BBQ Cover Essentials: Waterproof and Durable BBQ Covers Option for All Seasons

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waterproof and durable BBQ covers
waterproof and durable BBQ covers

You can extend the life of your outdoor barbecue or grill and maintain optimal functioning conditions by shielding it from the weather. When not in use, your cooking equipment is protected from rain, snow, sun damage, dust, and grime with a premium, long-lasting, waterproof BBQ cover. These covers are made of durable, weather-resistant materials that won’t easily rip, fracture, or fade, like vinyl or woven polyester. A lot of them have rustproof venting, which lets airflow through while keeping moisture accumulation at bay, which can cause mildew or corrosion.

The best waterproof and durable BBQ covers have snug fitments with adjustable cord locks or straps to secure a perfect fit over any grill size and style. With a water-repellent and UV-resistant design, a reliable waterproof and durable BBQ covers ensures your outdoor kitchen showpiece stays clean, dry, and protected through winter storage or harsh summer heat.

Tips for Selecting the Right waterproof and durable BBQ covers

  • Measure your grill carefully including any side shelves to ensure a properly fitted cover. A loose cover can allow moisture in and blow off in winds.
  • Seek for robust, woven vinyl or polyester materials that are waterproof, have an inner lining that is soft to minimize scratches, and have been UV-treated to prevent fading.
  • To let heat and condensation out while keeping rain out, think about getting a cover with integrated vents or an airflow system.
  • If you have a smoker box or gas tank attached, make sure to get a cover specifically designed to accommodate those features.
  • For stormy or very damp climates, a heavy-duty cover with PVC lining or heat-sealed seams provides maximum waterproof protection.
  • Choose an earth-toned colour like tan or green to blend well into your outdoor space.


Maintaining Your waterproof and durable BBQ covers

  • Before recovering the grill, give the cover a thorough cleaning by hosing it off and letting it dry completely.
  • If necessary, use a gentle brush and light soap to scrape away any stubborn dirt.
  • Avoid abrasives and strong chemicals to protect the waterproof coating.
  • Quickly repair any rips, tears, or holes with waterproof sealant or tape.
  • Remove the cover frequently to prevent any trapped moisture on the grill itself.
  • For winter storage, make sure the grill is fully dry and consider placing a moisture absorber packet under the cover.
  • Bring the cover indoors when not in use over long periods to protect it from sun damage.


Best waterproof and durable BBQ covers 

1. Grill Cover for T978512 – Black

Grill Cover for T978512 - Black
Grill Cover for T978512 – Black

This cover is specially made for the Tower T978512 Sphere Pit n Grill, fitting securely to protect it when not in use. Crafted from strong 300D polyester with PVC, it’s waterproof and windproof, shielding your BBQ/fire pit from bad weather. With dimensions of 101cm in length, 63cm in height, and 61.2cm in depth, it’s compatible with most fire pits. It ensures your Tower Sphere Pit and Grill stays safe, ensuring consistent performance over time.

2. Heavy Duty Weatherproof Anti-UV BBQ Grill Cover

The BillyOh heavy-duty BBQ cover is made to fit the most popular UK BBQ sizes and is built to last. With a UV coating that can withstand intense sunlight and waterproof PVC layers, it provides excellent protection for your BBQ. The double-sewn stitching ensures full waterproofing, keeping your BBQ clean and dry. Made from weather and UV-resistant material with adjustable straps, this cover helps protect your grill for years to come. It weighs 2kg and is fully waterproof.

3. Deluxe PE Kettle BBQ Cover – Green

Deluxe PE Kettle BBQ Cover - Green
Deluxe PE Kettle BBQ Cover – Green

This robust, UV-resistant, and fully waterproof woven polyethene barbecue cover is ideal for both upright and kettle barbecues. 68cm in height, 71cm in length and breadth, and weighing 1kg, it makes sure your BBQ is kept safe. It’s available in green and is fully waterproof.

4. 3 Burner Gas BBQ Cover – Black

The majority of three burner gas BBQ models, including Tower’s own T978525 and T978523, are ideal for this Tower BBQ cover. Its design is UV-resistant, windproof, and waterproof, and it fits securely to defend against weather. Velcro tags ensure a secure fit, while its compatibility with various BBQ models makes it versatile. With dimensions of 140.1 cm in length, width, and height, 107.5 cm in height, 57.5 cm in depth, and 1.01 kg in weight, it is simple to clean with a quick wash down or hose down.

5. Large Waterproof Barbecue Cover – Grey

Large Waterproof Barbecue Cover - Grey
Large Waterproof Barbecue Cover – Grey

The Storm Collection Grill Cover protects your BBQ from weather and dirt. It’s made of tough fabric but lightweight and easy to carry with handles. Use the draw cord to secure it on your grill. This cover works for rectangular charcoal, gas, or electric BBQs from different brands. It shields against rain, snow, dust, and sun damage. The cover is 67.5cm wide, 126cm tall, and 150cm deep, weighing 2.18kg, with a 2-year warranty by VonHaus. Available in grey, it’s made from polyester and PVC materials.



The Range provides strong, waterproof and durable BBQ covers in a variety of sizes, perfect for covering everything from a tiny grill to a large outdoor kitchen. Their coverings endure any weather condition because they are composed of durable woven polyester with UV protection and waterproof PVC. Features like ventilation holes, secure elastic cords, and soft linings show their dedication to quality. The Range also offers covers specifically designed for popular grill models and styles from brands like Weber and Char-Broil for a custom-like fit. From basic to high-quality covers, there’s something for everyone’s needs and budget. With a one-year guarantee, these covers shield your grill from sun, rust, and bad weather all year round, ensuring your investment stays protected. With The Range’s affordable prices, there’s no reason not to keep your BBQ properly covered.

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How do you secure a BBQ cover?
Most good quality waterproof and durable BBQ covers come with reinforced velcro straps, toggle clips, or elasticated hems with cord locks to securely fasten the cover over the grill. This prevents it from blowing off in winds or allowing moisture in.
What is the waterproof material for BBQ covers?
Common waterproof materials used for waterproof and durable BBQ covers include woven polyester or vinyl with a PVC backing coating. This allows some air to travel through while keeping the fabric dry in the rain.
What is the best material for a BBQ cover?
Solution-dyed polyester is the best material to use for a tough waterproof and durable BBQ covers that will resist any type of weather. It’s strong, feels nice, doesn’t fade in the sun, can be made water-resistant, and lets air circulate well.

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