Making A Splash: Essential And Fun Swimming Accessories For Kids

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swimming accessories
swimming accessories

Summer’s here, and the call of the pool or beach is strong for kids of all ages. While a swimsuit is all you technically need, the right swimming accessories can make a world of difference in their aquatic adventures. From ensuring safety and comfort to adding a dose of fun and fostering learning opportunities, these swimming accessories can transform your child’s experience in the water.

Types of Swimming Accessories for Kids

Colourful Swim Trunks and Swimsuits:

Introduce a splash of colour to your child’s swim wardrobe with vibrant swim trunks for boys and playful swimsuits for girls. Opt for designs featuring their favourite characters or motifs, making swim time even more exciting.

UV-Protected Rash Guards:

Keep your little ones protected from the sun’s rays with UV-protected rash guards. These lightweight, quick-drying tops provide an added layer of defence against harmful UV radiation, allowing kids to enjoy extended hours of outdoor water play.

Adjustable Swim Goggles:

A pair of adjustable swim goggles is essential for clear underwater vision and eye protection. Look for styles with fun colours and patterns, ensuring a snug fit without causing discomfort around the eyes.

Floatation Devices:

For younger swimmers or those building confidence in the water, floatation devices like swim vests, arm floaties, or inflatable rings provide crucial support. These accessories promote buoyancy and aid in the development of swimming skills.

Colourful Swim Caps:

Encourage your child to wear a swim cap for both style and safety. Not only do swim caps keep hair away from the face, but they also reduce drag, making swimming more enjoyable and efficient.

Diving Rings and Sticks:

Dive into underwater adventures with diving rings and sticks. These colourful swimming accessories not only enhance breath control but also make swimming a delightful game of retrieval, promoting confidence and underwater exploration.

Inflatable Pool Floats:

From whimsical animal shapes to playful designs, inflatable pool floats are a hit among kids. Let their imaginations run wild as they float around the pool on a giant unicorn or relax on a watermelon slice.

Choosing the Right Swimming Accessories:

When selecting swimming accessories for kids, prioritise the following:

  • Safety: Ensure all items meet safety regulations and are appropriate for their age and swimming ability.
  • Comfort: Opt for soft, durable materials that fit well and won’t irritate their skin.
  • Fun and Engagement: Choose items that encourage playful interaction and learning in the water.
  • Supervision: Remember, no accessory replaces adult supervision. Always maintain a watchful eye when your child is in the water, regardless of their swimming skills.

The Best Swimming Accessories for Kids

1. Inflatable Water Blaster Fish

Inflatable Water Blaster Fish
Inflatable Water Blaster Fish

Beat the summer heat with the Inflatable Water Blaster Fish! This playful aquatic friend is shaped like a charming fish, making it perfect for imaginative water battles and adding a touch of whimsy to any pool or beach day. Easy to use, simply inflate, fill with water, and unleash a refreshing stream on your friends or family. Designed for ages 3 and up, it’s the perfect summer companion for little adventurers and grown-up fun seekers alike.

2. Canopy Inflatable Swimming Ring – Unicorn

This magical Canopy Inflatable Swimming Ring boasts a removable sunshade canopy, protecting your little one from harsh UV rays while allowing them to splash and play safely. The secure, double safety handles and reinforced seat provide excellent stability for young swimmers, giving you peace of mind in the water. Additionally, its easy inflation and deflation process, combined with its convenient foldable design, makes the ring perfect for travel and outdoor fun. 

3. BigMouth Patriotic Beverage Boats 3pk – Blue

BigMouth Patriotic Beverage Boats 3pk - Blue
BigMouth Patriotic Beverage Boats 3pk – Blue

Make a splash at your next pool party with the BigMouth Patriotic Beverage Boats 3pk – Blue! These festive floats are shaped like stars adorned with red, white, and blue stripes, adding a touch of patriotic flair to any celebration. Made from durable, wipe-clean vinyl, they’re built to withstand poolside fun and are easy to maintain afterwards. Simply inflate the boats, fill them with ice, snacks, party favours, or your favourite beverages, and let the good times float!

4. Water Droplet Designed Swimming Cap – White

Embrace a touch of whimsy with the Water Droplet Designed Swimming Cap in white! This functional yet fun cap features a playful droplet pattern that adds a touch of personality to your pool or beach attire. Its snug fit, crafted for comfort and security, ensures your hair stays protected from chlorine and other harsh chemicals while you swim. Available in two colours, this charming cap lets you express your unique style while enjoying a comfortable and worry-free swimming experience.

5. Fruit Beach Ball

Fruit Beach Ball
Fruit Beach Ball

Bask in the warm summer sun with the vibrant Fruit Beach Ball! Featuring a playful design depicting delicious fruits, this inflatable ball is sure to be a hit for kids and adults alike. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to throw and catch, perfect for beach volleyball, poolside games, or simply splashing around with friends and family. Suitable for ages 3 and up, the Fruit Beach Ball guarantees hours of summer fun and adds a touch of fruity flair to any beach day.


In the world of swimming accessories for kids, the options are as vast and varied as the imaginations of the little ones using them. Whether your child is a budding swimmer or an enthusiastic water explorer, the right swimming accessories can turn every pool, beach, or backyard water adventure into a memorable experience. From safety essentials to playful toys and stylish swimwear, these accessories by The Range cater to the unique needs and interests of children, ensuring that each splash is met with laughter, excitement, and a sense of discovery. 

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What is the best thing to wear for swimming?
The best thing to wear for swimming depends on the type of activity. For recreational swimming, opt for comfortable swimsuits, trunks, or board shorts. Competitive swimmers often prefer streamlined swimsuits made of materials like Lycra or Spandex for reduced drag.
What do I need to pack for swimming?
When packing for swimming, include swimwear appropriate for the activity, a quick-drying towel, waterproof sunscreen, swim goggles, a swim cap, flip flops or water shoes, extra clothing, a reusable water bottle, a light snack, and a plastic bag for wet swimwear. These items ensure a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience. 
What do female swimmers wear?
Female swimmers typically wear one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, or tankinis for recreational swimming. Competitive swimmers often opt for one-piece performance swimsuits made of materials like Lycra or Spandex for enhanced hydrodynamics. Swim caps and goggles are also commonly worn for improved hair management and visibility underwater.


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