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Searching for a reliable roofing contractor can be quite a daunting task. Home-Quotes can help compare cost estimations from several top-rated roofers near your place in just a few minutes. All you have to do is fill out the request form with your project details and location and we’ll get the work started. Don’t forget to mention your zip code, so we can quickly help you look out for the nearest roofing contractors.

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Skip the endless calls, and search for top-rated roofing experts. Home-Quotes connects customers with approved local roofers in minutes.

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Home-Quotes only show the top-rated and pre-screened roofers, so customers can hire workers with confidence to get the work done.

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Get personalized project estimates from multiple contractors right after filling out the request form with all the needed details of the job. Instantly compare proposals from contractors and pick the perfect worker for the job.

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Home-Quotes offers you only the properly vetted and top-rated roofers with proven track records of their previous jobs. So, customers can relax and trust that they’ll get an expert who will do the work according to their requirements.

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I experienced zero troubles while booking a roofing contractor from Home-Quotes. The prices offered by the workers were fair enough according to the job, so I quickly chose the one near my house and got the work finished in very little time.

5. Gilbert Freeman, Tucson, AZ

I’m writing this feedback to express my gratitude towards the Home-Quotes team members who helped me find a professional roofing partner here in Tuscon. At first, I was having trouble getting a good worker within my budget, but the support managers made sure I got a fair price from the working professional.

Trendy Roof Types For Your Modern Home

Gone are the days of plain Jane shingle landscapes. Modern homes deserve roofs that are both stylish and sturdy at the same time. Here are some trending roof types that will highlight your home even more-

1. Flat Roofs

Sleek and contemporary, flat roofs are considered to create striking rooftop gardens or terraces. But, to maintain a flat roof, one needs to have a good drainage system. Another thing to mark is that this type of roof is not suitable for areas that endure heavy snowfalls.

2. Metal Roofs

Metal roofs being the most popular roof types, are very durable, lightweight, and available in several stylish finishes such as copper or zinc. These roofs are weather-resistant and add a chic touch to your household.

3. Green Roofs

For those planning to make a greener choice, this eco-conscious and visually stunning roof type is a stunning idea to implement in your house. Green roofs are covered in vegetation, offering insulation, better air quality, and a safe habitat for bees and butterflies. But, they do require additional support and proper maintenance.

4. Standing Seam Metal Roofs

For a sleek and modern design, consider standing seam metal roofs that feature raised seams. Using this type of roofing gives you a clean and uninterrupted visual line of the roof, eliminating any signs of screws or bolts.

Is Your Roof Wearing The Right Shoes? A Look At Different Shingle Styles

Simply imagine your roof like a giant piece of armor made up of smaller and shield-like shingles. A roof shingle is an individual, overlapping covering element used to create a waterproof barrier on your roof. These shingles work together to keep your house safe from diverse weather conditions.

How Home-Quotes Take The Hassle Out Of The Installation Process?

Just tell us about your project: Where’s the window? What size? Any fancy expectations? The more details, the better! We’ll provide you with several handpicked window installation experts in your area, and they’ll send you personalized cost estimate quotations to choose from. Compare the quotes, choose the best, and book the seamless window installation services with Home-Quotes! Stress-free windows are just a click away!

Here’s a breakdown of some common types of roof shingles you may encounter-

1. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most widely used roofing articles that come in different styles to pick from like architectural or luxurious. These shingles are pretty affordable and come with moderate durability.

2. Metal Shingles

Metal shingles come in a variety of options like aluminum, copper, zinc, and steel to choose from and are very lightweight and stylish to add to your rooftop.

3. Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are known for their natural beauty and fire-resistant capabilities. What’s amazing is that they can last long for up to 100 years! But, it does come with a premium cost to pay.

4. Clay Tiles

From finding contractors to booking appointments, Home-Quotes makes the window replacement or installation process seamless and effortless.

5. Concrete Tiles

Very similar to clay tiles, these concrete tiles are way more affordable and versatile in style. These tiles are surely durable, but being quite heavy requires an expert to install them.

6. Luxury Shingles

Luxury-styled shingles come with intricate designs and detailings, offering a lavish aesthetic and superior durability features.

7. Roll Roofing

Roll-styled roofing shingles are long and continuous rolls applied similarly to asphalt shingles, making them suitable for low-pitched rooftops.

8. Dimensional Shingles

Thick and textured dimensional shingles give away the look of slate or wood shakes to make your roof both strong and eye-pleasing.

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Your Roof Matters! It helps save energy, keeps you cozy, and boosts your house’s beauty even more. With Home-Quotes, you get to connect with top local roofers at absolutely no cost! Just tell us your project details like the type of service, roof size, and timeline. After submitting the detailed form, we’ll match the customers with the most qualified contractors available near your area and you can compare the cost quotations before hiring the perfect worker. So, skip the hassle, find the ideal roofer, and rest assured that your home is in safe hands!