From Head To Toe: Wedding Accessories For A Picture Perfect Bride

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wedding accessories
wedding accessories

Weddings are not only momentous occasions but also symbolic in meaning – that is they are figurative. Every single detail from the place to the clothes helps in building a long-lasting memory of the day. When it comes to these things, the bride’s gears matter most since they often define how a wedding looks.

Wedding accessories contribute significantly towards enhancing the general appearance and mood of a wedding ceremony. They do more than just match with the bridal dresses but add elegance and sophistication to them. There are different types of wedding accessories which include veils and cufflinks for brides and grooms respectively serving different tastes and likings.

Different Types of Wedding Accessories

1. Bridal Jewellery:

Another vital classification of bridal accessories for women is jewellery, which imbues grace and dignity to your appearance. Exquisite necklaces, earrings, bangles, and bands are added to the look to accentuate the bride’s features and match with her gown. The bride could definitely opt for traditional pearls, diamonds, or other gemstones to suit her look.

2. Veils and Tiaras:

These traditional accessories will add some elegance and sophistication to the bride’s outfit. There are different types of veils ranging from cathedral ones to birdcage veils that could easily match any dress code as well as individual taste However, tiaras can enhance a bridal look with a royal and sophisticated touch.

3. Shoes:

Wedding accessories including bridal shoes are mostly taken for granted but they are very crucial. Bridal shoes ought to match a wedding gown and depending on whether one goes for classic pumps, strappy sandals or embellished heels; they should be comfortable all through the day.. Moreover, selecting shoes in a hue that matches or complements the wedding theme can add to an integrated and polished look.

Top 5 Wedding Accessories for Women on Dorothy Perkins

1. Viviane’ Leather Clutch Bag

Viviane' Leather Clutch Bag
Viviane’ Leather Clutch Bag

The Viviane Leather Clutch Bag is sold in a premium Tan colour that characterises a classy appearance. Its design is clean and simple, with a luxurious cotton lining of 100%. This was carefully made to measure H:18cm x W:27.5cm x D:1 cm, making it fashionable yet practical.

This item can also be used as a bridal clutch or bridesmaid gift because it never goes out of style. The classical Tan shade on this bag blends well with most wedding colours hence an excellent alternative for the bride who prefers sophistication in her wedding look. 

2. Cubic Zirconia Halo Infinity Crystal Toggle Bracelet

The well-crafted and delicate Cubic Zirconia Halo Infinity Crystal Toggle Bracelet is an elegant creation that can be worn with any outfit to add a touch of gracefulness and shine. Having cubic zirconia crystals encrusted on it, the bracelet glows with eternal beauty and elegance. 

Designed in the form of an infinity symbol which means endless love, this is a perfect selection of bridal accessories for a marriage ceremony. The contemporary toggle clasp locks it securely while also being flexible enough at 250mm long.

Measuring 10mm in length when hung from the wrist, this bracelet sits beautifully catching attention due to its glow. It suits bridesmaids, brides and wedding guests as it complements bridal costumes and improves the overall appearance of the event. Get it now!

3. Rhodium Plated Cubic Zirconia Bridal Earrings

Rhodium Plated Cubic Zirconia Bridal Earrings
Rhodium Plated Cubic Zirconia Bridal Earrings

Bring bridal elegance to a high level with Rhodium Plated Cubic Zirconia Bridal Earrings, elegant wedding accessories made for brilliance. Set in rhodium plated silver finish, this pair features sparkly cubic zirconia rocks that express timeless chic. With secure post and bullet back fastening, these allow comfortable wear all day long on your special occasion.

6mm stone size is enhanced by the dramatic 50mm drop length of the earrings which gives them a touch of glamour that is ideal for any bridal attire. As integral wedding items, they mix effortlessly with modern design and classic charm making them an amazing choice for brides who want an exquisite and unforgettable look. Purchase it now!

4. Cream Pearl Clip On Drop Earrings

With these particular Cream Pearl Clip On Drop Earrings, your wedding attire will be complete. It is ideal for enhancing a touch of style to your wedding accessories. These earrings have been designed with utmost attention to detail featuring lustrous cream pearls that hang gracefully from a smooth silver clip-on fastening. 

Not only do these Cream Pearl Clip On Drop Earrings make a stunning addition to your wedding accessories but they also cater well for other special occasions too. These earrings do not just follow trends; they are timeless pieces made out of a silver and pearl combination that will be cherished forever by anyone who wears them.

5. Cream Pearl Necklace

Cream Pearl Necklace
Cream Pearl Necklace

The Cream Pearl Necklace is a wonderful addition to any bridal set, signifying the height of wedding elegance. It has a delicate 18” string made up of gleaming cream pearls that have a final dimension of 8mm. To secure it, there is an elegant clasp that combines tradition and durability for the bride’s special day.

There is such a thing as a versatile necklace that can merge both traditional charm with contemporary refinement for use in weddings as well as other events. An understated beauty that adds grace and style when paired with either classic white dress or modern attire, this piece is a delicate statement of simplicity.


In conclusion, women’s wedding accessories are extremely important because they appealingly present the bride. Wedding accessories such as jewellery boxes, purses, waistbands, boots, headbands or veils are some of them that complete the whole bridal look. It is more important to find something that will go with her wedding gown, reflect her style and allow her to enjoy her wedding day. Discover the exquisite range of wedding accessories available at Dorothy Perkins.

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What makes wedding accessories important?
The bridal look becomes complete and extensive with the addition of wedding accessories, which are made up of detail, personality and enhancement of the overall aesthetic.
How do you go about storing them?
Prevent scratches or damage by keeping them in a cool place; you should thus store them in their original packaging or soft pouches.
What are some of the bridal accessory sets?
Apart from a veil, tiara, jewellery, shoes, gloves and hairpieces, there’s something else that brides use on their special days; sometimes they even carry a purse or clutch.

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