Virgin Media TV Package Deals: A Comprehensive Guide

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tv package deals
tv package deals

Amidst the current era of abundant entertainment options, choosing the appropriate TV package deals can significantly augment the quality of one’s viewing pleasure. Virgin Media provides a wide selection of television packages tailored to cater to the many interests and requirements of contemporary homes. This blog offers a comprehensive examination of various services, assisting prospective subscribers in making well-informed choices about their home entertainment solutions.

Virgin Media’s Broad TV Package Spectrum

Virgin Media starts strong with a foundational offering of over 100 channels across all its packages, ensuring a wide range of viewing options. Beyond the basics, subscribers can enhance their selection with additional premium channels and special interest content, from the latest blockbuster movies to live sports events. This ability to expand and customise channel selections ensures that whether your interest lies in international news, science documentaries, or children’s programming, there’s something available for everyone.

The Advanced Virgin TV 360 Box

The Virgin TV 360 box and its Mini counterpart redefine what it means to interact with a TV service. These devices are not just receivers but advanced entertainment hubs capable of 4K streaming, bringing unmatched clarity and detail to your television screen. The integration of smart technology allows viewers to utilise voice commands for browsing and selecting content, significantly enhancing user convenience. Additionally, the boxes support profile creation, allowing each family member to have a personalized viewing experience, remembering favourite shows and preferred settings.

What Comes in the TV Package Deals?

tv package deals
tv package deals

Enhanced Flexibility with Virgin TV Go App

Virgin Media recognises the need for accessibility and flexibility in how content is consumed. The Virgin TV Go app extends the reach of your TV package deals to mobile devices, enabling subscribers to stream live television, access on-demand content, and even watch recorded shows on the go. This app is especially useful for busy households where members may have differing schedules but still wish to catch up on their favourite programming, anytime and anywhere.

Priority from O2: Adding Value to Virgin Media Subscriptions

The collaboration with O2 not only enhances the connectivity options for Virgin Media customers but also introduces the Priority program, which is a distinctive advantage. This program offers subscribers access to exclusive deals, exciting giveaways, and first-chance tickets to major events, adding an element of lifestyle enhancement that goes well beyond traditional TV service offerings in its TV package deals. It’s a thoughtful way to integrate more value into the everyday lives of customers, rewarding them for their loyalty with perks that cater to a variety of interests and passions.

Volt Upgrades: Maximising Your Media Experience

For subscribers who demand the very best in both broadband and TV, the Volt upgrades provide a compelling option. These enhancements are not just about faster internet speeds but about creating a seamless and powerful home network. The inclusion of additional WiFi Pods ensures that every corner of your home has reliable internet access and your TV package deals work smoothly, supporting a multitude of connected devices without degradation in quality, which is essential in increasingly smart homes.

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Customising Your TV Package deals

Virgin Media offers significant flexibility in TV package deal customisation. Subscribers can add specific sports packages, international channels, or premium movie channels depending on individual or family preferences. Furthermore, for homes with diverse viewing needs, the option to add up to two additional 360 Mini boxes ensures that different family members can watch their chosen content in different rooms simultaneously, without any disputes or compromises.

Comprehensive Bundles for Enhanced Savings

TV, internet, and phone services in one package simplify management and payment and offer financial savings over individual subscriptions. Virgin Media’s packaged offers include core services, high-speed internet, big channel lineups, and mobile plans.

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Virgin Media TV Package Deals

Big Bundle

The Big Bundle includes over 100 entertainment channels and 108Mbps bandwidth. This package is great for homes that like a variety of news, entertainment, and lifestyle programming.

Bigger Bundle

Stepping up, the Bigger Bundle offers a broader selection, featuring 190 TV channels, which include TNT Sports. This bundle also maintains a 108Mbps broadband speed, catering especially to sports fans who do not want to miss out on major sporting events and regular programming.

Ultimate Oomph Bundle

The Ultimate Oomph bundle adds over 230 channels, including TNT Sports, and boosts bandwidth to 516Mbps. This plan is ideal for large families or tech-savvy people who need a lot of data for streaming, gaming, and downloading.

Ultimate Volt Bundle

The most comprehensive option, the Ultimate Volt bundle, offers the pinnacle of Virgin Media’s TV and broadband service. Subscribers enjoy over 230 channels, including TNT Sports and Sky HD channels, alongside a standard Netflix subscription. The subscription includes unlimited calls, an O2 SIM card, and 1130Mbps gigabit broadband. This bundle ensures uninterrupted streaming of ultra-high-definition content and easy device connection for consumers who need high-quality entertainment and seamless connections.

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Preparing for Annual Price Adjustments

While Virgin Media offers a wealth of features and benefits, subscribers should be prepared for annual price adjustments. These adjustments are predictable as they are communicated in advance and are designed to align with inflation and increasing service costs. Understanding this aspect of your subscription can help in budget planning and ensure there are no surprises down the line.


Virgin Media’s TV package deals offer a rich suite of options that cater to various entertainment preferences and needs. With advanced equipment like the Virgin TV 360 box, flexible streaming with the Virgin TV Go app, exclusive O2 Priority rewards, and the option for powerful Volt upgrades, subscribers can enjoy a premium television experience. Moreover, the ability to customise packages and choose comprehensive bundles means that every household can find a setup that fits its unique demands. Whether upgrading your current system or choosing a new service, Virgin Media provides a range of tailored options designed to elevate the home entertainment experience for everyone.

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Who offers the best TV packages?
Virgin Media has some of the best TV package deals. They have the Big Bundle, Bigger Bundle, Ultimate Oomph bundle, and the Ultimate Volt bundle with many shows and channels.
Can you get just a TV package?
Yes, you can easily get a TV package with Virgin Media. 
What does Virgin Media run on?
Virgin Media uses O2’s network coverage for its connectivity options. 

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