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wedding outfits for men
wedding outfits for men | thewebhunting

When it comes to a man’s big day, selecting the perfect wedding outfit is more than just choosing a suit or tuxedo. It’s about making a statement, exuding confidence, and embracing tradition while adding a personal touch. In this extensive guide, TheWebHunting will walk you through everything you need to know about wedding outfits for men, from classic choices to contemporary trends, ensuring that you look your best on that special day. It will also curate a list of accessories to complete the wedding outfits for men.

Types of wedding outfits for men

The Classic Suit

The classic suit is a timeless choice for the groom. Opt for a well-tailored, two-piece suit in black, navy, or charcoal gray for a sophisticated and traditional look. Add a crisp white dress shirt, a tie or bowtie that complements the wedding theme, and a pocket square for a pop of color. Don’t forget comfortable dress shoes to complete the ensemble.

Tuxedo Elegance

For formal evening weddings, the tuxedo is the perfect example of sophistication. A black or midnight blue tuxedo with satin lapels and a satin stripe along the trousers is the classic choice. Pair it with a crisp white dress shirt, a black bowtie, and patent leather shoes. A tuxedo offers a refined and polished appearance, perfect for a black-tie affair.

The Three-Piece Suit

A three-piece suit adds an extra layer of style and sophistication to your wedding outfits for men. In addition to the suit jacket and trousers, it includes a matching vest or waistcoat. Choose a waistcoat in a coordinating color or pattern to add depth to your look.

Destination Wedding Attire

For destination wedding outfits for men, consider lightweight and breathable fabrics like linen or cotton to keep you comfortable in warm climates. A linen suit in a light color like beige or light gray paired with a lightweight dress shirt and loafers is perfect for a beach wedding.

Modern and Stylish Options

Modern grooms are increasingly exploring unconventional options. Colored suits in shades like deep burgundy, forest green, or even pale blue are gaining popularity. Experiment with different textures and patterns like tweed, plaid, or herringbone for a unique and contemporary look.

Top picks of wedding outfits for men on Debenhams 

1. Slim Fit Double Breasted Tuxedo Suit Jacket

Slim Fit Double Breasted Tuxedo Suit Jacket
Slim Fit Double Breasted Tuxedo Suit Jacket | thewebhunting

The Slim Fit Black Double Breasted Tuxedo Suit Jacket is the perfect example of timeless elegance and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for wedding outfits for men. Crafted from a blend of high-quality materials; polyester, viscose, and elastane, this tuxedo suit jacket offers both comfort and a sleek, modern silhouette. With its rich black hue, this jacket serves as a versatile canvas for a variety of wedding themes and color schemes, making it a go-to choice for grooms who want to look perfect on their special day.

2. Slim Fit Light Blue Puppytooth Suit Trousers

Introducing the Slim Fit Light Blue Puppytooth Suit Trousers are perfect for wedding outfits for men. Whether you’re attending a special occasion or aiming for a smart look at an important event, these trousers have you covered. The single-button design adds a modern touch, and their slim fit ensures a sharp, tailored appearance. Crafted for both comfort and style, these trousers are a must-have addition to your wardrobe, ensuring you stay on-trend and offer confidence on your big day.

3. Skinny Fit Grey Fine Check Waistcoat

Elevate your wedding attire with this Skinny Fit Grey Fine Check Waistcoat, a stylish addition to your collection of men’s suits that effortlessly balances classic and modern elements. Whether you prefer single or double-breasted styles, their range ensures you stay on-trend with sharp tailoring that’s perfect for any season. It’s the ideal choice for grooms and wedding guests alike, one of the perfect wedding outfits for men, ensuring you make a dashing impression on your special day.

4. White Slim Fit Textured Shirt

White Slim Fit Textured Shirt
White Slim Fit Textured Shirt | thewebhunting

Introducing the White Slim Fit Textured Shirt , a versatile addition to your wedding outfits for men selection that effortlessly blends modern style with a touch of sophistication. This shirt is designed with a slim fit for a tailored appearance and features a classic collar design, adding a refined touch to your ensemble. Ideal for more relaxed settings, this shirt complements various occasions. The white color adds a classic touch to this shirt that you can pair with multiple colors of blazers and trousers.

Accessories for men to complete your wedding outfits

Accessories for men to complete your wedding outfits
Accessories for men to complete your wedding outfits | thewebhunting

Yellow Slim Fit Tie

wedding outfits for men Upgrade your wedding attire with this Yellow Slim Fit Tie, the perfect accessory to add a pop of vibrant color and style to your overall look. Whether you’re the groom, a groomsman, or a guest, this tie is a versatile choice that complements various suit colors and styles. Pair it with a classic navy or charcoal suit for a timeless look, or experiment with complementary shades like gray or even a light blue suit for a more contemporary twist.

Lilac Paisley Tie Wedding Set

This Lilac Paisley Tie Wedding Set is the perfect accessory to infuse elegance and charm into your special day. This set creates sophistication and style, featuring a lilac paisley tie, a pocket square, and a brooch pin that adds a touch of timeless beauty to any groom’s or groomsman’s attire. It’s a symbol of grace and refinement that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, making your wedding day all the more memorable.

Sage Silk Bow Tie

wedding outfits for men This Sage Silk Bow Tie is crafted from luxurious silk creating a sense of sophistication and refinement. Its soft sage hue adds a touch of understated charm, making it an ideal choice for a classic or rustic-themed wedding. Whether you opt for a traditional black-tie affair or a more relaxed outdoor celebration, this bow tie is versatile enough to suit any setting.


Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and your choice of attire should reflect the significance of the event. You can mix and match or customize your entire wedding outfit for men at Debenhams where you can also find the matching accessories to complete the entire look. With attention to detail and a touch of personal style, a men’s wedding outfit will not only impress but also create lasting memories of a day filled with love and celebration. For more information, visit The Web Hunting


What should I wear to a destination wedding in a tropical location?
Light and breathable fabrics are key for tropical destination weddings. Consider a linen suit, short-sleeved dress shirt, and comfortable loafers or sandals from Debenhams. Don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen.
How do I choose the right tie for my wedding outfit?
The choice of tie depends on the color and style of your suit or tuxedo. Generally, a tie should complement or contrast with the suit color. For a formal look, opt for a silk tie, while a knit or cotton tie can be more suitable for casual or rustic weddings.
Can I wear a three-piece suit to a summer wedding?
Yes, a three-piece suit can be a great choice for summer wedding outfits for men, especially if it’s made from lightweight and breathable fabric like linen or cotton. You can choose to go without the jacket if it gets too hot during the reception.

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