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QR code Generator
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The advancement in technology seems to have no bounds and the generation of QR codes is a testament to it. This new system of connecting and wiring money seems to have become more handy and time-saving than ever. It has become ubiquitous because of its fast task completion and easy access to a wide range of tasks with a few seconds of scanning! Generating your QR code is also that simple with the help of the Jimdo QR code generator facility. 

What is a QR code? 

The QR code needs no introduction since it’s something that we see and experience on a daily basis. The QR code generally is a type of two-dimensional matrix barcode, which was first invented in 1994 by a Japanese company Denso Wave. It was first introduced for labelling automobile parts.

Now this small barcode is used almost for everything. Since it can be scanned by any type of smartphone and users do not need any special device to interpret the barcode. The amazing thing about the QR code is that it looks tiny but it contains a lot of information that transcends the ordinary storage system. 

Who needs to have a QR code?

It’s not only who needs but why do we need a barcode? There are many benefits of having one, especially if you are someone who runs a business. Whether you are running a business online or offline with the help of a QR code generator the step of generating your personal business barcode is super easy. 

The effortless task completion that a barcode gets done makes the daily experience of your business simple. For instance, if you are running a commerce business online with the help of a QR code generator, individuals can store all their information in the tiny barcode. This allows the customers to use your barcode to access your business information. From finding a location to making online payments, a QR code can simplify your experience and the experience of your customers. 

Moreover, if you are the owner of a restaurant, how about a QR code that allows customers to make the payment in a few seconds? It’s time to do away with the conventional style of making bills at the counter which also creates a long queue.  In general, there are many things the QR code can do for your business and enhance the experience of the customers you deal with. There are a few thing things that QR code scanning does that let us multiple access to information: 

  • Finding the name of the company or restaurant 
  • Scan and look at the menu 
  • Scan and get the registration done 
  • Scan for access to different online applications 
  • Scan Barcode for Google Maps 
  • Scan the barcode for Social Media Connectivity 
  • Downloading apps with the barcode scan 
  • Access to Wi-Fi with a quick scanning 
  • Send or receive payments and more

This access to a wide range of services is bound not only to daily users or small businesses but to a large extent of business support in different professions. So if you are running any sort of business small or big and any form of educational system etc having an official QR code will make a huge difference. 

Jimdo’s QR code generator 

Jimdo is one of the best online German website builders. And its services to online website designing extend to a wide range of services as well. One of the best online services Jimdo provides is the effortless generation of barcodes through its QR code generator. Whether you are an individual or you are a privately run company with Jimdo’s QR code generator your official barcodes get ready in a few seconds. 

The benefits of Jimdo’s QR code generator are: 

  • Free QR codes: With the help of a QR code generator you can create your own barcode for free in a few seconds. No time-consuming investment or subscription plans for generating your personal QR code. This free generation of QR codes is simply that easy and free! 
  • Effortless: if you are wondering whether generating a QR code with the help of a QR code generator will take time? Then the answer is simply no. Your QR code is generated in four simple steps such as:
  1. Enter the URL of your website  
  2. Select the QR code size you want 
  3. Next, click the download button to download your barcode 
  4. Check the downloaded file and your unique QR code is ready! 
  • Multi-purpose: Irrespective of what business you have in any profession with Jimdo’s QR code generator you can create any type of unique QR code. Whether for business, educational systems, menus, registration, and more it’s safe and secure to process your one QR code instantly. 


However, if you are yet to have your website beyond the QR code generator Jimdo makes it possible for individuals to create their website however they want. Design and customise your website with the help of Jimdo website creator where you can endlessly choose from a wide range of templates for websites and make SEO-friendly websites. Promoting your business and making your brand worldwide is one step away from Jimdo. Once you have your website URL your unique QR codes get done safely and securely in a few seconds. It’s crucially essential to stay ahead of technological advancement and QR codes are one way to do that. 

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Can you generate QR Codes for free?
Yes, generating your unique QR code is 100% free with Jimdo’s QR code generator. Enter your URL and select the size, your personal code gets ready in a few seconds. 
What are QR code generators?
It’s a type of niche tool that is used to create different types of QR codes. Depending on why you need the code these QR codes can be created instantly. They could be used for multiple purposes. 
Does a QR code work without the internet?
Yes, the ORQ codes can be used or accessed without the internet. If your QR codes are offline generated the content encoded in the QR code is also in the offline mode.










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