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Whether you’re a fan of HBO’s iconic series like Game of Thrones and Succession, or you’re eager to discover captivating Sky Originals like Gangs of London and Landscapers, Sky Atlantic has something for every discerning viewer. Immerse yourself in stories that push boundaries, explore diverse perspectives, and leave you wanting more.

More than just a channel, Sky’s Atlantic Channel is a community of passionate viewers who share a love for bold storytelling and exceptional production. So, settle in, explore our diverse offerings, and prepare to be captivated by the power of exceptional television.

Type of Content Offered by Sky Atlantic

sky atlantic
sky atlantic | thewebhunting

Sky Atlantic TV guide offers a diverse range of premium content, including-

  1. Original Dramas

ky Atlantic produces and airs original dramas known for their high production values, compelling storytelling, and top-tier talent. Examples include “Chernobyl”, “Game of Thrones”, and “The Undoing”.

     2. Exclusive Imports 

The platform secures exclusive rights to import and broadcast popular international shows that are not available on other UK channels. These imports often include acclaimed series from the United States, such as “Succession,” “Westworld,” “The Sopranos,” and “Boardwalk Empire.”

     3. Documentaries 

In addition to scripted dramas, the platform offers thought-provoking documentaries covering a wide range of topics, from true crime to nature and wildlife, history, and current affairs.

     4. Comedy Specials 

The platform occasionally features comedy specials and stand-up performances, adding variety to its programming lineup.

     5. Mini-Series and Limited Series 

Sky’s Atlantic Channel showcases mini-series and limited series that offer complete story arcs within a finite number of episodes, providing viewers with compelling narratives and high-quality production values.

     6. Behind-the-Scenes Content 

Sky’s Atlantic Channel often provides behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and exclusive extras related to its original programming, offering viewers a deeper look into the making of their favourite shows.

sky atlantic
sky atlantic | thewebhunting

Navigating Sky Atlantic’s content and accessing on-demand shows typically involves the following steps. 

  1. Using a Sky TV Subscription

If you have a Sky TV subscription, you can access the platform’s content through your Sky set-top box. Simply tune in to the channel using your remote control to watch live programming.

     2. NOW TV 

If you don’t have a Sky TV subscription, you can still access Sky’s content through NOW TV. Purchase a NOW TV Entertainment Pass, which includes access to Sky Atlantic among other channels, and stream shows on-demand through the NOW TV app on various devices.

      3. Sky Go 

Alternatively, if you’re a Sky TV subscriber, you can also access Sky’s content on-demand through the Sky Go app. Download the app onto your compatible device (such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer), log in with your Sky ID, and navigate to the on-demand section to browse and watch shows at your convenience.

     4. On-Demand Library

Once you’ve accessed Sky’s content through either Sky TV, Sky Go, or NOW TV, you can browse the on-demand library to find specific shows or episodes you want to watch. Use the search function or browse by genre to discover new content.

     5. Catch-Up Services 

If you miss a show when it airs live, most Sky platforms offer catch-up services, allowing you to watch recently aired episodes on-demand. Navigate to the catch-up section of the platform and find the show you want to watch to start streaming.

     6. Customization Options 

Some platforms, like Sky Go and NOW TV, offer customization options that allow you to create watchlists, set reminders for upcoming shows, and personalize your viewing experience.

sky atlantic
sky atlantic | thewebhunting

Here are some of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows currently airing on Sky’s Atlantic platform.

  1. Game of Thrones 

This epic fantasy saga captivated audiences worldwide with its intricate plot, complex characters, and stunning visuals.

     2. Succession 

This dark comedy satirizes a powerful media family and has garnered praise for its sharp writing and stellar performances.

     3. Westworld 

This sci-fi drama explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and humanity, raising thought-provoking questions about consciousness and free will.

     4. Chernobyl 

This miniseries depicts the devastating nuclear disaster with chilling realism and emotional depth.

     5. Atlanta 

This critically acclaimed series follows a Princeton dropout managing his rapper cousin, offering a unique look at Atlanta’s rap scene.

     6. Barry 

This dark comedy follows a hitman trying to change his ways by joining an acting class, blending humour and drama seamlessly.

     7. What We Do in the Shadows 

This mockumentary comedy about vampires living together is hilarious and inventive.

     8. Big Little Lies 

This drama focuses on the secrets and hidden lives of seemingly perfect women in a wealthy community.

     9. Landscapers 

This true-crime drama explores the story of a couple who murdered their neighbours but claimed they were in love.

    10. Backstage with Simon Amstell 

This talk show offers a funny and insightful look into the world of comedy.

Cultural Impact of Sky Atlantic’s Programming

Sky Atlantic’s programming has had a significant cultural impact and influence, both in the UK and internationally.

  1. Global Phenomena 

Shows like “Game of Thrones” and “Chernobyl” achieved unprecedented levels of global popularity and became cultural touchstones, sparking widespread discussions and influencing popular culture worldwide.

     2. Elevating Prestige Television 

Sky’s commitment to high-quality, premium programming has elevated the standards of television production, contributing to the rise of prestige television and garnering critical acclaim for its original dramas and imports.

     3. Breaking Boundaries 

The channel has pushed boundaries and challenged conventions with daring storytelling, complex characters, and innovative narratives, setting new benchmarks for creativity and excellence in television.

     4. Cultural Relevance 

Sky Atlantic series have become cultural touchstones, inspiring fan communities, merchandise, fan theories, and even academic analyses, demonstrating their enduring impact and relevance in contemporary culture.


So, whether you’re seeking an escape from reality or a deeper understanding of the world around you, Sky Atlantic invites you to embark on a journey. Dive into award-winning dramas, unwind with side-splitting comedies, or be challenged by thought-provoking documentaries. With its unwavering commitment to quality and its diverse range of programming, Sky ensures you’ll never be short of a captivating story to explore.

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What is Sky Atlantic known for, and what type of content does it offer?
Sky Atlantic is known for its premium original dramas and exclusive imports, offering a diverse range of content including blockbuster series, documentaries, and comedy specials.
How does Sky Atlantic differentiate itself from other channels on the platform?
Sky Atlantic differentiates itself by offering exclusive access to premium international shows and producing high-quality original dramas unavailable elsewhere on the platform.
Is Sky Atlantic available to all Sky subscribers, or is it offered as a separate package?
Sky’s Atlantic Channel is typically available as part of the Sky Entertainment package, but subscribers may need to upgrade to access it depending on their subscription tier.

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