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Used dodge ram 2500
Used dodge ram 2500 | Thewebhunting

CarGurus is an automotive-based website that gives proper assistance to users while they explore the local listings for already used and new cars. It is one of the largest online marketplaces dealing and selling pre-owned but certified vehicles ranging from new cars to used cars, trucks, vans, hatchbacks, and others. The company had its online service available in the UK and Canada. It has a large range of used cars ranging from Ford F-150 to used Dodge Ram 2500 that too available under different models like- the 2022 used Dodge Ram 2500 and 2021 used Dodge Ram 2500. 

Customers can get instant offers or can also list the car for a negligible amount of fees for a period of 30 days. The platform so developed has an instant market value tool that gives up the price-related guidance that is helpful and valuable. It has an objective to become the world’s most trusted online automotive marketplace by laying down all the terms and conditions and details of the property to be sold. CarGurus works on giving each car a deal rating right from great to overpriced, so the great deals from the top-rated dealers would always stay on the top of search results. CarGurus displays data right up front if there’s a drop in price or if any car has previously met with an accident. 

Top categories for used Dodge Ram 2500 cars on CarGurus 

There exists a large range of used Dodge Ram 2500 cars belonging to different year models. This variety of used cars offered at reasonable prices and with full details and relevant data supported, acts as a source of attraction for customers to choose this platform rather than any other. 

1. 2021 Ram 2500 Big horn crew cab 4WD – $49,795 

2021 Ram 2500 Big horn crew cab 4WD - $49,795 
2021 Ram 2500 Big horn crew cab 4WD – $49,795 | Thewebhunting

This model 2021 Ram 2500, is one the best used Dodge Ram 2500, as it comes in perfect condition and looks like a new car brought from the market recently. There are no scratches on the car is available at a good price to the seller. It is available in a good deal at $49,795, which stands lowest from the market price of $704.

For the your assistance, the cell phone number and a chat option are available on the platform if you want to verify the car’s condition.There is a form on the portal to be filled by the customers, if they are interested in this used Dodge Ram 2500 model. You can give in their contact number with an email address for the seller to content you for any negotiations and further details.

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2. 2022 Ram 2500 big horn crew cab LB 4WD – $46,300 

The 2022 Ram 2500 is available at a good deal of $46500 with the following features ranging from a mileage capacity of 65567, and four-wheel drive as the drivetrain. The car has a rich bright white colour clearcoat on the exterior, and black colour in interior, with diesel as the fuel type. The used Dodge Ram 2500 has an engine capacity of 370 hp 6.7L I6 Diesel. A customer can finance the used Dodge Ram 2500 in advance without showing any impact on the credit score and catering to personalized real rates. 

There is full history of the car mentioned on the website and there are no legal or criminal issues reported related to the used Dodge Ram 2500, along with no reports of any previous accidents or damage to the car. Looking at the previous ownership, there has been only 1 previous owner of the car and it has been previoulsly rented for use.

3. 2019 Ram 2500 Big horn crew cab 4WD – $44,791

2019 Ram 2500 Big horn crew cab 4WD - $44,791
2019 Ram 2500 Big horn crew cab 4WD – $44,791 | Thewebhunting

This is amongs the best used Dodge Ram 2500 on CarGurus, with an attractive built. It has a deal of $44791 on it, which is at a price lower than the market price, $854. The platform gives an overview of the used Dodge Ram 2500 listing its making, model, year, trim, body type, mileage, condition, and VIN along with the stock number.

Reflecting the fuel economy status shows the fuel tank size of 32 gal. It would also display the performance of the vehicle in terms of engine capacity and horsepower. The vehicle is safe to drive as i comes with ABS brake, backup camera, and a variety of airbags. Customers are also given the option to have things in the car while buying.


This online car dealing platform, CarGurus, aims at giving its customers one of the most personalized and customized experiences that would make them come back for more. 

The platform features safety features and security measures on each car to help protect users during their car-buying and selling transactions. The company also serves to provide transparency in the car-buying process by offering data and information that empowers users to make confident decisions.

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How long do Ram 2500 engines last?
On average, as per the estimation level, the used Dodge Ram 2500 engine is expected to last between 230,000 to 250,000 miles, which is around 15 years of service from now.
What is the limit on the Ram 2500?
The maximum towing capacity level or limit is up to 19990 pounds if it is equipped with the present 6.7L cummins turbo diesel I6 engine.
How long do Ram 2500 transmissions last?
If calculated on average the transmission of the cars and trucks of the used Dodge Ram 2500 lasts for about 100,000 miles.
What does 2500 mean on a Dodge Ram?
The figure 2500 depicts three quarter-ton capacity in terms of towing power.

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