Enhance Your Style and Ease Your Comfort With Tracksuit For Women

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tracksuit for women
tracksuit for women

Gone are the days when tracksuits were exclusively considered to be worn while exercising! Today, this particular piece of clothing has become more of a style statement, especially for young women. However, most of the time, people fail to find a tracksuit for women that’s stylish as well as comfy. What exactly should one consider before buying a perfect pair of tracksuits? Let’s also get to know what makes a tracksuit a go-to fashion choice for women these days.

Why Choose A Tracksuit for Women At All?

There are more than a few reasons to choose a tracksuit as your ideal pair of clothing. Read below to know more about the same.


Tracksuits are one of the most comfortable garments ever made! The lightweight material helps you move freely throughout. The tracksuits for women are very breathable thus preventing you from feeling suffocated in cases of heavy sweating during summer. Similarly during winter, it blocks air and moisture from entering your body thus preventing you from feeling extreme cold.


Tracksuits are known for their trendy designs and styles. Available in ample colours, sizes and designs, the tracksuit for women gives them their unique sense of style. When you look through the range of Adidas tracksuits for women, you’ll notice how vibrant and stylish these tracksuit jackets and lowers are. They can be styled in multiple combinations making your look more classy or quirky.

Can be worn on multiple occasions

Not just during gym workouts or while jogging outside but tracksuit for women can be worn on occasions outside of these too. Meeting a friend? Wear of tracksuit! Going for a walk? Wear a tracksuit! No more boundaries when it comes to wearing tracksuits as any other casual outfit out there.

Highly Durable 

There’s no denying the fact that tracksuits are way more durable compared to many other casual fits like your regular t-shirt and pyjamas or tops and jeans. That’s also because tracksuit for women are much easier to maintain and store for long periods. They’re easily washable and storable and require no extra maintenance as such.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Tracksuit for Women

Before you head on to buy your favourite tracksuits for women, don’t forget to consider these things to get your hands on the best set of tracksuits.

Why do you need a tracksuit?

First things first, give a thought to why you require a tracksuit. Is it for the workout purposes? Or do you just wish to carry yourself in a cool and stylish way? If you are someone who does hefty workouts regularly, the kind of tracksuit you would need will be different. That’s why the purpose behind buying a tracksuit makes a whole lot of difference. Understand why and then pick a tracksuit according to your choice.

Choose the colour and combination

Colours also play a crucial role in the overall styling of your tracksuit. The extensive range of Nike tracksuits for women is one such example where you can choose from a variety of colours and combinations to suit your style and vibe! The most common colours when choosing a tracksuit often are black, blue, white and grey. For women even pink is a very common choice given the feminine features the colour adds to the overall look.

Material and quality are equally important

Many times, only a certain kind of material is suitable depending on the end purpose as well as depending upon personal preferences. A polyester tracksuit will suit the best in a scenario where you are opting for heavy workout sessions or extensive running routines. Meanwhile, if you’re getting a tracksuit for women only for casual wear, you may also consider tracksuits made up of other materials like cotton.

Top Picks for Tracksuits for Women on Adidas

1. Adicolor Classics Loose Firebird Track Top

Adicolor Classics Loose Firebird Track Top
Adicolor Classics Loose Firebird Track Top

Looking for a track top that gives you a subtle look? Adidas’s Adicolor Classics Loose Firebird Track Top is just about the right choice for you! Whether you want to indulge in a running session or simply want to have a chic look, this track top is what we’ll call the perfect pick for all purposes. The upper has a refined look with the ever-so-classic three stripes carved down the sleeves. With a comfy loose fit and easy zip pockets, the upper guarantees comfort and style.

The track top comes in multiple solid colours like black, light blue, green, dark blue and violet. Available in sizes ranging from XS-XL, anyone can pick this cool track top as per their fit. The best part is that the track top is made up of 100% recycled polyester tricot material which makes it much more durable. Shop now!

2. Essentials+ Track Pants

The womens’ track pants are a go-to choice for someone who’s looking for ever-so-comfortable track pants that also up your style statement! These beige track pants are made up of pure cotton twill making them even more breathable for you. With an elastic waist and elastic cuffs, the fit seems much more flexible. The product is so soft and lightweight and allows you an easy flow and movement. So what are you waiting for? Buy on Adidas now!

3. Y-3 Track Pants

Y-3 Track Pants
Y-3 Track Pants

A track pant that makes eyes the turn? Well, this one does exactly that. The Y-3 Track Pants extensively elevate your style and make you look ever-so-stylish. The cool lines and swoops pattern on the pants give the dapper look. An ideal fit for Gen-Z women. The smooth material makes the garment feel soft on the skin. While the nylon stuff makes it much more durable even after regular washes.

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Tips for Styling Tracksuits for women

If you thought that tracksuits do not have much scope of being worn in more chic ways, we’re afraid you might just be wrong. Here are some styling tips you can consider while styling your next track fit!

  • Wear colour-coordinated upper and lower. You style your tracksuit wearing complementary colours like black and grey or white and black together.
  • Maintain a monochrome theme. Wearing the same coloured, same print upper and lower will give you a more sleek and classy look!
  • Chuck the norms, and style your track jacket with a cool plain crop top and jeans.
  • Pick the right size is extremely important. An oversized tracksuit may not come across as cool but ill-fitted. While a completely body-fit tracksuit may make you feel and look uncomfortable.


While most people still think that tracksuits are only for sportswear purposes, that’s certainly not the case! A pair of tracksuit for women has become a must-have these days! With the right kind and right size, tracksuits can be the ultimate style statement for every woman out there! So why not embrace this comfortable piece of clothing and elevate your style statement by picking the best off the lot from Adidas? They have an amazing collection waiting for you to style! 

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What are the key things to consider in a tracksuit for women?
The important things to take care of while purchasing a tracksuit for women are: the type, size, material, color and pattern.
Where to purchase stylish and comfortable tracksuits for women?
You can purchase the most stylish and comfortable tracksuits for women from trusted brands like Adidas.
Are tracksuits for women available in different sizes and styles?
Yes, tracksuits for women are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours. Most brands provide tracksuits ranging from the smallest size like XS up to large sizes like XXL and 3XL.

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