatility of this handy tool!


So there you have it! With The Range’s affordable building equipment, you don’t require a contractor’s budget to convert your home or garden. Imagine the fulfilment of making something functional and excellent together with your own two hands! Plus, the sense of achievement is priceless. Browse our extensive range today and find the bliss (and reasonableness) of DIY! Who knows, you might just surprise yourself with your hidden building talents. Happy building! 

Shop quality building equipment at the official pages of The Range and for more information on affordable building equipment TheWebHunting!


What is the cheapest material to build a building with?
The cheapest material depends on several variables, like your area and the building’s purpose. Generally, concrete blocks, compressed soil squares, or indeed reused materials can be cost-effective choices.
What is the cheapest style home to build?
Simple, square or rectangular floor plans with minimal highlights tend to be the cheapest to construct. Minor homes are also gaining popularity due to their centre on productive use of space and materials.
What is the cheapest form of building?
Usually, the least expensive alternative is a simple shed-style building with a plain roof.

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