Sky Broadband Vs Vodafone: Which Will Reign Supreme?

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sky broadband vs vodafone
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Sky and Vodafone both utilise Openreach’s network to deliver broadband services and can reach up to a speed of 900 Mbps which is alongside TV and landline packages. Sky is known for its premium TV packages, while Vodafone’s internet solutions cater to budget-conscious clients. Choosing between the two required connections needs an individual’s demands and preferences. In this comparison, we look at each provider’s abilities to help make an informed selection based on your specific needs. So when we talk about both, we will dive into the process of knowing Sky Broadband vs Vodafone, and which wins the race.  

Here is a major overview for you to compare Vodafone and Sky Broadband.

Vodafone Sky
Can you get ADSL? No- Vodafone does not offer standard ADSL broadband Yes, Sky offers ADSL and it has an average speed of 11Mbps
Can you get Superfast Fibre? Yes, the average speed of 38Mbps or 67Mbps Yes, with average speeds of 36Mbps or 59Mbps
Can you get ultrafast fibre? Yes, with maximum average speeds of up to 900 Mbps Yes, with maximum average speeds of up to 900 Mbps
Download limit No there are no such limits as all packages are truly unlimited Not all packages are truly unlimited with their packages
TV Yes- an Apple TV 4K-based service Yes- get Sky with its Sky Q box or Sky Glass TV
Do you have to take a home phone? Yes- as Vodafone does not offer broadband only options Yes- Sky doesn’t offer broadband only options

Average Speed- Sky Broadband vs Vodafone 

Both these broadband providers offer a similar level of internet services and broadband packages, still, we will know about what difference this game of Vodafone Broadband vs Sky Broadband has. They both offer an average speed of 900 MBps. 

  • Sky 

Sky’s Broadband speeds are about 11Mbps, 36Mbps, 59 Mbps, 145Mbps, 500Mbps, and 900Mbps.

  • Vodafone

If we talk about Vodafone broadband speeds- 38Mbps, 67Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, and 900Mbps.

Sky Broadband vs Vodafone Broadband Packages

Both companies provide a substantially identical range of fibre-optic broadband services. Vodafone offers six plans, with speeds ranging from 38Mbps to 900Mbps. Speeds of 200Mbps or more are available if you upgrade to Vodafone Pro; this is an add-on service that improves the quality of your Vodafone connection. 

Sky offers five fibre options, ranging from 36 Mbps with the Superfast plan up to 900 Mbps with the Gigafast plan. You may also add Sky broadband boost, which upgrades your internet service to the next level. 

While Vodafone does not provide conventional ADSL broadband, Sky offers the Sky Essentials service which has average speeds of 11Mbps. Regarding your contract durations, all Vodafone packages are available on 24-month leases but Sky’s plans are significantly more short-term, at 18 months. 

Sky Broadband vs Vodafone: Download limits

When comparing Sky Broadband vs Vodafone, both of these providers offer truly unlimited broadband which means there is no limit to how many videos, movies, or applications you download on your device. In addition, it does not have any traffic management that will interrupt your work in between or even during peak hours. 

Sky Broadband vs Vodafone: Home Phone

Both Vodafone and Sky Broadband packages include line rental; there is no opportunity to opt out. Each one includes ‘pay as you go’ calls as standard, but you may enhance your call plan for an additional monthly fee. 

Vodafone offers a call plan: evening and weekend calls to UK landlines, and Anytime UK Landline and Mobile Calls, as well as certain additional features such as voicemail Plus. 

Sky Talk International provides unlimited international calls in addition to other similar services. 

Sky TV vs Vodafone TV 

Sky TV distinguishes itself as a top-tier television provider with a diverse array of channels and box sets, including Sky Sports for live Premier League events. Sky Atlantic for the award-winning series, and Sky Cinema for the most recent blockbusters. 

In comparison, Vodafone bundles a more restricted TV package with its plans, which include a free Apple 4K TV set-top box. While Sky TV needs satellite installation, Vodafone’s TV services are plug-and-play, making them a handy and cost-effective alternative.

Sky Broadband vs Vodafone: Cost 

In terms of cost, Vodafone appears as the more affordable option. The pricing starts at Euro 22 per month for its Superfast 1 plan, which offers speeds that stand out as a low-cost choice. Furthermore, new customers frequently have one option to get vouchers that further lower their monthly expenditures. Notably, Vodafone does not charge any setup costs, which increases its cost-effectiveness. 

Sky, on the other hand, markets itself as a premium service provider, as seen by its higher pricing structure. The superfast broadband-only option from Sky costs Euro 30.50 per month. While new users may benefit from initial reductions. Sky normally charges setup costs, but some promotions may remove these expenses. Additional expenses may apply depending on the individual services and installation needs, such as ultrafast fibre installation or SKY TV satellite dish installation.

Sky Broadband vs Vodafone: Customer Service

Sky is known to have the best customer service in the UK and has a good track record. It is regularly scoring well in Ofcom’s reports on customer service and satisfaction. Whereas, Vodafone scores around average when it comes to customer service.


In conclusion, both Sky and Vodafone provide services with comparable features and prices. The decision between the two will be determined by considerations such as speed needs, money, and additional benefits. By examining the requirements of the customers, comparing their packages, and the specifics, you can choose the providers that best suit your needs and enjoy dependable internet access for your home or company. In this blog, you get clarity on all the things you can check out before buying the package. 

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Which is better, Vodafone or Sky?
Selecting between Vodafone and Sky depends on the individual’s preferences. Vodafone offers mobile and broadband services whereas Sky specialises in television, broadband, and mobile packages. 
Is Sky Broadband good?
Yes, Sky Broadband is a good option. It generally offers reliable service with a medium range of speed and customer support services. It is something that is most reliable in the UK. 
Do Vodafone and Sky use the same network?
No, Vodafone and Sky use different networks. As Vodafone operates it one network and Sky uses the O2 network.  

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