Virgin Packages For Existing Customers That You Must Know About

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virgin packages for existing customers
virgin packages for existing customers

Virgin packages for existing customers stand out with their enticing packages designed exclusively for existing customers. These offerings are not just about high-speed internet but entertainment, communication, and integration with mobile services. Let’s delve into some of the top-tier package offers, highlighting their features, pricing, and unique selling points.

High-Speed Internet with Virgin Packages for Existing Customers

Virgin Media’s broadband service uses fibre optic technology for rapid internet connections. Fibre optics can transfer data over long distances without slowing down, unlike copper connections. Here’s all the options available for you- 

1. M125 Fibre Broadband

Starting with the M125 Fibre Broadband, this package offers an average speed of 132 Mbps. It’s designed for households that need dependable internet for daily tasks, streaming HD videos, or engaging in online gaming. The package is priced at £26.00 per month, appealing to those looking for both performance and affordability. Notably, the plan includes unlimited downloads, allowing uninterrupted access to content without worrying about data caps.

2. M500 and M350 Fibre Broadband

For homes or small businesses with greater data needs, they offer the M500 plan with speeds up to 516 Mbps. This package supports streaming, gaming, and downloading across multiple devices simultaneously. For slightly less intensive use, the M350 provides a solid 362 Mbps, balancing cost and capability for busy households or home offices.

3. Gig1 Fibre Broadband

The ultimate in-home broadband, the Gig1 package, offers blistering speeds of up to 1.1 Gbps. It’s engineered for the most intensive internet use, including 4K streaming, sophisticated online gaming, and extensive smart home devices. This package ensures that multiple devices can operate at high capacity without disruption, even during peak usage times.

Virgin Media acknowledges the importance of maintaining a leading position in technological evolution; the company invests in the continuous enhancement of its network infrastructure. This dedication not only sustains current technologies but also establishes the foundation for leveraging Internet capabilities in future generations, expected to encompass more immersive technologies such as applications for augmented reality (AR), and the massive network of the Internet Of Things (IoT). 

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Added Benefits of Zero One-Off Cost and Unlimited Downloads

A standout feature across all of Virgin Media’s broadband plans is the zero one-off cost, which makes it easier for new customers to switch or upgrade without an initial financial burden. Coupled with the promise of unlimited downloads, these aspects ensure that customers can enjoy their high-speed internet service from day one without additional expenses or limitations.

Entertainment Bundles In Virgin Packages for Existing Customers

One of the standout features of Virgin packages for existing customers is their integration of high-speed internet with an expansive selection of TV channels, ensuring that all your entertainment and connectivity needs are met under one roof. The Bigger Combo Volt Bundle + Movies, for instance, includes over 200 channels featuring Sky Cinema HD and Sky channels in HD. This package is specifically designed for film enthusiasts who appreciate high-definition content from a wide array of genres. The addition of a 10GB O2 5G SIM in this bundle ensures that users can also enjoy their favourite content on mobile devices, making it a versatile choice for families and individuals who consume media on the go.

Sports lovers are not left behind, with packages like the Bigger Bundle + Sports providing an all-encompassing viewing experience that brings the excitement of stadium sports right into the living room. This bundle features Maxit TV with access to Sky Sports and BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD, perfect for watching live sports events in crystal-clear quality. Coupled with the M500 Fibre Broadband, this package ensures that live streams are smooth and uninterrupted, which is crucial during fast-paced sports matches.

The pricing strategy for these bundles is also worth noting. Structured with an 18-month contract, the bundles offer stability in pricing, which is valuable for budget-conscious consumers. The upfront transparency about potential price changes after the contract period also allows customers to plan their finances without unexpected increases.

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Collaboration with O2 in Virgin Packages For Existing Customers

Virgin Media’s collaboration with O2 brings forth the Volt benefits, an attractive suite of enhancements designed to elevate the customer experience for new subscribers. These advantages provide users with significant improvements in their service packages, which are particularly beneficial in today’s connected world where both home and mobile connectivity are essential.

One of the primary features of the Volt benefits is the broadband speed boost. This enhancement ensures that customers receive the fastest speeds available in their area, optimizing their home internet experience without additional costs. For users, this means quicker downloads, smoother streaming, and more reliable access to high-bandwidth applications, essential for households with multiple users and devices.

The Volt benefits include doubling the mobile data on eligible O2 Pay Monthly Mobile SIMs. This perk is particularly valuable for users who consume a lot of data on the go, whether streaming music and videos, gaming, or using cloud services for work. The increase in mobile data allows for greater freedom and flexibility, reducing concerns over data caps or extra charges.

Another significant advantage is the inclusion of the O2 Travel Inclusive Zone feature, which allows roaming in 75 destinations at no extra cost. This benefit is ideal for those who travel frequently, providing peace of mind and the convenience of staying connected without worrying about roaming charges.

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Virgin Media’s strategic partnership with O2, resulting in Volt benefits, significantly enhances the value offered to new customers, merging high-speed home internet with expansive mobile connectivity perks. This synergy between home and mobile services not only meets the current needs of consumers but also positions it as a forward-thinking provider in the UK’s competitive telecommunications sector. Visit Virgin Media’s official site to learn more about exciting Virgin packages for existing customers now

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Can existing customers get new customer deals for Virgin?
Yes, new customers also enjoy benefits along with the Virgin packages for existing customers for subscribed members. 
How do I reduce my Virgin Media package?
You can contact their customer care online. 
What are the best virgin bundles?
The best Virgin bundles come with broadband and TV bundles in one for multiple streaming options. 

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