The Ultimate Guide To Vital Proteins’ Products: Their Benefits, Types And More!

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Vital Proteins
Vital Proteins | Thewebhunting

Vital Proteins is a collagen brand that specializes in products like gummies, bars, capsules, drinks, and supplements. Their products are made of premium collagen and they are dedicated to maximizing health and providing the best quality products. iHerb, a platform consisting of health based products, beauty products, and pet care products, is an excellent place to find Vital Proteins products. Whether it’s powder or gummies , you’ll find it all here. Moreover, the products are available at a convenient location at reasonable prices. Keep reading to find out more.

What are the benefits of vital proteins’ products?

1. Skin

With the inclusion of collagen and other vitamins, you can expect skin hydration and better skin health from Vital Proteins’ products. Moreover, they also enhance hair and nails!

2. Joint Health

Do you feel like your joints are weak and often face pain? Then, with collagen, you can relieve joint pain and inflammation.

3. Gluten and Dairy Free

If you want to avoid dairy, then you’ll love to know that most of Vital Proteins’ products are dairy and gluten free.

4. Immune System

Vital Proteins’ supplements are also known to enhance and develop immune health. Its anti-inflammatory properties and significant effect on gut health make it a great supplement for immune system boosters.

How do I take supplements?

The method of taking supplements depends on the product. You can mix some supplements with liquids like water or tea. You can consume them with food or after meals. But the best way to take your supplement is to go through the product description and follow it. Or else, contact your health care professional for more clarity.

Another thing to keep in mind is to only consume a supplement if it maximizes your health and adds to it. And always ask your doctor before incorporating supplements in your daily diet.

Vital Protein products are on iHerb!

1. Collagen Peptides (Unflavored)

Collagen Peptides (Unflavored)
Collagen Peptides (Unflavored) | Thewebhunting

This product is gluten and dairy free. You can consume it with different liquids, from water, coffee to tea. It is flavorless which means that you can enjoy your favorite beverages without disrupting their flavor. The number of benefits that come with the use of this product include- skin hydration, enhanced joint and bone health, and hair and nail strength. It is healthy to consume this product because it is BPA free and contains minimalistic ingredients. According to the description, it is advised to consume 1-2 scoops with a liquid, but for better clarity, you should contact your health care professional.

2. Collagen Peptides Chocolate Flavored

Collagen Peptides Chocolate Flavored
Collagen Peptides Chocolate Flavored | Thewebhunting

Bring in your favorite flavor and give it a new meaning! These collagen peptides are chocolate flavored which ensures that you can enjoy a healthy benefit with a yummy flavor. This product is gluten and dairy free. If you want to support bone and joint health and enhance your hair and nails, then this is the way to do it.

The consumption criteria, as per the description, is 2 scoops with water. But, you should get in touch with your doctor for better advice and consume accordingly. The flavors include stevia, cocoa, and sea salt.

3. Collagen Creamer Coconut Flavor

Collagen Creamer Coconut Flavor
Collagen Creamer Coconut Flavor | Thewebhunting

Of course, this product is gluten and dairy free. There are no added sugars or additives in it. To consume, mix 1-2 scoops with hot liquids. The key ingredients are coconut milk powder and silica. If you want better digestive health, support your bone and joint health, and enhance your hair and nails, then this supplement is a great way to do it. Per serving, you can expect 140 calories, 120 mg calcium, and 55 mg sodium.

4. Vital Proteins, Women’s Multi Gummies

Add a tasty flavor to your healthy lifestyle! These raspberry flavored gummies provide vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin E, Vitamin K and Vitamin B6. Additionally, you will get adequate doses of niacin, thiamin, and folate. Per serving, it is advised to take 2 gummies. Keep the consumption of gummies limited to 4 per day. Do not exceed the limit. With this yummy supplement, you can expect to have a well-balanced metabolism, supported immune health, a daily energy boost and adequate doses of Vitamin D.


Vital Proteins has made its mark in the collagen industry. It is one of the most reliable places to find healthy supplements that contain collagen. Collagen is known for its versatile benefits. From skin care, joint health to a better digestive system, it is important to have the necessary dose of collagen in our body. And that’s why iHerb is your one stop shop to find an extensive catalog of collagen products from reputed brands like Vital Proteins. If you are ready to begin your journey with collagen, then let iHerb be the place for you! For more information, visit The Web Hunting.


Are collagen supplements healthy?
Yes, collagen supplements are healthy and beneficial. They serve a myriad of benefits and improve our wellbeing and health. Before opting to take collagen supplements, it is essential to consult your doctor and also get an idea of the dosage you should take per day. It may not be for everyone, therefore it is important to do comprehensive research regarding it.
Can I mix collagen with other drinks?
Collagen is flavorless and hence you can mix it with different drinks. Whether it’s your morning coffee or evening tea, all you need to do is mix in the required dosage and you are good to go. You can enjoy your favorite drink as well as get the health benefits of collagen.
What are the different types of products from Vital proteins?
On Vital Proteins, you will find different collagen based products like gummies, powder, bars, creamers, or capsules. You can choose a product that is healthy for you and suits your taste. There are various flavors and options to choose from. Vital proteins has made sure that eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring.

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