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I didn’t have much time to go through various window contractors to replace the old ones. Instead, I found a contractor-matching website that seemed like a great idea to try. As soon as I put in a request, I got an email with tons of offers from local contractors.

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I just had a window contractor hired through Home-Quotes to replace four windows in my house. The experience was really good as all the work got done on time and the contractor did a great job of changing my scenic view of the outdoors. I would surely recommend Home-Quotes to other homeowners to avail of home improvement services.

Windows, Windows Everywhere! Choosing The Right Ones For Your Dream Home

From light-blasting picture windows to ventilation-boosting casements, each and every type of window serves a unique purpose in a house. Choosing the perfect windows for your home is all about understanding the needs and accordingly making the right choice. Dive into our expert guide to determine the ideal window type for your home!

1. Double-Hung Windows

Picture this: fresh air flowing in from two sashes gliding open! That’s the magic of double-hung windows. Both sections slide up and down, letting the breeze in and making cleaning a breeze too. These windows are the most popular and widely used ones in various households.

2. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows offer a classic outlook with two vertically stacked sashes, but only the bottom one slides up to open, unlike the double-hung windows. To make it easier, many window brands allow the operable sash to move inwards for easy cleaning.

3. Tilt-Out Windows

Want fresh air with a twist? Tilt-out windows like casements, awnings, and hoppers swing open outwards, allowing the fresh air to fill up the apartment. These single-pane windows work with a simple handle, opening and closing in a single motion.

4. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows come in two main styles- two-sash and three-sash. Both these windows move sideways to open but in different directions. For two-sash windows, either or both sashes slide to open, and the three-sash version keeps the sash center fixed while the other two slides open.

5. Bay and Bow Windows

Craving extra space and a captivating view? Bay and Bow Windows bring the outdoors right into your house with a bump-out design. Bay windows are three-angled windows, creating a sharp and dramatic corner. Whereas, Bow windows curve gently outwards with three or more windows of equal size, giving a panoramic view of the scenery.

How Home-Quotes Vet Window Installers For Your Peace Of Mind?

Don’t let the charming website fool you! Home-Quotes takes window installers’ vetting very seriously. We check their state licensing, insurance, and background verification to ensure they’re legally authorized and guarantee customer satisfaction. To hear and confirm their previous work, hear directly from past clients and their experience.

How Home-Quotes Take The Hassle Out Of The Installation Process?

Just tell us about your project: Where’s the window? What size? Any fancy expectations? The more details, the better! We’ll provide you with several handpicked window installation experts in your area, and they’ll send you personalized cost estimate quotations to choose from. Compare the quotes, choose the best, and book the seamless window installation services with Home-Quotes! Stress-free windows are just a click away!

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Compare window contractors’ quotations side-by-side and choose the best deal that fits your budget and needs.

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We only connect you with vetted professionals who show proven track records and happy customers. Relax knowing your house is in good hands.

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From finding contractors to booking appointments, Home-Quotes makes the window replacement or installation process seamless and effortless.

5. No Upfront Fees

Browse several contractors’ profiles, compare cost estimates, and choose the ideal fit without paying a single dime.