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used alfa romeo giulia
used alfa romeo giulia

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is a seductive sport sedan from the revived Alfa brand, and it has every feature you could want from Milan’s master drivers. Beautiful styling, exhilarating dynamics, and a heaping helping of la dolce vita—it has it all.  

If you asked us which option was better – a new or a used Alfa Romeo Giulia – we’d go with the latter. We get it. A new car will come with more advanced features than the old models but they also ask you to cough up big bills, which is not economical if you are in a financial pickle!

Getting a used Alfa Romeo Giulia, on the other hand, would be a wise decision since they have already seen the early years of high depreciation. And you might also not require too much insurance coverage. Ready to explore Italian performance and style at an affordable range? Let’s help you buy a used Alfa Romeo Giulia for sale!

Tips on Picking the Right Used Alfa Romeo Giulia

When shopping for a used Alfa Romeo Giulia, there are several things to look out for to ensure you get a good example of this stellar Italian sports sedan:


  1. Model Year and Mileage: Newer model years from 2017 onward with lower miles are preferable, as the Giulia is still a relatively new model. Anything over 60,000 miles may require more diligent maintenance.


  1. Maintenance Records: Always ask to review the full maintenance records to ensure the previous owner(s) stayed on top of scheduled services like oil changes, brake jobs, etc. A well-documented history is crucial. Explore used Alfa Romeo Giulia models with maintenance records on CarGurus today!


  1. Inspect the Mechanicals: Take the Giulia on the road, and test drive it so that you can hear if any noise is generated by the turbo, or if it has any warning lights that appear when you drive it. Make sure that a mechanic overviews the dual-clutch transmission and suspension components. Get an honest look at the underbody without light refraction and you can see if part of the frame is bent. Also, check the VIN plates on the door frame to see if the car was in an accident or not. 


  1. Check for Accident Damage: Before you purchase it, review the case as well as the body to confirm that they have not been repaired in the past or damaged. It is usually a reflection of deeper issues.


  1. Consider Certified Pre-Owned: Giulias purchased from an Alfa Romeo dealer as certified pre-owned will have undergone multi-point inspections and come with extended warranties for extra peace of mind.


By taking your time, getting inspections, and focusing on lower mileage, single owner examples with good service histories, you can find a great used Giulia to enjoy!


High Performing Used Alfa Romeo Giulia: From Good to Great Offers 

1. 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia
2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia

The used Alfa Romeo Giulia has a 280 hp 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. These are the aspects to be keen on with respect to this model:

  • Currently shows 58,814 miles on the odometer
  •  A grey over a black interior makes it easy on the eyes
  •  Impressive features like alloy wheels, Bluetooth, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay integration, leather seats, a navigation system, and a backup camera
  • Boasts fuel-efficient turbo power, a premium interior, and advanced tech features
  •  A great blend of Italian performance and luxury at a compelling price point

2. 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Lusso RWD

This used Alfa Romeo Giulia on CarGurus emerges as a great option, ticking a mileage of 22,366 miles. Go through all the specifics of the deal as follows:

  • It is a rear-wheel drive model that is equipped with the powerful 280hp 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine
  • The car returns a great 28 MPG combined rating while also being a sports car
  • Black exterior with a soft brownish interior
  • Posh elements such as alloy wheels, a sunroof, heated leather seats, navigation, and parking sensors make the appearance very elegant
  • Along with inventions like adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring, plenty of the high-tech safety systems were also added
  • Strong turbo power, premium appointments, and top-tier options

3. 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint AWD

2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint AWD
2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint AWD

This used Alfa Romeo Giulia shows just 26,702 miles. It comes dressed in a crisp Alfa White exterior over a two-tone brown and black interior. Read more about this model below: 

  • Power comes from a 268hp 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine 
  • An 8-speed automatic transmission with Alfa’s capable Q4 all-wheel drive system
  •  Notable features include alloy wheels, a sunroof, heated leather seats, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and the Cold Weather and Sound package upgrades
  • Low mileage, premium appointments like the two-tone leather, and the security of AWD


CarGurus is the perfect destination for shopping for used Alfa Romeo Giulia under a budget. Their wide selection is often available at exciting prices, giving you many options to choose from. Before you invest in a model, make sure to check its mileage and maintenance records. See if it has previously gone under significant repairs. When you go for used cars for sale, you get key features of time-proven models- all within a budget. However, one condition that comes before investing money is that you’ll have to take the time to inspect everything carefully and test drive the car and you will feel the difference when you drive it! 

For more such updates, visit TheWebHunting.   


What issue does the Alfa Romeo Giulia frequently have?
One of the more frequently reported issues has been the infotainment system of the Giulia freezing or experiencing glitches. Additionally, there have been a few rare instances of leaks or transmission shudder.
Which Alfa Romeo Giulia year is the best?
Since the bugs had mostly been ironed out by then, the 2020 and newer models are typically advised. Updates for 2020 also included better infotainment technology.
How long does an Alfa Romeo Giulia last?
With regular maintenance, the Giulia will persist for 10–15 years or 150,000–200,000 miles.

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