Light Up Your Space: Transform Your Life With These Wall Lights

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wall lights
wall lights

Wall lights are such a stylish and versatile way to brighten up any space. You can find them in tons of different looks – modern,  sleek, rustic and classic, you name it. So it’s easy to pick one that fits your vibe perfectly. They’re great for creating a cosy, ambient light in living rooms and bedrooms. But wall lamps also work awesomely for lighting up hallways, staircases, or any other spot that needs some extra brightness. Oh, and they can highlight cool artwork or decor on your walls too! Wall lights are definitely a flexible lighting option to make your space look its best. Wall lights are a great option for smaller spaces or places where floor lamps could feel too big or intrusive because of their space-saving design.

Tips for Selecting, Placing, and Maintaining Wall Lights 

Getting the Right Wall Lights:

  • To choose the right size and quantity of lights, take into account the room’s dimensions and wall area.
  • Choose wall lamps with evenly diffused shades for ambient lighting.
  • Select lights with adjustable angles that can be aimed where necessary for task lighting.
  • Choose lights that go with the design of the space—modern, rustic, industrial, etc.
  • To adjust the lighting and set various moods, use dimmers.

Placing Wall Lights Properly:

  • Mount lights at eye level, about 5-6 feet from the floor.
  • Space multiple lights evenly along a wall.
  • Arrange lights so they are 12–16 inches away from the artwork in order to showcase it.
  • For even lighting in hallways, space lights are 6 to 8 feet apart.

Enhancing the Space:

  • Use lights to create a warm, inviting ambience.
  • Highlight architectural features with properly placed lights.
  • Layer lighting by combining lights with overhead and floor lamps.
  • Use lights along with mirrors to make a space feel larger.
  • Add dimmers to control lighting levels for different occasions.


Maintaining Wall Lights:

  • Routinely dust or wipe downlights.
  • Replace bulbs as needed with the recommended bulb type/wattage.
  • Check that lights are securely mounted.
  • For hard to reach areas, use extendable dusters or vacuum attachments.


Best Wall Lights You Can Buy Right Now 

1. Milagro Wall Lamp Richmond – Black

Milagro Wall Lamp Richmond - Black
Milagro Wall Lamp Richmond – Black

Handcrafted in Poland, the Richmond collection by Milagro features high-quality fittings with a 2-year warranty. These adjustable lamps have stunning smoked glass shades suspended by matte black fittings with gold accents. They’re versatile, suitable for various settings, and come in different styles. Specifications include a depth of 25cm, E27 fitting, and a height of 21cm. Each pack contains one lamp weighing 0.64kg. Buy now!

2. Milagro VERDE Wall Lamp – Green

Handcrafted in Poland, the Verde collection by Milagro features high-quality green lamps with golden accents, ideal for adding a touch of Scandi style to any space. These elegant lamps harmonise perfectly with both wooden furniture and shiny accessories, thanks to their noble colours and simple yet sophisticated design. Made from aluminium and fine fabric, this wall lamp has an 18cm shade and is suitable for various settings, from bedside lighting to larger rooms. Explore more at The Range

3. 20W LED Outdoor Round PIR Bulkhead

20W LED Outdoor Round PIR Bulkhead
20W LED Outdoor Round PIR Bulkhead

This LED outdoor light is incredibly brilliant and long-lasting. With 1600 lumens of power, this robust outdoor light can illuminate a bright white glow for up to 15,000 hours. It contains a motion sensor, is weatherproof, and is covered by a two-year warranty. It is easy to install and compact, making it ideal for both residential and commercial use. Anywhere you need bright outdoor lighting, it’s easy to install! The 20 watt power is nice and efficient too.

4. Townshend 4 Antique Brown Steel Industrial Wall Lamp – Bronze

The Townshend 4 wall lamp offers an industrial-style design with a wood and steel finish, showcasing an exposed lightbulb style. With an antique-brown steel finish and requiring 1 x E27 illuminant, it’s ideal for creating a retro-style atmosphere. Specifications include dimensions of 8 cm depth and 19cm height, with steel material and one bulb fitting. Shop now from The Range. 

5. LED Moon Shape Wall Light – White

LED Moon Shape Wall Light - White
LED Moon Shape Wall Light – White

The crescent moon decoration offers an artistic and ornamental design, perfect for hanging on walls in various rooms. Made of wire and lit by battery-operated fairy lights, it gives a minimalist yet eye-catching accent to any area. The specifications include a pack size of one and a lumen rating of 3000k.

6. 4W Solar Wall Light

The cool white light produced by the LED solar-powered wall lamp with PIR has a colour temperature between 6000k and 6500K. It generates 32 lumens of brightness with a power usage of 4W, or 34W. Featuring solar technology and a 2-year warranty, this lamp is suitable for gardens and driveways. It integrates 36 SMD LEDs, activated by a PIR sensor within a 5-8 metre range. Eco-friendly with three modes, solar charging, and durable IP65-approved housing, boasting a 15,000-hour lifespan and an A energy rating. Buy now from The Range


The Range offers an incredible selection of stylish and functional wall lights that can be used to add ambient lighting, job lighting, or decorative flare to any space. Their lights may easily blend in with your current decor because of their variety of finishes, which include brass, chrome, and matte black. Their lights range from rustic to modern, crafted with premium materials for long-lasting quality and style. Wall lights from The Range will improve your home’s lighting and ambience; they’re the perfect blend of style and utility. 

For more information, visit TheWebHunting


How do you use LED wall lights?
LED lights are incredibly adaptable and low-energy. Because they reflect light off ceilings and walls, they can be utilised for ambient lighting. When positioned close to workstations or reading nooks, they can function effectively as task illumination. Dimming features are often included with LED lights so that brightness can be changed. 
Are wall lights in fashion?
Yes, lights are very much in fashion currently. They add architectural interest and decorative flair to spaces. Trends lean towards clean, minimalist designs as well as vintage and mid-century modern styles for wall lighting fixtures.
How do you set wall lights?
The ideal height for mounting wall lights is around eye level or 5-6 feet from the floor. In hallways, they should be spaced 6-8 feet apart. Position lights 14-18 inches away if using them to highlight artwork. Install dimmer switches to control lighting levels easily. Proper setting enhances their functionality and aesthetics.

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