Give Yourself A Glam Makeover With Women’s Ultra High-Rise Jeans

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Women’s ultra high-rise jeans
Women’s ultra high-rise jeans | Thewebhunting

With the continuous change in global fashion trends, women’s ultra high-rise jeans seem like it’s going to stay. The oversized and baggy clothing is taking over the fashion world. And why shouldn’t this be happening? Oversized and baggy clothes are the OG streetwear, a perfect blend of sheer comfort and aesthetics. But still, some fashion enthusiasts pass a bold fashion statement while rocking a skinny or a regular fit ultra high rise pair of jeans.

For a long time, ultra high-rise pants for women have been the most popular bottom-wear item. Today, 2024, it’s one of the biggest fashion styles.  

Why Choose Women’s Ultra High-Rise Jeans?

Well, many people get confused between women’s ultra high-rise and high-rise jeans. It is a common misconception to consider them both similar. But in reality, they are completely different fashion styles. 

High-rise jeans fit in the natural waistline, which is about 10 inches to 12 inches. It does not show the natural illusion of lengthening the legs. Whereas, ultra high rise jeans have a waist fit of anything above or equal to 13 inches and are generally above the belly button. They show a natural illusion of lengthening the legs. It incorporates a similar structure and design as high-rise jeans which is the actual reason why people get confused between them. They are available in multiple designs like straight, skinny, bootcut, and many more.  

They give almost a perfect fit all around, there is near to no discomfort in walking or sitting, unlike other skinny jeans. People are going crazy over this new bold and aesthetic fashion style.

It is the remaking of retro style and gives a classy vibe. With such versatile bottom wear it is astonishingly very easy to pair with any upper wear.

Designs Available in Women’s Ultra High-Rise Jeans

There are numerous designs in which women’s ultra high-rise jeans are available. The following five are the most popular designs.

1. Straight Fit 

Straight Fit 
Straight Fit | Thewebhunting

As the name suggests the fit this design will give is completely straight from hip to hem and gives the final look a linear and symmetrical finish. Such jeans are good to pair with a regular and slim-fit T-shirt. Add some layers to the top and you are ready to slay.

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2. Skinny Fit  

It is one of the classic and most comfortable designs. This design gives out a slightly curvy fit hugging the skin from hip to ankle. Tunics, tops, and crop tops are best to pair with skinny-fit women’s ultra high-rise jeans. 

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3. Curve Fit 

Curve Fit 
Curve Fit | Thewebhunting

A design loved by all curvy women because of its utmost comfortability. This design has more space in the hip and the thigh area making it an ideal choice for curvy body type women. These jeans look wonderful with various shoes and heels. 

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4. Gardener Dropped Fit

A saviour for all tall women who are conscious about their height. This design makes taller people seem shorter as these jeans are cropped from the bottom, creating an illusion of a short body type. They are one of the most comfortable women’s ultra high-rise jeans available. Pair them with a tucked sweater and shirts for the best look.

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5. Slim Fit  

Slim Fit  
Slim Fit  | Thewebhunting

Well, Slim Fit is the most preferred and comfortable ultra high-rise jeans designed for women. They hug the curve from the hip and thighs without being too tight. They are very versatile and suit almost all body types. 

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Styling Tips for Women’s Ultra High-Rise Jeans

  • You have numerous footwear options to choose from, from chunky shoes to high heels everything blends well with ultra high-rise jeans.
  • Don’t forget to accessorise! Accessories are a very important aspect of an outfit which will help you to make your final look even better. 
  • Using a belt might be a controversial topic as there are both groups, who object and accept belts. But, belts are like the centerpiece of the whole outfit and no one should neglect the centerpiece.
  • Wearing a balanced outfit also plays an important role. It is recommended that fit or regular fit should be paired with women’s ultra high-rise jeans.
  •  Layer is also a popular trend, it helps to enhance your outfit as well as give some depth to it.


So, we have covered all topics related to women’s ultra high-rise jeans. And that is pretty much everything you need to know about these jeans. Join the trend and give yourself a fantastic makeover with some aesthetic pair of jeans. Be bold and confident with amazing pairs of jeans from Everlane. 

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What body type is best for ultra high-rise jeans?
Well, Ultra high-rise jeans are quite versatile and women with any body type can wear them. You can get these jeans in multiple fits, which means finding a perfect pair of jeans is no longer a difficult task for you.
How are highrise and high-waisted jeans different?
Ultra high-rise jeans are those jeans that have a waist fit of anything above and equal to 13 inches and are generally above the belly button. They show a natural illusion of lengthening the legs. It incorporates a similar structure and design as high-rise jeans which is the main reason why people get confused between them.
Can women with short body types wear ultra high-rise jeans?
Yes, but, keep in mind that if their outfit is not balanced, then, they won’t get the expected final look.
Are Ultra high-rise jeans comfortable?
Yes, they are very comfortable but if you are planning to wear skinny-fit ultra-high-rise jeans for long hours, then, it may cause you some discomfort.

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